These Are the Best Colors of 2019—Here's How to Use Them Everywhere

Introducing Food52's color palette for the year.

March 28, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

For The Big Spring Spruce-Up, we’re throwing our windows wide open and letting in all that fresh air. Follow along for handy tips and game-changing tricks—cleaning and organizing to-dos, home decorating projects, and more.

Don't tell anyone, but our favorite part of spring cleaning isn't actually the cleaning—it's the stuff after that. The rearranging of spot-treated furniture. Turning our scrubbed-down countertops into the headquarters of a brand new coffee nook. And of course, adding pops of color in every single corner.

Lucky for us, our interior design spirit guides—aka, the Food52 Shop buyers—just clued us in on their favorite shades for 2019. And we're obsessed. Think: delightfully saturated, high-contrast colors, all inspired by the great outdoors, from cacti to fresh blooms to the brightest blue skies.

The gang's all here.

“My favorite part of our new 2019 color palette is the prominence of yellow," says Home & Vintage Buyer Aja Aktay. "Suddenly, this color feels so fresh and easy to use in your home. It pairs beautifully next to camels and tans, especially with natural textures, like baskets and linen."

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“I've been on the hunt for a bold hue to go with my natural wood headboard and I think that yellow would add a nice pop. Thank you!”
— Carolyn J.

To learn more about what inspired each hue—and to gaze longingly at Shop picks matching the whole palette, from marigold to dusty rose—run-don't-walk here for the lowdown.

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Other Ideas for Bringing These Color Faves Home

  • Paint a statement wall—or even just a cabinet door
  • Upgrade an old couch with a bright new blanket
  • Swap out the candlesticks on your dinner table with a more vivid pair
  • Re-cover an old pillow in a cheerful shade
  • Layer neutral fabrics with more saturated pops of color in any cozy corner
  • Display colorful kitchenware on open shelving
  • Add a small rug in a poppy color to give a whole room new life
  • Opt for a dramatic flower arrangement—like, all blooms in one single shade
  • Use colorful temporary wallpaper in unexpected places—as a liner for bookshelves, as a backsplash, or on the risers of your staircase
  • Place vibrant fruits and vegetables in a neutral-toned bowl for an extra-useful kitchen centerpiece

For more on our 2019 color palette, check out the full story here, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Penny H. August 19, 2019
These colors are OK but reminded me of the Pantone color forecast so I researched it. Great if you like the colors, not so great if you're interested in a color that's not included and can't find it because all the vendors/manufacturers seem to follow it to the exclusion of the rest of the color spectrum. If all companies produce items from the same color family what choice does the purchaser have. Not a whole heck of a lot.
Ela April 3, 2019
Love this color palette, especially the camel and the rose colors. Can't wait to try these out at home for spring!
Cait March 30, 2019
These are beautiful! I really love those candles and can't wait to feature them at my next dinner party. Excited to start experimenting with these combos IMMEDIATELY. Byyeeeee, winter.
lauren March 29, 2019
feeling inspired... what a beautiful palette to bring the outdoors in and refresh my space this spring!
Haley P. March 29, 2019
Def need some yellow in my life! Maybe will buy a few things to touch up the apartment...
Lauren D. March 29, 2019
feeling some real spring fever with these colors! the desert inspiration really speaks to me as i'm trying to lighten up a low-light bedroom!
Diana F. March 29, 2019
Love this palette! I definitely see these colors reflected in my wardrobe this spring as well. Especially the yellow. I also like this more sophisticated take on ‘millenial pink’
Eric K. March 28, 2019
That bold (but kind of soft) red really speaks to the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw cusp in me.
Natalia P. March 28, 2019
Yellow sounds like a fun pop of color to add into the mix this season! Good suggestion
Carolyn J. March 28, 2019
Loving these colors! I've been on the hunt for a bold hue to go with my natural wood headboard and I think that yellow would add a nice pop. Thank you!
Natalie March 28, 2019
Looove this color palette! I trust anything Aja does she is a visual genius!