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23 Bed Bath & Beyond Products That Bring Us Glee, Happiness, & Joy

"Beyond" being the operative word, here.

September 27, 2018
Photo by Julia Gartland

It's a tale as old as time: A shopper walks into a Bed Bath & Beyond with one specific, reasonably-sized product in mind, only to emerge hours—days—later with a much lighter wallet, and a whole lot of shopping bags. If not a whole new bed frame. Or two. Slash, outlook on life.

Well, it's a tale as old as 1971 anyway, which is when the first BB&B came to life.

We've all been that person—some of us more times than others—and for good reason. There's a lot to love within those superstores. And did we mention that the coupons never expire?

Here are the 23 products our team can't stop restocking:

Katie Macdonald, Assistant Editor

So, my mom came home with one of these blankets once, then promptly had to go back for three more because my entire family kept stealing it from one another. It's soft, fluffy, and feels like being wrapped in a cozy space heater. I am obsessed (and so is my cat, in case you were wondering).

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

Eric Kim, Senior Editor

Does it sound sad that sometimes I go to Bed Bath & Beyond not to buy anything, but just to be there? The fluorescent lights, the affordable kitchen supplies, it’s all so relaxing. I like to get my picture frames and Wamsutta-brand sheets and pillows (medium firmness) there. I’m particularly fond of this fancy chic (i.e., not actually fancy) white mirror, which makes that one part of my apartment not look like trash. The Yankee Candle section also makes me very happy.

Erin Alexander, Assistant Editor, Partner Content

Eric, I do that exact same thing. I love the towering shelves of endless kitchenware, home products, and all those quirky gadgets I know I don't need (but buy anyways). I'm a big Shark Tank fan and always pick up a few packs of Scrub Daddy—it really is the best sponge!

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

Sandy Alexander, Mother of Erin Alexander

This paper towel holder is sturdy, well-made, and keeps the paper towels tight and together 'til you need one. I hate when you have a paper towel hanging there like you pulled too many.

Ella Quittner, Recipe Developer & Food Writer (Hi, that’s me!)

I am all about these canning jars with fitted rubber seals, which I use to pack my lunch! The “beyond” in Bed Bath & Beyond is operative, here—although let’s be real, I’ve been known to eat in bed (and in the bath) on select occasions.

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

Max McDonough, Office Coordinator

I bought two of these pillows with $60 I didn’t have, and I have never for a single moment regretted that decision.

Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor

I love Bed Bath & Beyond, but also feel compelled to shop there because of all the coupons my mom has collected and given me over the years. I started getting these Pure Beech Jersey Knit sheets back in high school and kind of can't stop. I know I should graduate to something with like one million thread count, but they're honestly very soft! And I also love these Sponge Daddy sponges. They scrub really well and never, ever smell, which is very important because stinky, moldy sponges are deeply offensive to me.

Hana Asbrink, Senior Lifestyle Editor

I love BB&B and actually look forward to the large blue coupon that arrives in the mail once or twice a year. I always use those coupons to refresh tired-looking bath towels (these are great) and kids' sunscreen! Exciting, I know.

Hot tip: You can also use your BB&B coupons at Buy Buy Baby (in-store only, I think).

Maggie Slover, Copywriter

There’s a BB&B two blocks from my apartment. I avoided it for the first three months after I’d moved to the neighborhood, hauling towels and cleaning products from other less-fluorescent, less-overwhelmingly stocked stores. And then one day I needed a cookie sheet. A small cookie sheet for my miniature studio oven and there was nothing for it but to face the whale-bellied bedding and bath beast. Of course, I ended up with wax paper, Mrs. Meyer's shower spray, a large Mason jar, and a bamboo spoon caddy for my dish rack. I’ll probably be back next week.

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

Sophie Corwin, Partnerships Manager

I’m embarrassed to admit that I still love my BB&B jersey sheets.

Megan Guntas, Digital Designer

I always go to Bed Bath & Beyond for any type of storage container—whether it's storage baskets/organization drawers for the bathroom, containers to organize out-of-season clothes or shoes, or kitchen containers to organize utensils/spices. Also, when I was updating my silverware, I got mine from Bed Bath & Beyond, and love it! Really large selection to choose from.

What to do with all that new kitchenware

What are your favorite BB&B finds? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by: Ella Quittner

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Azalea November 18, 2021
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Gammy September 27, 2018
Ironic that this article popped up today (9.27.18) as according to CNN, "The housewares retailer needs help. Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) plunged nearly 25% Thursday to their lowest level since March 2000 because of awful sales during the previous quarter." Sales at Target and TJ Maxx's Homegoods are soaring.