Editors' Picks — Flank Steak

July 28, 2011

Sweet Forbidden Black Rice and Spicy Flank Steak Salad

Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! We'd love to see some new testers in the mix. Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm.

We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). And even if the recipe you test isn't chosen as an Editors' Pick, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

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  • cheese1227
  • hardlikearmour
  • brooklynsam
  • monkeymom
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Bevi July 28, 2011
Boo - Nothing left! I will try to test next week.
hardlikearmour July 28, 2011
The Flankenstein is still available if you're up for it.
aargersi July 30, 2011
The Flankenstein is absolutely delicious .... go for it! (I got to try the original!)
hardlikearmour July 30, 2011
Since it has remained unclaimed I will happily test the Flankenstein. It sounds absolutely delicious!
Bevi July 30, 2011
I'll see if I can get a flank steak locally. If I can, I am in.
hardlikearmour July 30, 2011
@Bevi: I will bow out unless you can't find flank. I've got a couple of good sources so it won't be a problem for me to pick some up, and I'm off work Tues so I can make it last minutish if need be.
Bevi July 30, 2011
HLA - that would be great if you tested it. I can't find flank in this town and I am too busy getting my place in order for the arrival of the prodigal son to drive up to the nearest real population center to get one. I am up to my ears in lamb chops and chicken breasts, but no flank this week. Sorry for the false alarm. I'll return the favor in the near future!
hardlikearmour July 30, 2011
No problem, Bevi! I will gladly test it.
Bevi July 31, 2011
FYI I sent my husband out on a flank steak retrieval mission. He came home empty handed. I guess the moral of the story is don't offer to stick your oar in the water if you don't have a boat.
cheese1227 July 28, 2011
I will try Vietnamese-style Spring Rolls with Korean-style Beef if it's still available to test.

hardlikearmour July 28, 2011
Cheers to all finalists, EPs and EPCs! I feel like a testing hog, so if there is anything left tomorrow I will take it.
brooklynsam July 28, 2011
I'd love to test out the New York Style Asiago cheesesteak!
monkeymom July 28, 2011
Sweet Forbidden Black Rice and Spicy Flank Steak Salad please!
boulangere July 28, 2011
Grilled FS with Charred Green Onion Pesto, please.
hardlikearmour July 28, 2011
Yay! Thanks for testing this. I hope you enjoy it.
boulangere July 28, 2011
Oh, I plan to!
ChefJune July 28, 2011
Congrats, EP's! I feel like I won this week because I had never cooked Flank Steak before, and we liked what I came up with very much.
singing_baker July 28, 2011
I'll try the Pabellon Criollo on Crispy Fried Plantains please. It looks delicious!
MyCommunalTable July 28, 2011
Thanks for trying out my recipe, singing_baker. I can't wait to hear how you like it.
singing_baker July 28, 2011
I can't wait either! I love fried plantains!
Food52 July 28, 2011
Still up for dibs are: The "Flankenstein " Sandwich, Grilled Flank Steak with Charred Green Onion Pesto, Pabellon Criollo on Crispy Fried Plantains, New York Style Asiago Cheesesteak, Vietnamese-style Spring Rolls with Korean-style Beef, and Sweet Forbidden Black Rice and Spicy Flank Steak Salad.
foodfanatic July 28, 2011
I'll try the spouse's flank steak with bloody Maria marinade.
wssmom July 28, 2011
I am so excited! I do hope you enjoy it!
Edgewatercook July 28, 2011
I am so excited - my first test!! I would like to test the Braciole Italian Stuffed Flank Steak, please. It looks fabulous. And, congrats to all the EPs and EPCs.
Food52 July 28, 2011
Sorry that recipe is already taken, do chose another.
duclosbe1 July 28, 2011
I'll test the Maryland Flank Steak, please! I love Old Bay seasoning; this is such a great recipe for it!
foodfanatic July 28, 2011
I'll take the soy lime steak with peach ginger salsa .
foodfanatic July 28, 2011
Oh my mistake - it's already tested . I'll choose something else
Food52 July 28, 2011
Which one? If you mean the Smoked-Tea Rubbed Steak with Mango-Ginger Salsa, well sorry that one is already taken.
Sagegreen July 28, 2011
Congrats, everyone. What a great line up! I will be without my own kitchen for a week, so I will pass testing this week.
lorigoldsby July 28, 2011
congrats all! Still trying to catch up from being out of town...will have to pass for now, can't wait to try several of these!
AntoniaJames July 28, 2011
I'll take the Mysteries of Korea Town, please! And thank you. ;o)
cookinginvictoria July 28, 2011
Smoked Tea Rubbed Steak with Mango and Ginger Salsa, please.
lapadia July 28, 2011
Ginger Garlic Beersteak, please...I have all these ingredients!
Food52 July 28, 2011
That one is already taken, please choose another recipe.
lapadia July 28, 2011
**Please see totalnoms note, below. She gave it up going out of town.
Food52 July 28, 2011
Yes, good it's all yours!
aargersi July 28, 2011
Grilled Flank Steak with Asian Green Sauce (Shiso, Miso, Daikon & Pear) please!!!!
gingerroot July 28, 2011
Yay! Thanks so much for testing this! Congrats to all EPs/EPCs!
Susige July 28, 2011
Grilled Flank Steak with Watercress, Blue Cheese, and Tomato, please. This will be my first time to test a recipe. I'm excited!
EmilyC July 28, 2011
Thanks Susige -- I hope you like it!