This Is Spring’s Hot New Hobby, According to Pinterest

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March 21, 2019

It’s finally, finally spring—thank goodness. Which means the return of what I call the "Big Clean," that once-a-year marathon where you turn to the members of your household and say, “I think we should actually go through all our stuff and donate what we don’t want.” And this year, thanks to a certain decluttering expert whose Netflix catchphrase is “I’m so excited, because I love mess!” the world seems readier than ever to welcome spring with a renewed dedication to cleanliness.

According to Pinterest’s recent user insights, March is without a doubt the time for spring cleaning, with a 43% YoY increase in search volume from 2018.

That’s nothing compared to Pinterest searches for tidying up, which has an astounding 438% increase in searches from last year. Folding clothes (which followers of the KonMari method know that Kondo takes quite seriously) is up 51% from last year. Kondo’s 2014 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up turns folding into a careful process, urging a person to express thanks to each possession through its care and keeping, and sometimes through spoken gratitude. Thank you for holding my money and Metrocard, you might say to your wallet at the end of each day.

What else did spring bring to Pinterest? Searches for pearls are up (92% YoY), as are navy blue outfits for prom (dresses are up 197% from last year, and suits are up 40%), and matching blue eyeshadow (up 218% YoY). And, because new beginnings mean new haircuts, searches for “modern shag haircuts” are up an impressive 14,000% over last year.

Calling all Navy Lovers

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