32 Aldi Groceries We're Loading Into Our Shopping Carts

How do we love thee? Let us count "Aldi" ways.

September 20, 2018
Photo by ALDI

Here at Food52, grocery stores play an invaluable role in all of our lives. We can't seem to stop talking about them, whether it be the biggest Indian grocery store in America, Trader Joe's snacks we could polish off in one sitting, or Costco products we're mildly—OK, strongly—obsessed with. The comments sections on those stories go on for pages and pages—which is why this time we wanted to include you, the community.

Here I've collected the things we love to get at ALDI, the German discount supermarket chain that just seems to have it all. Especially affordable prices, the main reason we can't stop raving about the grocery store (which has multiple locations scattered across the United States and the world). And for the superfans, you're in luck: They just got Instacart, so you can have those priced-down goodies delivered straight to your door.

How do we love thee? Let us count "ALDI" ways:

Photo by ALDI

Katie Macdonald, Assistant Editor: I’m a big fan of their Earth Grown veggie burgers—especially the Quinoa Crunch one! It’s a great last-minute dinner when I’ve had a long day. The Kale Veggie one is very good, too.

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Top Comment:
“Aldi also sometimes fantastic frozen tamales that we always stock up on. I have family who makes their tamales from scratch and these are almost as good. The random snacks are always a favorite, my husband is still mourning the greek potato chips but is finding solace in the pancetta potato chips. The aisle of ever changing interesting stuff is also great. We always end up grabbing something useful from there. The surprise special buys blow my mind sometimes, like New Hope hummus or Hansens soda's for much less than anywhere else. The meat section is definitely showing signs of ongoing improvement with some nice deals on good quality meat and fish. Lastly, my pup would like to recommend the Pure Life grain free peanut butter biscuits since he finds them very tasty. If you can't tell, my husband and I love Aldi. It's our main grocery store.”
— Emily M.

Nancy, Community Member: We used to LOVE (and I mean love!) their Frupa (!) brand blackberry preserves. They were the best store-bought preserves ever with tons of whole berries.

Jessica, Community Member: I usually go for the frozen veggies and other frozen goodies at Aldi. I find it interesting that I don't know most brands and that's also part of the allure. Prices are quite inexpensive, too. Then, when I get the munchies I discover some new junk food like their chips from time to time and indulge in a bag or two.

Photo by ALDI

Rebekah Daniels, Account Manager: The coffee at Aldi is great! My favorite is the hazelnut flavor. I've made the trek up to 116th from Brooklyn on numerous occasions to buy it in bulk, along with those family-pack luncheon meats, like ham and turkey, and cheese. And then we go to the Costco that’s right there for croissants (because they sell them in bulk) and make a bunch of sandwiches with our loot. We like sandwiches. Most importantly, Aldi is very cheap, which is why I get things like off-brand Chex and oats (I think it's cheap because it’s not big-name Quaker Oats and stuff; it's like, Aldi-brand, kind of like how Trader Joe's has their own stuff).

Katie, Rebekah's Roommate (as told by Rebekah): Breakfast sandwiches, frozen. My roommate eats the Fit & Active ones in the morning. Also, when she goes home to Florida we may or may not task her with sending back a box full of coffee just so that we can push off the journey to Aldi for as long as possible.

Photo by ALDI

Brinda Ayer, Books & Special Projects Editor: These nutty, crunchy, almost-dessert-like granola bars are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up; I often keep one in my purse in case of emergency hanger situations.

Bevi, Community Member: Elevation fruit and nut bars and Simply Nature coconut bars.

spiffypaws, Community Member: Mint chocolate bars.

Ella Quittner, Food Writer & Recipe Developer: I put cinnamon in everything—like, probably more things than I'm supposed to. Pancakes (yes I'm an adult who regularly eats pancakes), coffee, yogurt, chocolate tortes, baked fruit, and a drink I make at night with cashew milk and adaptogens that my boyfriend makes fun of.

MMH, Community Member: I stopped in after work the other day. It’s like going to a private label Trader Joe’s. They had the whole almonds rolled in dark chocolate and turbinado sugar but without Trader Joe’s name on them. They had lots of fun snack items, really cheap private label organic milk, great prices on organic produce, the to-die-for white cheddar (it was great), huge take-and-bake pizzas. It’s in my orbit and I need to go back more often.

Rach, Community Member: I love Aldi!! I like buying the orange chocolate. And at times their eggs and avocados are ridiculously cheap. And once in a while they seem to get a variety of food imported from Germany that is not my normal fare but fun to try.

Photo by ALDI

Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor: I love cereal, but it's prohibitively expensive in New York City (like $6 for a regular box). Luckily Aldi-brand cereal is an absolute steal at ~$2 per box, so I stock pile when I go, which is or isn't a good thing.

Luz Ramirez, Marketing Manager: I get the Peaks & Tides Cabernet Sauvignon. It's affordable but good. Also, I keep hearing great things about this wine Advent calendar they're bringing to the States this year, where you can open 24 tiny "doors" of mini red, white, and bubbly bottles.

Erin Alexander, Assistant Editor of Partner Content: So when I'm there I just stock up on a boatload of SimplyNature organic hummus. There are three I get to change it up: classic, red pepper, and garlic. I also get this chocolate chip sliced brioche loaf that's so good as French toast. And ever since the Cynthia Nixon incident, I'm pretty into cinnamon raisin bagels, so there's this gluten-free one I'm surprised is gluten-free because it tastes good.

Photo by ALDI

Eric Kim, Senior Editor (Me): I actually live uptown by the Harlem ALDI and love the bargains, too. Here's my grocery list (don't make fun of me): Little Salad Bar butternut squash noodles (which I toss with some browned butter and sage, lots of coarse sea salt), SimplyNature Organic White Cheddar Puffs (these are addictive), the white cheddar (like MMH above), Appleton Farms Prosciutto, and as many eggs as I think I can carry back. I eat so many eggs.

All the Eggs

What do YOU get at ALDI? Let us know in the comments below.

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Susan T. October 3, 2019
Not always available, but their white stilton cheese with lemon is soooo good.
Luda M. May 19, 2019
I am in love with their dark chocolate salt caramels.
Jimmie W. February 14, 2019
I have fallen love for the number of non GMO, organic and gluten free products at amazing prices.
I am dissapointed that after trying Priano's Vegetarian Lasagna and findibg it to die for that Aldi's cant get more..
Linda January 26, 2019
Hi there I love all these a lot I'm there all the time at Aldis and I love it for your low prices of cashew nuts for 1299 I love your fitting at the products I got the popcorn and the cream cheese and it is very delicious I love how the low prices for their bag or would be at tops Dole salad that is a very good deal I eat a lot of salad and their vegetables are always on a good price and they are always fresh nothing is spoiled hardly ever I don't think I ever found any spoiled vegetables at Aldis since I have been shopping there for many years and I also love it for the low cost Foods that's not expensive at all
Mary F. December 2, 2018
I love shopping at Aldi. The prices, quality and product choices are great.
Kelly A. October 10, 2018
Oh and they have their own version of all varieties of Girl Scout cookies. Like $1 per package. Give your local troop cash and buy the cookies at Aldi.
Kelly A. October 10, 2018
I buy the ‘Never Any’ Black Forest Ham and breakfast sausages. Never any nitrates. They have the best candy at Easter too.
Donna A. October 1, 2018
OH!! And the Brioche... in loaves, dinner rolls, hamburger and hotdog buns... all great! And my favorite... wide loaves of sourdough bread... that actually TASTES like real sourdough bread!
Donna A. October 1, 2018
I buy so many of my regular groceries at Aldi! Their diced tomatoes and peppers are as good as Rotel, for half the price. ALL the crackers, cookies and chips rival the name brands for much lower prices. There are often Wine Spectator rated wines for ridiculously low prices. The take and bake pizzas are delicious, as is the frozen flat bread pizza. And of course, organic and regular produce.
Melinda D. September 29, 2018
For a while they discontinued their fire roasted diced tomatoes and I was sad, but they are back and I'm happy again. I also love the Crunchy Quinoa Burgers, their naan and their House Salad Dressing.
bernie N. September 28, 2018
when they put their NY strips steaks on sale I get several...quite a rack of lamb that was excellent too
Arl E. September 28, 2018
Their Naan is outstanding.
D.Lola September 28, 2018
I've been shopping at the Aldi by me for about 18 years. Some of my recent favorites are appliances and cookware, besides all the great foodstuffs. I got a 12" cast iron skillet for $10 two years ago and a kitchen stand mixer with standard attachments for $70 that same year. My $11 digital scale came from there and so did my $7 manual spiralizer/mandolin. The best is that the manual of most items sold over the last 4 years are on their website and they have a great return policy.
Hint: You can search for an item's manual and see when the trend of when it was last sold and plan accordingly.
Paul R. September 28, 2018
I made my first visit to Aldi while in MD, I was astounded at their low prices on everything, the best thing, among many good things, were there suprisingly good croissants, I love Aldi!
Barbara O. September 27, 2018
Since finding Aldi's, which I try to spread the word about, I do my shopping there first, then go to Market Basket (New England store) to fill in. Best dairy prices, eggs, bread. I agree about the produce. The store is very concerned if you like or dislike products so email them. They respond very quickly. Try their faux Bailey's - which is great in their mexican hot chocolate. Great quality chicken breast and fabulous rib eye steak. I could go on. P.S. I bought eggs for 59 cents per dozen one time and milk, the other day, for $1.39 with a $1.00 off coupon on the bottle.
Aletha C. September 27, 2018
Does anyone know why they stop selling southwestern egg rolls. They were the best.
Barbara O. September 27, 2018
They have their "specials" so when they are gone; they are gone. I discovered this when they had chocolate stuffed belgian breakfast waffles....OMG
Aletha C. September 27, 2018
I love their fruits and Cauliflower rice. There prices are so cheap.
Jenn September 27, 2018
I’m interested in knowing where many commenters are from. (ie non New Yorkers) I have incredible Aldi anxiety because I feel like the tiny Aldi in Fairlawn/Akron Ohio won’t live up to your hype.
Kate P. September 27, 2018
The one in Belden Village area in Canton does. I haven't been to then in Fairlawn.
Michael C. September 27, 2018
No need really. I travel quite often and I find most stores to be similar in most respects.

Products change every Wednesday. Special buys are just that. Some items are featured once in the calendar year.

It boils down to what you like. Brioche, great brie and fantastic chocolate. If you're not crackers are club crackers imo.
Michael C. September 27, 2018
I live in Lexington Ky. The stores are streamlined to keep the heros snd ditch the zeros. Shelf space is at a premium, if a product doesn't move then it's replaced with something that does.
ccsinclair September 27, 2018
I've shopped Aldi in Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Dearborn MI, and near Charleston WV. Other than some carrying wine, they were nearly identical. The weekly and seasonal specials are always blink of you'll miss them, so grab them when you spot one you like.
Michael C. September 27, 2018
Totally agree. The exception for beer and wine is dependent upon state and local liquor laws.

I have also seen corn meal in southern stores and regional items in surrounding states to the north.

I always make it a point to stock up on the limited buy items. It can be a while before being back on the shelf.
Judith H. September 27, 2018
I love the jalopenio chips and they stay fresh a long time!! Plus they are a very good price! But for all their good products, service is terrible with a very bad attitude
Barbara O. September 27, 2018
Most of the Aldi's that I have been (FL and MA) and what I have experienced, there are minimal employees who man the check-out, stock shelves, etc. Usually two per store and no telephone to the store. You have to contact the corporate office - but they returned my email with a call within an hour.
Irene B. September 27, 2018
The turkey bacon is the best -tastes like the real stuff. Also their prosciutto and buttery spread.