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3 Ways to Take Your Cutting Board Beyond Slicing & Dicing

Just in time for holiday snacks galore.

November  9, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

What do you do with a cutting board? Cut stuff on it, obviously. But when we set out to create the Five Two cutting board (aka the best cutting board in all the land) with more than 10,000 of you, we had more in mind.

We wanted a cutting board to cut stuff on, sure. But we also wanted one that doubled as a carving board—and even a serving platter, too. That’s why we included extra-deep grooves on one side (for carving extra-juicy roast chickens) and used the prettiest wood we’ve ever set our eyes on (solid American maple).

Though our Five Two cutting board has only been out in the world for less than a month, we’re maybe-too-excited to see some cooks already using this board beyond slicing and dicing. Like our friend Jake Cohen, who turned his into a cheese platter that we would very much like to help eat:

Here are three of our favorite ways to show off a cutting board—beyond the kitchen. Let us know how you use yours, and be sure to tag any posts #f52byyou!

1. Cheese, Please!

A couple ways to go about this: You could put out an assortment (lots of tips about how to mix and match types, right here). Or, you could fancy-up a single type of cheese. We love rolling goat cheese logs in nut-herb blends, which looks impressive, but takes only a few minutes. My current favorite combo: roasted pistachios, fresh dill, and garlic. Chop into oblivion, then tumble the cheese until well coated. Serve with plenty of sliced bread or crackers, and maybe some fresh or dried fruit too. (Psst: Cheese boards are also great for dessert!)

2. Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon Wedges

Is there an easier appetizer out there? Debatable. All you do is cut a melon into chunky wedges, then wrap in a slice of prosciutto, like a present (which, let’s be real, it is). Cantaloupe is classic here, but go with whatever melon looks best, from honeydew to crenshaw. Depending on the season, you could even extend this “recipe” to other fruits—say, apricots, apples, or pears. Whatever you pick, make this the centerpiece of your board, then surround with parmesan hunks, almonds, and olives.

3. Crudités & Dip

At my family’s house, any gathering or holiday involves lots (and lots) of appetizers, one of which is always crudités—the French word for a raw vegetable assortment. I like to pick which vegetables according to two (totally opposite) methods: 1) a rainbow of colors or 2) all the same shade. Whatever way you go, make sure the vegetables are crunchy and sliced into one- or two-bite sizes. Think cucumber rounds, radish halves, carrot sticks, endive leaves, and on, and on. When it comes to dip, simple is best. You could zhush up store-bought hummus. Or, mix something bold into Greek yogurt: say, caramelized onions for makeshift onion dip or minced parsley, capers, and anchovies for a Green Goddess doppelganger.

What’s your favorite platter-worthy appetizer? Share below in the comments—and show us how you're using your Five Two cutting board with #f52byyou!

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HalfPint November 9, 2018
I use my large cutting board as a "work area" when I am cooking. It's the place that I can put my mixing spoons, measuring cups, knives, spatulas, bowls, etc that I am using and might still need until the food is cooked. After it's all done, I can take the whole thing to the sink and wash everything including the cutting board. In the absence of a cutting board, I'll use a half sheet, large platter, even large rectangular plastic containers.