32 Best Aldi Products We're Loading Into Our Shopping Carts

How do we love thee? Let us count "Aldi" ways.

January  4, 2021
Photo by ALDI

Here at Food52, grocery stores play an invaluable role in all of our lives. We can't seem to stop talking about them, whether it be the biggest Indian grocery store in America, Trader Joe's snacks we could polish off in one sitting, or Costco products we're mildly—OK, strongly—obsessed with. The comments sections on those stories go on for pages and pages—which is why this time we wanted to include you, the community.

I've collected the things we love to get at ALDI, the German discount supermarket chain that just seems to have it all. Especially affordable prices, the main reason we can't stop raving about the grocery store (which has multiple locations scattered across the United States and the world).

But before we get to the goods, even more exciting news regarding the grocery store: As of December 2020, Aldi and Instacart expanded their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) electronic benefit transfer (EBT) partnership to include an additional 1000 locations, a program implemented in October of this past year, making Aldi the the first retailer of its kind to accept EBT SNAP benefits via Instacart. The checkout option is now available in 29 states (and Washington, D.C.).

This partnership comes at a particularly important moment, as the pandemic has made food insecurity an even more pressing concern to many individuals and families facing job loss and closed schools. The option to have groceries delivered is also of grave importance to many, more so than ever before, particularly to those who are immunocompromised or unable to travel to the grocery store.

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Top Comment:
“Aldi also sometimes fantastic frozen tamales that we always stock up on. I have family who makes their tamales from scratch and these are almost as good. The random snacks are always a favorite, my husband is still mourning the greek potato chips but is finding solace in the pancetta potato chips. The aisle of ever changing interesting stuff is also great. We always end up grabbing something useful from there. The surprise special buys blow my mind sometimes, like New Hope hummus or Hansens soda's for much less than anywhere else. The meat section is definitely showing signs of ongoing improvement with some nice deals on good quality meat and fish. Lastly, my pup would like to recommend the Pure Life grain free peanut butter biscuits since he finds them very tasty. If you can't tell, my husband and I love Aldi. It's our main grocery store.”
— Emily M.

Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, Chair of the New York State Senate Social Services Committee, was pleased to hear about this partnership. “The levels of food insecurity New Yorkers have experienced in 2020 brings to light the indiscriminate nature of hunger and need that have long plagued communities across our great state,” said Persaud. “We must continue to reach more New Yorkers in need.”

"This initiative is a significant step in ensuring equitable food access for all," Representative Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Illinois 40th District, said of the partnership.

Not only is Aldi more affordable than many grocery chains when it comes to produce and pantry goods, it's developed a sort of cult-following (similar to Trader Joe's) in terms of it's speciality items, like holographic flatware and jalapeño-enhanced Everything Bagel Seasoning.

How do we love thee? Let us count "ALDI" ways:

Photo by ALDI

Katie Macdonald, Assistant Editor: I’m a big fan of their Earth Grown veggie burgers—especially the Quinoa Crunch one! It’s a great last-minute dinner when I’ve had a long day. The Kale Veggie one is very good, too.

Nancy, Community Member: We used to LOVE (and I mean love!) their blackberry preserves. They were the best store-bought preserves ever with tons of whole berries.

Jessica, Community Member: I usually go for the frozen veggies and other frozen goodies at Aldi. I find it interesting that I don't know most brands and that's also part of the allure. Prices are quite inexpensive, too. Then, when I get the munchies I discover some new snack food like their chips from time to time and indulge in a bag or two.

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Photo by ALDI

Rebekah Daniels, Account Manager: The coffee at Aldi is great! My favorite is the hazelnut flavor. I've made the trek up to 116th from Brooklyn on numerous occasions to buy it in bulk, along with those family-pack luncheon meats, like ham and turkey, and cheese. Most importantly, Aldi is very cheap, which is why I get things like off-brand Chex and oats.

Katie, Rebekah's Roommate (as told by Rebekah): Breakfast sandwiches, frozen. My roommate eats the Fit & Active ones in the morning.

Photo by ALDI

Brinda Ayer, Editorial Lead: Their nutty, crunchy, almost-dessert-like granola bars are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up; I often keep one in my purse in case of emergency hanger situations.

Bevi, Community Member: Elevation fruit and nut bars and Simply Nature bars.

spiffypaws, Community Member: Mint Chocolate Elevation Bars.

Ella Quittner, Food Writer & Recipe Developer: I put cinnamon in everything—like, probably more things than I'm supposed to. Pancakes (yes I'm an adult who regularly eats pancakes), coffee, yogurt, chocolate tortes, baked fruit, and a drink I make at night with cashew milk and adaptogens that my boyfriend makes fun of. Aldi's cinnamon is less than $2 for over 2 ounces.

MMH, Community Member: I stopped in after work the other day. It’s like going to a private label Trader Joe’s. They had whole almonds rolled in dark chocolate. They had lots of fun snack items, really cheap private label organic milk, great prices on organic produce, the to-die-for cheese, huge take-and-bake pizzas. It’s in my orbit and I need to go back more often.

Rach, Community Member: I love Aldi!! I like buying the orange chocolate. And at times their eggs and avocados are ridiculously cheap. And once in a while they seem to get a variety of food imported from Germany that is not my normal fare but fun to try.

Photo by ALDI

Joanna Sciarrino, Executive Editor, VinePair: I love cereal, but it's prohibitively expensive in New York City (like $6 for a regular box). Luckily Aldi-brand cereal is an absolute steal at ~$2 per box, so I stock pile when I go, which is or isn't a good thing.

Luz Ramirez, Marketing Manager: I get the Peaks & Tides Cabernet Sauvignon. It's affordable but good. Also, I keep hearing great things about this wine Advent calendar they're bringing to the States this year, where you can open 24 tiny "doors" of mini red, white, and bubbly bottles.

Erin Alexander, Brand Partnerships Editor: So when I'm there I just stock up on a boatload of SimplyNature organic hummus. There are three I get to change it up: classic, red pepper, and garlic. I also get this chocolate chip sliced brioche loaf that's so good as French toast. And ever since the Cynthia Nixon incident, I'm pretty into cinnamon raisin bagels, so there's this gluten-free one I'm surprised is gluten-free because it tastes good.

Photo by ALDI

Eric Kim, Senior Editor (Me): I actually live uptown by the Harlem ALDI and love the bargains, too. Here's my grocery list (don't make fun of me): Little Salad Bar butternut squash noodles (which I toss with some browned butter and sage, lots of coarse sea salt), SimplyNature Organic White Cheddar Puffs (these are addictive), white cheddar (like MMH above), Appleton Farms Prosciutto, and as many eggs as I think I can carry back. I eat so many eggs.

All the Eggs

What do YOU get at ALDI? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jeff A. January 31, 2021
The stores are dumps.
Susan B. February 1, 2021
This is an unnecessary and negative, sweeping generality. Maybe you have a poor store where you live, but all the ones I've gone to where I live and even some when I travel, are just fine. They are definitely "low frills", but that is probably how they can keep the prices so low. I don't need chandeliers in my grocery store. But products are of good quality, shelves are always stocked, stores seem clean, checkout is lightening fast, return policy is 100% satisfaction, no questions asked. We love our Aldi's!
Joanne February 19, 2021
YOU ARE WRONG! I live in Nashville, Tn and have 2 ALDI stores close to my house. My stores are always clean, well stocked, courteous staff, great selection of merchandise, beautiful organic fruits and vegetables. Always good variety of frozen food, dairy products, healthcare needs, cleaning products. On.... and on.... I could say more but why? I think I have made my point!!
GilbertAsbury January 31, 2021
I like the chocolate babka and, in season, the Winternacht spekulatius spice cookies.
Nancy N. January 29, 2021
We visit weekly for fresh produce, dairy and snacks. But I am a huge fan of the Aldi "finds." I LOVE my Ambiano espresso machine that I got in December for $80. Just as good as the name brand that sells for $150-$300. I also bought the flannel sheets last week for $19.99. They are super soft and eco-friendly.
Dianatag January 29, 2021
Love Aldi. Their Supreme Pizza is only $4.99 and my family loves it. Well worth the money.
cdotson4 January 29, 2021
I love Aldi. The food “insecurity” is a direct result of draconian public policy not a virus. Citizens should be outraged
Dena F. January 29, 2021
I love he frozen ahi tuna steaks from Aldi - we have done a side by side comparison with a fancy fish market version and couldn’t tell the difference. Also, Savoritz crackers FTW
Roberta January 29, 2021
My all-time favourite product (here at Aldi in Australia) would have to be the frozen Spanikopita. It’s great for lunch or dinner. I always keep a few in the freezer.
Valerie January 29, 2021
Aldi’s is my go to store. I go there first. There are a few things I can’t get there. That’s OK. They have it figured out. My Aldi staples: their 35 calorie bread (better than others and cheaper), naan, produce— organic and non organic, skim milk, cottage cheese, organic plain Greek yogurt (yum!), delish German cheeses, dental chews and jerky’s for my beloved dog, pasta sauces (the pesto sauce is so good), German cheeses, German chocolate bars!!!!!, canned pumpkin (also for my beloved dog, and seasonal— so stock up!), chocolate chips, flour, sugar, mayo, salsa, olives, artichoke hearts, basmati rice, they have canned pea soup that is very substantial— always have this at my office for lunch in a pinch, frozen wild caught salmon fillets (my one occasional stray from my vegetarian diet), some frozen pizzas for emergency fast dinner needs, and so much more!!! I really love my Aldi’s.
beppe January 28, 2021
Aldi carries very few dry cereals WITHOUT SUGAR- only one as of Jan 28 ,2021. They dropped the mini shredded wheat nearly a year ago and told me they will not bring it back to the stores here in Va. According to the Mgr it was the best selling cereal among older adults. I shop at Aldi often but not as much as Zi used to because of the limited selection and predominance of products with a lot of sugar.
Kmwelz January 28, 2021
We love the organic Knock Your Sprouts Off sliced bread. It's nutty, grainy and is great toasted. Best bargains in most any kind of nuts and chocolate. The cheeses are terrific! And you can't beat the prices. 1# butter for less than $3.00.
Nicki January 28, 2021
Their peanut butter cups are killer.
Linda January 28, 2021
Their crackers are amazing! I will never eat another Ritz or Club cracker again. Aldi’s are so much better. Their cream cheese is wonderful along with some of their smoked salmon. Plus their fresh vegetables and fruit are always a great buy.
Audrey T. January 28, 2021
Thanks for more Aldi ideas
Btw their brats in the blue wrapping are fantastic!
Great on the grill but in the winter through them in the slow cooker with their Bavarian sauerkraut 😋
Rblaugh January 28, 2021
Aldi rotates their veggies and fruits at least twice daily because of the volume they sell (veggie Mgr). They’re so fresh and last saonlong in my fridge, that it reduces spoilage and waste - that’s the best bargain you can get.
Lydia L. January 28, 2021
I miss my Aldi from Saint Louis
Will you open some in Denver and Aurora?
Patti D. January 28, 2021
I have been an Aldi shopper since it opened in Syracuse in 1997. It was easy to do when you think about the relationship with Trader Joe's! My Aldi list: 1% milk, half and half, eggs, all things produce as needed, English muffins, ground beef and lobster tails (when available). Of course, you can't leave the store without checking the 'soft goods' aisle. With a 5 year old grandson, you never know what will be there waiting: a great puzzle or other toys, clothing of all kinds, and maybe even something for me! And, now that I've read the comments section, I will be adding a few more things to my list. Thanks, Aldi fans. I am happy to be one of you .....
Mary L. January 28, 2021
Their fresh veggies are great at a great price. One of my favorites are the French string beans. I also buy their lactose free milk, pepitas, ground chicken, avocadoes, bell peppers, baby back ribs, fresh salmon, I could go on and on!
Sharon S. January 28, 2021
I get at least 3 doz. Eggs every time I go there. I buy my cashews and macadamia nuts also. I enjoy making fresh salsas and their poblano chiles are very reasonable. I also buy my turkey and ham there during the holidays.
Donnamarie January 28, 2021
I have celiac disease so I’m thrilled with all of the delicious products especially the newest gluten-free pizza and general Tso’s chicken! Thank you! Love Aldis
Linda V. January 28, 2021
I have been a fan of Aldi for 25 years! Going through a rough patch was my introduction and I am so excited to see how so many others have come to appreciate the great prices and quality! Some of my staples are the fresh Salmon, Italian sausage, Soy milk, French green beans, asst baby lettuces, potatoes, cashews, pistachios, organic cherry tomatoes, strawberries, so much more!! There is always something new to try, so many cheeses!! Thanks for highlighted Aldi.
Pat M. January 28, 2021
The French green beans are amazing! We make a riff on Salade Nicoise with Aldi French green beans, their baby potato mix, the Ahi tuna steaks, and some organic tomatoes plus Aldi Kalamata olives. Drizzle with a good vinaigrette and it's dinner.