Editors' Picks — Flank Steak

August  4, 2011

Thai Inspired Flank Steak

Once again, we want to give a big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read each tester's comments by clicking through to the Editors' Picks recipes — the comments are under "Amanda and Merrill's Notes" at the top. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as an EP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!
Congratulations to another great batch of Editors' Picks!

Editors' Picks for Flank Steak

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Edgewatercook August 5, 2011
Thanks for such great inspiration with this contest and congrats to all. A special thanks to Forester_Lady for my first-ever Food52 Review!!! (I am so excited that I printed it and am going to frame it for my new kitchen.......).
EmilyC August 4, 2011
I was the lucky tester of fiveandspice's spice rubbed steak wraps (highly recommend!). Thanks to Susige for testing my recipe -- glad you liked it! Congrats to all!
Susige August 4, 2011
Thanks, Emily C. It was so good we actually made it twice for dinner this week, once on Sunday and then again on Wednesday.
lapadia August 4, 2011
A special thanks to the editors for this EP award, and to sdebrango for testing and reviewing my Braciole recipe. Cheers and congratulations to all the Editor Picks!
aargersi August 4, 2011
Yay congratulations all around and thanks to Fiveandspice - such a kind and thoughtful review!!!!
fiveandspice August 4, 2011
It was a pleasure to test it!
boulangere August 4, 2011
And to you!
AmyW August 4, 2011
Congratulations everyone! How exciting!! Thank you Wssmom for your wonderful review. So glad you liked it.
wssmom August 4, 2011
Liked it? LOVED it!!!
hardlikearmour August 4, 2011
Congrats to all! I was lucky enough to test the delicious Flankenstein. Thanks to boulangere for a wonderful review of my Grilled Flank with Charred Green Onion Pesto.