15 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Those You Love (Yes, Including Yourself)

Sweet presents you just might want to keep.

January  8, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

If you ask us, it's never a bad time to shower your loved ones with all sorts of warm and fuzzy, heartfelt affirmations. Enveloping someone in a big ol' hug, volunteering to take out the trash when a Polar Vertex is afoot, relinquishing the last of the Trader Joe's roasted Gorgonzola-flavored crackers (true love right there)—there are all sorts of ways to show you care.

This Valentine's Day, say ‘I love you!’ in whatever way works for you. And let these neat gifts (all things that we'd happily—and lovingly—give ourselves!) be the icing on the cake.

1. K+M Chocolate Valentine's Three-Packs

Skip the heart-shaped box full of bonbons this year, and go for an assortment pack of elegant, bean-to-bar chocolates from the Napa Valley. K+M Chocolate is the brainchild of masterful American chef Thomas Keller (of French Laundry and Per Se fame), so you know it'll be good. Valentine's Three-Packs, $39.95.

Photo by Rocky Luten

2. Olympia Provisions Sweetheart Gift Box

Okay, I'm going to backpedal on the heart-shaped box, but I challenge you to fill it instead with the tastiest sausages around. Petite Pierre, how do I love thee? Sweetheart Gift Box, $60.

3. Mud Australia Sake Jug

This little cutie can act as both a mini carafe or bud vase. It's meant for sake, but we can see this being the ideal vessel for milk on any good host or hostess' weekly brunch spread. Sake Jug, $63-$76.

Photo by Mud Australia

4. A Subscription to the Calm App

If your loved one, like everyone else, has had trouble sleeping in the past year—this app is a gift. You’ve seen the ads, you know what this is all about: guided meditations, sleep stories, soothing videos… plus, when you’re sleepless together, you can reap the benefits of a sleep story from Harry Styles or Priyanka Chopra, too. Calm Gift Card, $69.99.

Photo by Calm App

5. Teroforma Liquor Infusion Set

Have a loved one who isn't too keen on sweets or flowers? Have them channel their inner mixologist with this fun liquor infusion kit, complete with gold-finish stainless steel bar accessories. Chic. Liquor Infusion Set, $30-$170.

6. Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin

For bakers, crafters, casual cooks, and anyone, really—a rolling pin is a kitchen staple. This one is special, though, and therefore oh-so-gift-worthy. The silicone rings on both sides can be added or removed to easily adjust the thickness of what’s being rolled out, making for a very precise pie crust. Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin, $39.

7. Material Kitchen The Iconics

A smartly designed one-stop essentials kit for the food lover in your life. Gorgeous wood and handle colors to suit all tastes. (And can we please talk about that mini serrated knife? swoon). The Iconics, $245.

Photo by Material Kitchen

8. Farmgirl Flowers Peonies

At the end of the day, flowers are always welcome, and we don't know anyone who wouldn't love being at the receiving end of a peony delivery, especially off-season. What a delightful surprise! Petal Up Arrangement, $75.

Photo by Farmgirl Flowers

9. MoMA Design Store Pop-Up Cards

The MoMA Design Store wins for always having the best pop-up cards to celebrate every occasion. These hand-assembled "Eye Love You" 3D cards are display-ready tokens of love. Eye Love You Pop-Up Note Cards, $21.95.

Photo by MoMA

10. Framed Art

Give the present of ready-to-hang, framed art (we're big fans of this Mark Rothko No. 37 beauty). If you're the owner of rolled-up prints hanging out in the corner, just waiting to be framed and hung, you'll know what a big gift this truly is. No. 37, c.1956, $47.99.

Photo by

11. Hawkins New York Icelandic Sheepskin

This sheepskin rug is as close as you'll get to an IRL snuggly embrace. We can't get enough! Icelandic Sheepskin, $200.

12. Columbus Meats Entertaining Collection

Does your Valentine have a habit of grazing on meats, cheeses, and crackers for all meals of the day? This big box of wonder is just the thing for them. While sure, it was originally intended for entertaining a gathering, who says this can’t be the perfect date night (or two)? Entertaining Collection, $159.99

Photo by Columbus Meats

13. Hi-Chew USA Crewneck

The coolest Japanese candy to ever hit the states now has merch—that’s right, you can get a Hi-Chew-branded sweatshirt for your dearly beloved to proclaim their passion for fruity candy. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in a couple packs of their favorite flavor, too. Black Hi-Chew Sweatshirt, $40.

Photo by Hi-Chew

14. Min & Mon Fedor Wallet

What’s creepy and cool and useful and a conversation-starter all in one? This wallet with eyeballs, that’s what. Min & Mon New York make some of the most fantastical bags and accessories around, with buggy-eyed purses that follow you and endearing furry monster keychains—there’s a little something for anyone who loves quirk. Fedor Wallet, $108.

Photo by Min & Mon

15. Fantasy Floorplan

Surely your S.O. has a favorite TV show, right? You simply cannot go wrong with a floorplan print of Dunder Mifflin, Monica and Rachel’s apartment, or perhaps even the Sterling Cooper office? You know them best. Fantasy Floorplan, $36-85.

Photo by Fantasy Floorplans

Which of these gifts might you be purchasing this Valentine's Day? Tell us below!

This post was updated in January 2021 to add even more great gift ideas.

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