Gleam a little gleam.

To make any dinner feel like an elegant affair—or to spread that warm, flickering vibe ‘round the house, these tapers are just the thing. Not only are they crafted to burn drip-free (it’s true) at a rate of about 1 hour per inch (yep, still true), they’re also dipped 35 times to give each one a special depth of color. Because of their handmade quality, each one will have a slightly different tone that looks lovely when mixed and matched.

The 18" come 6 candles per color. The 12" come 12 candles per color.

The 18" Earthtones Set comes one pair each of Miel, Petal, Parchment, 6 candles total. The 18" Deep Tones Set comes one pair each of Midnight, Greige, Saffron, 6 candles total.

The 12" Assorted Set comes one pair of each six colors, 12 candles total.