13 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Those You Love (Yes, Including Yourself)

Thoughtful gifts you'll be tempted keep.

January 17, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

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Valentine's Day sometimes gets a bad rap. It can easily be seen as an unnecessary holiday that complicates something that should be simple: showing the people you love that you care. And while this is occasionally true (I'll admit it, I'm usually the person rolling their eyes at the cheesy commercials and giant stuffed bears crowding drugstore aisles), there's undeniably something sweet about having an excuse to treat the people you love.

Whether you’re looking to make a big romantic gesture for a long-term partner, give a subtle gift for someone you recently started seeing, or just want to let a friend know you’re thinking about them, you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas in our guide.

Photo by Rocky Luten

1. A classic chocolate box, $55+

If your valentine loves the classics, this heart-shaped box filled with chocolates dreamt up by French pastry chef Nicolas Cloiseau will surely put a smile on their face.

Photo by Primal Wine Club

2. A natural wine subscription, $85+

If you're looking for a gift that keeps giving past Valentine's Day, consider this natural wine subscription from Primal Wine Club. With each shipment, you will receive a customized selection of natural wines from different producers and free shipping on any additional bottles purchased from their à la carte bottle shop.

Photo by Sunday's Finest

3. A luxury ready-to-drink cocktail, $149.99

If they prefer bourbon over vino, this ready-to-serve "Gold Fashioned" is a gift they'll be dying to pour. Made with high-quality essentials and the classic recipe breakdown (whiskey, bitters, and sugar) it's someone any whiskey drinker will enjoy.

Photo by Yield

4. A colorful French Press, $85

If you want to make their mornings a little brighter, gift them this glass French press. Made with heat-proof borosilicate glass that comes in five different hues, you can trust it to safely hold your favorite full-bodied roast or tea without compromising on design.

Photo by Julia Gartland

5. A Highly Rated Espresso Machine, $749.95

If your valentine is more of an espresso drinker, give them the ultimate gift this year: the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine. Taking you from whole beans to a freshly pulled espresso shot in under one minute, it'll have you sipping cafe-quality lattes, cortados, and cappuccinos at home.

Photo by Urban Stems

6. A Curated Bouquet, $48+

If you prefer to show your affection through action over words, send them a bouquet of flowers to show them that you're thinking about them.

Photo by Parachute

7. An Excuse to Cook Together, $109

If quality time is your love language, try making your own tortillas with this tortilla starter kit from Masienda. Including two bags of their best-selling Heirloom Corn Masa Harina and the Doña Rosa x Masienda Tortilla Press, you'll have everything you need.

Photo by James Ransom

8. A Pair of Extra Soft Japanese Cotton Slippers, $80

If the person you're shopping for prioritizes comfort, replace their old slippers with these extra soft cotton slides from Morihata International. Made from breathable fabric, they're staples for staying comfortable and cozy in any and every season.

Photo by Ty Mecham

9. A Simple Knit Robe, $134

If they're set on slippers but need a robe replacement, this knit bathrobe from Hawkins New York is an obvious choice. Available in 12 different colors and made for lounging, you'll be gifting them at-home luxury.

Photo by Harelm Candle Company

10. A Prohibition-Inspired Luxury Candle, $98

Inspired by the hidden bars and nightclubs that filled New York's Harlem during the Prohibition Era, this candle embodies the sensual thrill of the forbidden with the scents of palo santo, patchouli, vanilla, and dark chocolate alongside cardamom, smoked incense, pimento berry, saffron, licorice, plum blossom, and tobacco leaves.

Photo by Bela Silva

11. A set of glasses they'll want to cheers to, $89+

This quartet of cocktail glasses is an ideal gift for the person in your life who is always ready to cheers to something or likes to show off their at-home bar setup. Designed by Portuguese artist Bela Silva, they're inspired by snow globes and each round handle is hand-blown to have a unique bubble pattern.

Photo by Amazon

12. A cherry on top, $22.91

If your loved one enjoys to savor the little joys in life, this jar of Italian black cherries is a must-give gift. Add them to any old-fashioned, Manhattan, or Shirley Temple Black, or keep them zero proof by adding to soda, on top of ice cream, or sneaking a couple for a stand-alone snack.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

13. A (signed) kitchen essential, $55

If they're someone who spends hours in the kitchen trying out different recipes or cooking techniques, gift them this signed copy of The Essential New York Times Cookbook by Food52 co-founder and co-CEO, Amanda Hesser. Featuring over 1,000 iconic dishes from chefs, home cooks, and food writers, whoever ends up unwrapping this treasure will be busy happily cooking their way through the pages for months to come.

This article, which was originally published in 2021, has been updated in January 2023 with new gifts for the special someone on your list.

What are you gifting this Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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