Spilled Milk

July 20, 2011

There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, we're lapping up the hijinks of a food podcast that's truly entertaining.

Spilled Milk Podcasts

If you grew up riding around town in an ancient Volvo wagon every Saturday morning, subjected to an hour of "Click 'n Clack: The Tappet Brothers", we're talking to you. Introducing the Click 'n Clack of food, Spilled Milk: an aural variety show for all things food, where they "cook something delicious, eat it all, and you can't have any." (Don't worry, they're actually nice and interesting.) From the provenance of Slim Jims to how to poach an egg, this podcast is food talk for those of you who devour food media. Listen up!

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Hosted by Seattlites and prominent food writers Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton, the show airs in digestible episodes, usually accompanied by a post that provides the Cliff's Notes to the podcast (a written recipe, gadget guide, ingredient sourcing, etc.) With a book each under their belts and years of writing for publications like Gourmet (Matthew) and blogging for Orangette (Molly), the duo are also naturals behind the mic. They have the rapport of your favorite NPR hosts and the casual chattiness of Julia Child. A brief transcript to whet your palate (on egg poachery):

Molly: "The truth is that I have gone through hell and back learning to poach an egg."
Matt: "You weren't born poaching."
Molly: "I have walked a mile in your shoes."
Matt: "I was wondering what happened to my shoes."

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You get the gist, but may still be thinking: why would I listen to folks talk food when all I want to do is eat/see/cook it?

One answer lies in their pitch: "Here at Spilled Milk headquarters, we combine food and comedy in a bowl and stir it up until it explodes. Join your jovial (possibly too jovial) hosts ... for recipes, cooking tips, winning lotto numbers, and catfights."

With a dash of wisdom and a healthy dose of snark, Spilled Milk brings you back to the days when radio reigned supreme, and regardless of where you were and what you were doing -- eating, cooking, thinking -- you could sit back, relax and sop up content like a sponge. So, here's to cooking with the radio on.

One final aside: Is it "spilled" or "spilt" milk?

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St. P. July 22, 2011
Does anyone know if it's possible to get this podcast on an Android smart phone?
St. P. July 22, 2011
Does anyone know if it's possible to get this podcast on an Android smartphone?
mcs3000 July 21, 2011
love this podcast, starting with the opening music. molly + matt - you are hilarious. thank you for all the awesomeness!
susancarolschartz July 20, 2011
i sound so anal, i know, but it's the tappet brothers – not tapper.
Author Comment
Food52 July 21, 2011
Oops, nostalgia clouded our fact-checking. Should be fixed now -- thanks for the tip!
Jennine July 20, 2011
One of my favorites! They are a great team.
foodpluswords July 20, 2011
i adore the Spilled Milk podcast! Molly & Matthew are hilarious and charming; their podcast is great to listen to in the kitchen!