The French Chocolate Cookies You Can't Eat Just One Of

For when you need a cookie fix—stat.

September 26, 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of: Erin's Obsessed With Something™.

Last week, I shared with you the sweet, simple joys of Trader Joe's teeny-tiny ice cream cones dipped chocolate that forms a crunchy-thin shell. I always keep them stocked in my freezer for when I need a little treat (which is pretty much every night)—unless they are, quite devastatingly, sold out.

Today, I bring you my new favorite cookies (I'm sensing a pattern here): Michel et Augustin's French Chocolate Cookie Squares.

My gateway to this French cookie company was one of their classic confections: a tiny square shortbread cookie, buttery and crumbly, filled with a creamy dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with sea salt.

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I ate the first one in a single bite, before realizing how good they actually were. The second one I savored, eating just the edges before tucking into its chocolatey heart. I dipped the third one in my coffee—three precise plunges...excellent. The fourth, I ate in a single bite, again, and it was very satisfying. I stopped myself from grabbing a fifth.

The horde of Michel et August cookies I keep stashed in my desk drawer at all times; I'm currently very into their Triple Chocolate flavor. Photo by Me!

I realized soon after that this wasn't the only cookie they offered, but one of many.

My number one pick from the bunch is the newly released Triple Chocolate Cookie Squares—a blissful, all-chocolate combo of chocolate shortbread, chocolate ganache, and crunchy cocoa nibs. It's chocolate heaven.

Personally, I like to tuck away packs of them in my desk drawer for when I need a quick cookie fix, aka, once a day. I keep a variety of flavors stocked, just in case I get the sudden urge for caramel or hazelnut. But you do you. My only challenge: I dare you to eat just one.

What's your all-time favorite cookie? Tell us in the comments below!

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Erin Alexander

Written by: Erin Alexander

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