Surprise! Your New Favorite Apple Dish Isn't a Pie or Cake

Fire up those sheet-pans.

November  9, 2018
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Psst, apple lovers—over here! We've got some contest news you'll want to hear.

When we first kicked off our latest contest, Your Best Recipe With Apples, we asked you for "sweet, savory, tangy, unpredictable, and everything in between." And boy, did you deliver. Of the many, many submissions we received, more than half were for sweets, but an impressive 40% of the bushel were for savory dishes.

Then, we introduced you to our top two, and it became a battle of the courses: Dinner versus dessert. A roast-y, cheesy, fennel-filled apple salad that screams "fall vibes," versus a cozy, streusel-y apple cake.

Well, there can only be one true apple of our eye. You voted and the results are in. Give it up for...

A huge congratulations to What We Eat Gals for creating a fall salad with so much textural bliss—toasted hazelnuts! roasted apple and fennel! goat cheese!—that we can't help but eat half before it makes it to the table.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to this contest and gave us a million reasons to go apple picking. Stay tuned for a Q&A with What We Eat Gals, where we’ll ask them all about this winning recipe.

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Top Comment:
“This salad MADE. MY. LIFE. Congrats to What We Eat Gals! Can’t wait to make it at home ASAP!”
— Brinda A.

Then, we'll be back in a flash to announce our next contest theme. Hint, hint: You'll want to break out those party platters to serve up your recipes. Oh no, have I said too much already?

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Brinda A. November 9, 2018
This salad MADE. MY. LIFE. Congrats to What We Eat Gals! Can’t wait to make it at home ASAP!
What W. November 10, 2018
What a nice comment Brinda! We like to think that we're saving lives over here:) So, so glad you enjoyed it. xo
Emma L. November 9, 2018
Congrats, What We Eat Gals! Loved your salad and can't wait to make it again soon. So perfect for fall and winter.
What W. November 10, 2018
Thank you so much Emma! We are beyond excited especially because we loved that streusel cake so much too. Can't wait for the next contest!