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31 Best Artificial Christmas Trees That'll Have You Saying ‘Spruce Who?’

To order in time for this year or go faux for next.

December  7, 2020
Photo by Julia Gartland

For many families, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the holiday season. There are ceremonies for lighting it, traditions around decorating it with heirloom ornaments and sparkling lights, and placing perfectly wrapped presents beneath its needles. While many still cherish the wintry smell of spruce, pine, or fir, others are opting for artificial trees (they definitely eliminate the mess left by a real one). The debate about which is more sustainable is still up in the air, but if you invest in an artificial tree that you use year after year, you won’t be in the wrong. Plus, it’s a one-time expense, rather than an annual one.

We’re quite tempted by the idea ourselves, so we’ve done the legwork and gathered together a list of the best artificial Christmas trees on the market, and found that there’s one for everyone. Here they are, organized by your (potential) priorities.

closest to the real deal

1. Balsam Hill Blue Spruce

Trick your friends into thinking your tree grew from the ground with the Balsam Hill Blue Spruce, one of the most realistic trees out there. This wide, full tree comes in a variety of heights, and you can order it unlit, with clear lights, or with clear LED lights. Its blue green hue and light brown stems help sell the natural effect.

2. National Tree Carolina Pine Tree

7.5 feet (the most popular height for a Christmas tree), pre-lit, and realistically plush in person, this tree has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon. If you’re going for a super classic tree, this might be just the one.

3. National Tree Company Downswept Douglas

Another extremely realistic tree, the Downswept Douglas features “real feel” branch tip technology (yeah, that's a thing) so that the texture is lifelike. The tree is available in six different heights and with just three parts, is easily assembled.

That's a behemoth Photo by Balsam Hill

4. Balsam Hill Noble Fir Flip Tree

It’s certainly pricey, but if you’re looking for something that's hyperrealistic and super easy to set up, this is the tree for you. It's made of Balsam Hill’s highest end branch technology called True Needle and employs its impressive flip system that stores the tree upside down (who remembers this crazy trend?) on a rolling stand that allows for quick assembly.

5. Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Narrow

To get Balsam Hill’s True Needle technology at a lower price, or if you want a high quality tree for a smaller space, the White Spruce Narrow is an obvious choice. Plus, you can opt in for LED lights that offer both clear and multi-colored glow.

6. Mayfield Balsam Fir LED Pre-Lit Tree

The price tag on this tree may not be for everyone, but it certainly makes its case by being very striking. Hundreds of warm, festive lights glow on this pre-lit, pre-assembled 7.5-foot tree. Reviewers love it for it's full, real-looking branches, too. "It's a keeper," says one.

At Prices you can't beat

7. Best Choice Products Pine

This is the budget tree of all budget trees. While the tree’s green might be too vibrant to pass for an outdoor-bred variety, it wins for its shape and fullness.

8. Beachcrest Home Green Spruce

This robust tree comes in seven heights, each of which is a steal for its size. For budget Christmas tree shoppers, the Beachcrest Home Green Spruce is a great pick since it also comes with incandescent lights and a sturdy metal stand.

9. Best Choice Products Spruce

OK, so it has a slightly obvious PVC look, but this is a really stellar budget option. The 9-foot tree is lush and filled-out, plus it’s extremely light to carry (no more lugging a tree from a farm) and setup.

The Most Festive

10. Home Accents Holiday Flocked Lexington Pine

If it’s a white Christmas you’re after, look to the Home Accents Holiday Pre-Lit LED Flocked Lexington Pine. The 7.5-foot snowy tree is decorated with pine cones and 500 warm white lights for a complete winter wonderland look.

11. Home Accents Holiday Monterey Fir

For families who can’t agree on a signature look, the Home Accents Holiday Pre-Lit LED Monterey Fir features lights that change color, so the tree can take on a different style each year—or even every day of Christmas.

12. Treetopia Winter White Christmas Tree

Say goodbye to tradition with an artificial Christmas tree that’s not trying to pretend to be something it’s not. This sparkling white tree comes in six heights and with various light options, from unlit to clear LED to multi-colored illumination.

That's one frosty looking tree Photo by Home Depot

13. Treetopia Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

Even more avant-garde than the winter white variety, the Treetopia Silver Shadow Ombre is a design force to be reckoned with. With silver needles at the bottom and a gradual gradient towards black at the top, this shimmering tree is a show stopper.

14. Home Access Holiday Dunhill Fir

Perhaps the brightest of all, the Home Access Holiday Dunhill Fir is a 10-foot tree that includes 1200 clear, incandescent lights. This tree will shine its way through the holiday season.

15. National Tree Company Winchester White Pine

With its pre-lit snow-white artificial branches and individually crafted branch tips, this full-bodied tree is as charming as the real thing. No wallflower this, it stands at 7 feet tall.

For when it's a Squeeze

16. Three Posts Green Fir

Apartment dwellers or those with just a small corner for a tree will appreciate the Three Posts Green Fir, a slim, 6.5 foot tree with 250 lights. It may require some fluffing to look full, but it’s perfectly compact.

17. Kingswood Fir Slim

At just 30 inches wide, this “pencil” tree is thin enough to squeeze into a tight space, but tall enough to still create maximum tree drama, if that’s your thing. Imagine two of these flanking a tall doorway? Stunning.

18. Vickerman Westbrook Pine Half Tree

If your space is especially tight, you may want to consider a half tree. This 6.5-foot, unlit tree has all the magic of a whole tree if you arrange it strategically in a corner.

24 inches of perfection Photo by Amazon

19. National Tree Majestic Fir

For some tabletop cheer, the National Tree Majestic Fir is 24 inches of perfection. The two-foot-tall tree comes with a red cloth bag and a gold rope, and 35 clear lights. Imagine it decked out your desk at work.

20. Treetopia All That Glitters Pencil Tree

It may be a thin tree, but the Treetopia All That Glitters Pencil Tree is no wallflower. Ideal for those who want a loud, unconventional tree for a small space, its gold and platinum tinsel needles glimmer dramatically in the light.

21. Against the Wall Christmas Tree

Where's the back of the tree, you ask? Why, there is none. Designed for apartments with nary a spare corner, this tree stands flush against a wall—any wall—but still possesses a full tree’s width and the suggestion of depth.

22. Home Heritage Corner Tree

Standing at 5-feet tall, but extra extra skinny, this corner-hugging beauty comes pre-lit with warm wight lights to provide a cozy glow all winter long.

For the novelty seeker

23. Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree

The upside-down tree is back for another year—well, maybe it's here to stay. Except now you don't have to physically flip a regular tree, it arrives pre-flipped on a stand! You can't deny it's fun.

24. Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

While this might also fall under the small space category, this “tree” is quite unique as well. It’s somewhere between a table top tree and a set of tied-together branches to hang on the wall. Either way, it’s a holiday statement piece we wish we had a bare for.

25. Treetopia Pretty in Pink Tree

Aside from being a pink (!) tree, this guy has lots of customizable options, from going unlit, to bright white LEDs, to matching pink lights to really dial up the novelty factor. They come with extra bulbs and fuses, an on/off foot pedal, and a matching pink tree stand to keep all the focus on the fluffy branches.

26. Treetopia Black and Gold Ombre Tree

Turn up the volume on your celebration with this ombre tree—it starts gold at the bottom, progresses to a coppery-bronze and eventually to black up on top. Even the stand is a gold metal.

27. Gold Point Pop-Up Tinsel Tree

A 5-foot pop-up tinsel tree that comes pre-strung with a LOT of shimmery, shiny sequins that keeps the flash on even if there are no strings of lights. This conversation-starter "tree" also wins for efficiency—it takes two minutes to assemble and the same amount of time to put away.

For the minimalist

28. Beaded Wood Christmas Tree

Part mid-century modern, part Scandinavian, all minimal. This lovely little wooden statue poses as a stripped-down tree, perfect for letting your ornaments do all the talking.

29. Alpine Balsam Hill Tabletop Tree

Again, this would work very well in a small space, but the bare branches and sparse look scream minimalism. It would work equally well as a table centerpiece on its own or with some carefully curated ornaments.

Photo by West Elm

30. West Elm LED Light-Up Tree

A delicate, unorthodox option, the wiry, bendy West Elm LED tree is a work of art created with stainless steel, wire and plastic and covered in LED lights. Minimalist or not, you're bound to be tempted.

31. Spiral Wood Christmas Tree

This spiralized, dowel tree looks like no one else’s on the block. The light oak wood feels Scandinavian and crisp for an especially minimal, geometric vibe.

Freshly-cut or faux? What are you getting this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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