This Is the Best Spiked Seltzer to Sip All Summer

According to a blind taste test.

July  1, 2019
Photo by Erin Alexander

If there's one thing I look forward to doing most over the summer, it's sitting outside—be it on a beach, rooftop, grassy knoll, or, heck, even my fire escape—while sipping an ice-cold beverage (usually something with a little kick, if you know what I mean).

My go-to is a dry rosé (usually this well-priced bottle by La Vieille Ferme) or a pitcher of something herby, citrusy, and refreshing, like a Pimm's Cup or this Bowery Punch.

But this summer, I've been finding myself more and more sipping on spiked seltzer. Basically, it's sparkling water with some type of booze and fruity flavoring, all packaged up in a convenient can.

I haven't been staying loyal to a particular brand, and will often pick up the first kind I encounter at the corner store down the block from my apartment. But after one random six-pack left me and my friends with a bad taste in our mouths (literally), I needed to know which one specifically to turn to.

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“They sell readymade Spiked seltzer??? I seriously had no clue about these products! Thanks for this fabulous curated list. fantastic topic to explore for the summer.”
— Panfusine

So I rounded up six of the most popular hard seltzer brands I could find (I stuck with citrus flavors as something of a control) and gave my coworkers the task of blind taste-testing them to determine the very best one. You're welcome, coworkers.

Here are the results, ordered from their least to most favorite:

Bon & Viv - Lemon-Lime

The cute, mermaid-adorned packaging on Bon & Viv's Lemon-Lime spiked seltzer couldn't help it from falling to the bottom of our pile—a tie with Truly Spiked and Sparkling. One taste tester didn't mince their words, writing, "Flat AF. Not much flavor. Weird gasoline-y smell and taste! NO." Others were just as blunt: "Tastes like the underside of my armpit after hot yoga." Ouch.

Truly Spiked and Sparkling Lime

One of the most prominent players in the hard seltzer game, we were a bit surprised to find Truly Spiked and Sparking's Lime flavor would be tied for last place.

One taste tester described the flavor as "flat, bitter, and chemical-y," while another described it as being "not bubbly enough" and faintly familiar of "fake citrus candy." Not all hope is lost though, as one taste tester wrote, "I love the subtle lime flavor—not too overpowering."

Sauza Aqua Fuerte - Lime

This wildcard entry—lime-flavored sparkling water spiked with tequila, as opposed to the "alcohol from cane sugar" you'll find on the back of most cans—went straight to the middle in terms of flavor and effervescence. Some taste testers quite liked it, with one calling it "fruity and delicious," while another enjoyed that "the alcohol was masked pretty well"; someone also noted it had "good bubbliness."

But there were a few who weren't so keen on this entry: Someone wrote that it "tastes like laundry detergent," and another said, "Oh my god this is so bad."

The Shell House - Meyer Lemon

Rounding out the top three is The Shell House—a Trader Joe's brand—in the Meyer Lemon flavor. This pick was actually the favorite of two of our taste testers, one of whom wrote, "Club soda-y smell, which I quite like. Good citrusy, not-fake taste."

The other said, "This one is really tasty! I like the sour-ish flavor and can't taste the alcohol at all—very dangerous." But for another taste tester, this one happened to be their least favorite: "Kind of like a sour beer. I don't care for it. Funky."

Press - Lime Lemongrass

This "smooth, delightful, bright" lime and lemongrass-flavored option from Press wasn't too far off from taking the top spot on this list. Most taste testers enjoyed the flavor, with one writing, "Sweet! I actually liked this one—it's pleasantly bubbly." One even added, "This is somewhat enjoyable because it tastes like gummy worms." All around, this one was well liked, with a lot of taste testers throwing around words like "solid" and "a good one."

White Claw - Natural Lime

Just eking ahead for a first-place finish is the ever-popular White Claw hard seltzer in the Natural Lime flavor. Our taste testers liked that it was "the bubbliest" of them all and that it's mild flavor tasted the "most like normal seltzer." Others simply called it "the best," while one wrote nothing but: "favorite."

If you're tempted to try our new fan favorite, know that it comes in a bunch of flavors other than lime, like black cherry, mango, and ruby grapefruit. I've spotted it at most major grocery and convenience stores, but you can also snag a case online here.

What's your favorite spiked seltzer brand? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Dorothy Thompson
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Dorothy T. June 21, 2019
although white claw has typically been my top choice, it has been surpassed by sminoff spiked selzter, and cape and marker. both delicious with the added benefit of lowest carb options. imo!
Panfusine June 20, 2019
They sell readymade Spiked seltzer??? I seriously had no clue about these products! Thanks for this fabulous curated list. fantastic topic to explore for the summer.