A Nook of One's Own

9 Design Ideas We’re Stealing From Our Favorite Little Spaces

Cozy and inspiring nooks ahead!

February 21, 2019
Photo by Nik Sharma

Welcome to A Nook of One's Own, our ode to small and cozy spaces. Join us as we curate and celebrate all the comfy, familiar corners that bring us joy every day.

We all have our favorite little corner of our homes. Mine is, unsurprisingly, in the kitchen, squarely in front of the cutting board. In that spot, I face all of my knives, and have both the stovetop and sink on either side of me. I chop, I prep—heck, I even meditate—there. Take a look for yourself:

In our offices, I also have a favorite nook. It's a quiet section of our team kitchen that gets hit with a quick sliver of light in the mornings; you have to get there early or you'll miss it.

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Morning eye candy 😍💞

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Some of our beautiful props live on this shelf. Seeing them live together, displayed on an open unit and showing off their muted, wabi-sabi glory, makes me inexplicably happy.

As you can see, it doesn't take much space to make it a favorite. Here is a roundup of small and lovely nooks we'd bet the owners are happy to call their own, plus helpful design tips you can bring into your homes.

Use the Space You Have

If you're lucky enough to have a mantel (let alone fireplace!), make it play double duty. Here, Paris-based food writer and stylist Rebekah Peppler turns her multiuse mantel into a bar-slash-sideboard for cocktail helpers and serving pieces.

Mix Vintage with New

Stockholm-based pastry chef and author Mia Öhrn's fresh, minty kitchen corner shows us how to have a charming and cohesive nook with throwback touches.

Put the Everyday on Display

Celebrate your favorite everyday objects like Florence-based Australian cookbook author Emiko Davies does. If only we could all have such a moodily lit corner!

Keep VIP Books Near

Bay Area-based cookbook author Nik Sharma keeps some of his oft-turned-to references right with him in the kitchen. Also, if you have a collection (in his case, a family of gorgeous Staub cocottes), then keep them together. Scroll through for more photos.

Rethink Wall Art

There is no shortage of charming nooks and crannies in cookbook author Mimi Thorisson's magical Médoc home. Instead of relegating your prized copper wares to the kitchen, consider showing them off together on a small stretch of bare wall.

Stick to a Single Palette

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letters to santa, wherever she is.

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As a new-ish parent, I find lifestyle writer Erin Boyle's commitment to living well while living small (173-square-feet small!) highly admirable. Here, she minimizes the onslaught of bright colors and things that seem to magically appear after having children by keeping to a simple, clean white palette across the board.

Line 'Em Up

Lucky enough to have a wall of windows in your kitchen? Make the most of it. Here, Tel Aviv-based cookbook author Adeena Sussman makes sure everything from her plants and cake pedestal gets only the best view.

Commit to a Wall...

Oh to be that welcoming chair in the corner of food and travel writer CB Owens' book-loving abode!

...That Goes for Clothing, Too

Haley Nahman of Man Repeller is making a serious case for banishing the habit of haphazardly throwing clothes across chair backs (uh...not me?). Her clothing and shoes look so happy and orderly, all at rapt attention. You can just tell each piece was carefully considered and spark only the utmost joy for the owner.

Which nook speaks to you? Let us know below!

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Kathleen July 13, 2019
I love the happy nook dressed in mint/turquoise. I wouldn't get much done though, as I'd be staring at the nook the whole time. I also love the wall of books - I have at least as many shown, and probably more.
Cj34668 February 24, 2019
Feeling guilty. My copper pots are still in boxes😳. Thanks for the idea; now to find a wall. Love Ms Sussmans’ window but not having to clean the items.