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How TV Star & Chef Eden Grinshpan Wins at Thanksgiving

And how you can, too!

November 15, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

Eden Grinshpan—blogger, TV personality, and co-founder and chef of New York-based DEZ—successfully juggles an impressive array of ventures on a day-to-day basis.

So it's no surprise that when it comes to Thanksgiving, she has her eye on the ball. According to our Automagic Menu Maker, Grinshpan is all about focusing on the Thanksgiving classics:

"When I think of Thanksgiving, all I think about is turkey, pie, stuffing, plus lots and lots of wine. I live in NYC with my husband and daughter, so we usually spend it with my friends potluck-style. I always roll home at the end of the meal," she says. "The dish I love making the most is pie. There is something so therapeutic about making the dough, filling it and watching it crisp up and bubble in the oven. Also, the smell in your house while it's baking... divine."

We've included some highlights from Grinshpan's below—or, you can check out her full, detailed menu here. And if you're feeling inspired, you can design your own.

What does the Menu Maker think you should whip up for Thanksgiving this year? Get your own results, right this way.

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