30 Costco Products We Can’t Stop, Won't Stop Buying

August 28, 2018

Growing up, Costco was the closest thing to an amusement park I could get to on a weeknight. I’d roll out of my mom’s car and into the aisles chasing free samples, hiding behind massive pallets of paper towels. The whole place felt like the best fort you could ever build, and I never wanted to leave.

I’m a bit older (and just barely wiser) now, so Costco has a different appeal. Even then, it still retains some magical quality. Where else could I pick up a massive wheel of Parmesan?

Photo by Costco

Yesterday, I found myself daydreaming about Costco while filling my Brita® filter. I thought, "Hm, everyone had so much to say about Trader Joe's—surely, they'll have thoughts about Costco." I ran with it and asked my colleagues what their favorite Costco products are. It turns out I’m not alone in my devotion to the temple of wholesale. Here's what they had to say:

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Eric Kim, Senior Editor: The Danishes. My mom would always bring back a huge box of those from Costco, and they’d be gone within a week—because I’d eat them all. I just remember how full they’d make me. Looking back, I think my sweet tooth has since diminished. I haven’t had one in a while, but I imagine they still rule.

Photo by Costco

Erin Alexander, Assistant Editor of Partner Content: I LIVE for Costco. When I'm back at home in Florida or throwing a cocktail/dinner party, I always grab at least two containers of their lobster spread. Aside from that, let's be real, the main reason I ever go to Costco is for the samples.

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Top Comment:
“Love Costco!”
— Elizabeth T.

Lizzie Greene, Sales Director: They actually have a really decent meat section—lamb chops are nicely priced and so are steaks. Also—massive tubs of pretzels.

Brinda Ayer, Books & Special Projects Editor: KB socks. I buy them every time because they are affordable, have many color options, and also because I lose at least one between each trip to Costco.

sandwiches are the best

Emma Laperruque, Food Writer & Recipe Developer: I scored 80 probiotics at once, which might not sound exciting—but is!

Amelia Rampe, Stylist: I don’t know if the Costco here has it, but in Seattle I love getting Beecher’s mac and cheese, boxes and boxes of it. Oh! And the organic meats section is brilliant. I always stock up on my meat when I go to Costco.

Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor: Growing up, whenever we had a backyard BBQ, we'd get a sleeve of burgers. They're not fancy by any means, but with a slice of American cheese and some ketchup, they're the perfect summer burger. And they're best when cooked from frozen, so the prep really couldn't get any easier.

Sophie Corwin, Partnerships Manager: My parents have been getting shrimp cocktail platters this summer from Costco and they’re top notch. They also have killer raviolis in the frozen section, and I love their strawberry-topped fro-yo from the food stand.

Photo by Costco

Sarah Yaffa, Data Analyst: Here we go... Kirkland tuna, anchovies, Kirkland smoked salmon, Kirkland pesto sauce, Kirkland toilet paper, Cento whole tomatoes, Kirkland organic diced tomatoes, definitely love the meat selection. They have a lot of prime meats, steelhead trout (fresh) is my favorite, avocado oil, Honest juice boxes, bully sticks for the pup, roses, Spindrift, organic tortilla chips (best tortilla chip)... Too much? I'm in PA, so we don't have a liquor department, but when I go to the Costco in Florida/New Jersey, it's dreamy...

Eunice Choi, Director of Brand Activation: The samples!! And the pizza and chicken bake from the food stand. (Does that count?)

Hana Asbrink, Senior Lifestyle Editor: Wines from Costco are all so good! They have a famous buying team that's always able to score the best prices, well below competition. Their house brand, Kirkland Signature, is also great. And I love the Costco croissants for warm breakfast egg sandwiches.

What do YOU buy at Costco that you just can't quit? Let us know in the comments below.


Molly S. November 22, 2018
Simple Mills crackers, avacado oil mayonnais, trail mix, and the wine section!
Teresa W. October 15, 2018
truffle gouda from the cheese section.
Sue J. October 15, 2018
Costco’s salmon Milano is the best and perfect for a simple but delicious dinner, especially when a spontaneous meal with good friends develops at the last minute. Served with a wonderful full bodied red wine (also from Costco!), a fresh green salad and green beans, it’s the perfect easy and totally satisfying weeknight dinner meal with minimal fuss. Their vacuum-packed rotteserie chicken is perfect, not to mention easy, for chicken salad or to add to hot or cold pasta.
Kris October 14, 2018
Canadian lobster tails (at Christmas) - ethically/sustainably sourced. And always the Canadian scallops - so, so good (and ethically/sustainably sourced.
Mary D. October 12, 2018
Pecorino Romano cheese, Ground Sirloin burgers, giant bags of baby spinach!
virginia M. October 12, 2018
Olive oil! Manchego cheese! Smoked salmon! And I can't believe that no one has mentioned the rotisserie chicken! It's hard to drive home without pulling over..... oh - and the gas!<br />
Lidwina October 12, 2018
The organic evo is very good and a bargain. Their gouda cheese and their big bags of super greens.
Kathy October 6, 2018
Cape Cod Chicken Salad is delicious.
Jaye B. October 6, 2018
Haven't seen this - is it made in store and sold in the cooler alongside the shrimp cocktail and other kitchen-prepared meals? Or is it a prepackaged outside brand? What part of the country are you in, if I may ask? I'm out west. Thanks for any details.
Kathy October 6, 2018
I'm in Virginia.....<br />The link is for their website. They are in TN & only sell through Costco..<br />item #540123 It is delicious..generous chunks of white meat chicken, cranberries & pecans. At my store it is in a cooler case at the rear of the store, close to the paper products. Was told by the company that it is not a seasonal item & can be frozen. I'm defrosting one now. I hope you are able to get it. Let me know what you think.
Jaye B. October 7, 2018
Thanks for all the info - I'll look for it on my next shopping trip. I usually make my own from a rotisserie chicken but sometimes I'm just lazy. If I'm able to find it, I'll come back and let you know. :)
Arthur G. October 12, 2018
It's where all the hummus, dips, fresh salsa's, knishe's, smoked salmon, and prepared Club foods are in our club on Long Island. Put it on the cranberry walnut sourdough bread they bake there! <br />
Jaye B. October 12, 2018
Thanks, Arthur - that sounds like a fabulous combination! I need to make a trip to Costco.
cosmiccook October 4, 2018
Marcona almonds??/ Yet another item our Costco doesn't have! I did see a 14 lb. WHOLE Serrano hame & carver for $99! Its so tempting to split it w our neighbor!
tamater S. October 3, 2018
Macadamia nuts, pine nuts - all of their nuts are much better $ than @ other places!
Marie F. October 3, 2018
Marcona almonds!
cosmiccook September 24, 2018
I checked for this tuna Genova brand yellowfin tuna in olive oil. You get 5 cans for around $11--of course, our Costco doesn't carry it. I'll try to ask but I'll probably get the region bs line.<br />
hevandriel September 24, 2018
The Kirkland Belgian chocolate-covered cookies. I've served them alongside elegant hors d'oeuvres, and no one guessed they came from Costco.
Molly M. September 18, 2018
The Kirkland Vodka is outstanding - I've heard rumors that it's actually Kettle One. My extremely picky dog loves their canned dog food. Their ahi poke is a perfect last-minute appetizer for dinner parties - very fresh and flavorful. Wonderful selection of organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and free-range brown eggs. Love their down jackets and vests. Their bed sheets are silky smooth and really last.
Anne-Marie September 17, 2018
Kirkland canned chicken, the amazing pastries already mentioned, cheese, electronics, bacon, books, pet supplies - pretty much the only things I don't get are clothing items. Our nearest Costco is 3 hours away, but online shopping is almost as rewarding.
Leslie V. October 15, 2018
Yes it is long drive for me also, but worth it. I do order online often, TP and paper towels delivered. Yes there is shipping, but i cannot drive that distance for 10.00. I keep grandson stocked with TP and PT also, delivered by UPS.
Carol K. September 13, 2018
Costco has the best nuts anywhere! The Kirkland Signature Super Extra Large Peanuts are habit forming! The Kirkland Signature Walnuts. And especially the Hoody's Praline Pecans (only available online in my area) are unparalleled in scrumptiousness and make great gifts!!! We have a Sam's membership as well, but the nuts keep us re-joining with Costco.
cosmiccook September 13, 2018
Thank you, Jill! Will look for the item next trip. As far as requests go, been there done that. Our Costco's management usually gives me the "if the REGION carries it or not" BS. <br />Food 52 it is EXTREMELY annoying to NO END the page refresh that brings you back to the top or another page. I wish you'd modify it!<br />
lisa_sergi September 12, 2018
The Kirkland organic salsa is excellent!
cosmiccook September 12, 2018
Our Costco in New Orleans started out great but dumped a lot of products. Its about 10 min drive so convenient but the Sams is much further away and dirtier--I don't care for the selection. However TRADER JOES saves the day for many products and that's where I shop the most.
cosmiccook September 12, 2018
I've never seen a whole wheel of parm, but I do get their parm. I've tried it every parm available in New Orleans and I like it the best. Kerry Gold butter (10.90 for 2 lbs). Salmon burgers, Pom, and Euphrosine Gin made locally--$10 less than other local retailers. <br />I wish they'd bring back the mixed fresh wild mushrooms they carried when they first opened up in New Orleans. They won't--I was told by management it didn't sell in the region.