The $8 French Rosé I Buy in Bulk Every Summer

Trust me, you will too.

August  2, 2019

If there's one thing you can count on me for, it's to always bring a bottle of wine to your house—whether I'm coming over for dinner, to hang out on your balcony or, more likely, to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together in sweatpants.

During the summer, I stock up on one particular bottle of rosé because it ticks all of the boxes that are most important to me right now:

  • Budget-friendly (let's say $10 or less)
  • Good, but not so good I'll never want to open it
  • Cute bottle (no indicator of quality, of course, but essential to me for no other reason than it makes me happy)
  • Has a screw cap instead of a cork (don't @me)

I discovered this bottle approximately four years ago, when my BFF/college roomate Julian and I were perusing the booze aisle for something new to drink. (We hosted wine and cheese nights for a couple of our friends every month or so.)

There it was, sitting in a big cardboard box, front and center, beckoning us over: dozens of bottles of La Vieille Ferme Rosé.

This budget-friendly rosé is my go-to for summer dinner parties and weeknights alike. Photo by La Vieille Ferme

At just $8, this bottle was bang on budget (under, actually). I was intrigued. On the label was a charming, rustic drawing of a rooster, aka the epitome of French countryside–inspired decor. Jacques Pépin vibes. Check. And the screwcap sealed the deal. The only last box to tick was taste. So we grabbed three bottles and took an educated gamble. (Spoiler: It did not disappoint.)

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Top Comment:
“Tastes like summer @ $15 a bottle. I've gone through 2 cases this summer - perfect for entertaining.”
— Allison

Will this be the best bottle of rosé you've ever tasted? Probably not. But it is an excellent value for the price. It's crisp and easy to drink, with light aromas of cherries and citrus. It's not sweet (I mean, rosés are dry in general), and has just the right amount of acidity to keep things balanced. Basically, it's exactly what you want to drink when the weather is hot and sticky.

Best of all, it goes with tons of summery dishes, from grilled meats and tomato salads to cheese and charcuterie spreads. So go ahead, buy a couple of bottles—I bet they'll go fast.

What's your go-to summer drink, be it rosé or otherwise? Tell us in the comments below!

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Erin Alexander

Written by: Erin Alexander

Erin Alexander is the Managing Editor of Food52.


Karen June 1, 2021
Been my go-to for many years! Now the secret is out....
LULULAND June 1, 2021
I would love to know what grocery stores carry it in California? thanks ahead
Erin A. June 1, 2021
I used to buy it at Safeway and Andronico's!
LULULAND June 1, 2021
ok thanks, we do have a Safeway!
Risottogirl June 3, 2021
Trader Joe locations in San Francisco.
Allison August 28, 2019
Commanderie de la Bargemone 2018 Rosé (Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence). Tastes like summer @ $15 a bottle. I've gone through 2 cases this summer - perfect for entertaining.
SFoodGeek August 24, 2019
This is my go-to rose as well. Plus, I came across the magnum size of this rose for $13 at my local grocery store! Very classy at summer parties (smiley face here!)
bret August 9, 2019
T Joe $6.99
happierbirds August 8, 2019
How could you give away our secret like this!!
gigi.hotchkiss August 5, 2019
Agreed - this is a good, all-purpose, easy-drinking rose! :) One of my favorites.
Corj August 4, 2019
This is $13.05 in Quebec Canada (somehow the $0.5 brings it over the line?). Miss vacations cross border!
Carol V. August 3, 2019
I'm pretty sure I've bought this exact wine at Trader Joe's for under $5!
Erin A. August 7, 2019
Yes! It's sometimes on sale there :) Yet another reason to love TJ's.
Denise D. August 7, 2019
TJ carries le ferme julien, looks exactly like le vieille ferme.
WALTER B. August 2, 2019
It's nearby, more robust cousin, Tavel, can be had for $8 at Trader Joe's (CA).
Erin A. August 7, 2019
Ohhh, I'm not familiar with that one. Will have to try it!