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Big Things Are Happening at Food52

We're so excited to share the news.

October  3, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

Dear Food52ers,
You’ve been with us as we set out to become the very best resource for everyone who sees food as the center of a well-lived life—a place where people feel welcome and connected, where you can get exactly what you need, be it a new recipe or a new dish rack, where the meaning of home and good food are explored to infinity.

And today, we’re thrilled to share some very exciting news: We’ve taken on a majority investment from TCG Capital Management, to help us grow. (You can read the news here.) This means we’ll be able to create more of the things you love, like stories, recipes, videos, and podcasts; open pop-up stores across the country; kick-start new partnerships; give you best-in-class customer care; and dream big about the future—with you.

We will both be right here with you as we’ve always been, along with every member of the wonderful Food52 team, cooking recipes, sharing tips, posting on Instagram, obsessing over home design, discovering (and creating!) new products, and chatting cookbooks.

This news caps off what has been a very big year—our 10th anniversary year! We already have lots of great things happening. Our community-driven line of kitchen and home goods, Five Two, is heading into its second year, with some of our most anticipated products coming soon. Our second season of Genius Recipes videos just kicked off. Our latest book, Dynamite Chicken, is about to hatch. Our videos are now available on every JetBlue flight. And we have our biggest and most ambitious Holiday Swap yet planned for November.

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Top Comment:
“There are no good home goods/kitchen supply stores downtown). Also an expanded home goods selection from local and sustainable makers would be great. High quality videos about different aspects of food and living on a YouTube channel would be such cool content from y'all. Umm, I have more ideas but would love to see all of those. Again, so happy for y'all and can't wait to see what's next!”
— Sam

This new investment will help us act on and expand our ambitions. To do this, though, we need your help. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of going forward (tell us in the comments!). An app? A store? More travel or home content? More new Five Two products? Curated trips?! These are some of our ideas, but we’d love to know yours.

Thanks for being part of this amazing community! Also, here’s a snappy recipe for tonight.


Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs
Co-Founders, Food52

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    Jennifer P.
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    Barb Shutiak
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    Molly Montgomery
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    Silvia Stephenson
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devinewhobakes October 15, 2019
Ship to Canada!! I see all there lovely wares but can never order them! Despite that, LOVE your dream site.
devinewhobakes October 15, 2019
Sorry! Spelling error. Meant all THESE lovely wares!
Jennifer P. October 15, 2019
Yes, shipping to Canada, please?
Barb S. October 14, 2019
Please ship to Canada! 🇨🇦 Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canucks ❤️
Molly M. October 14, 2019
We have sur la table and William Sonoma. Don’t replicate that ever. I would love a food52 store in houston but will continue to purchase online if needed and only those things unique to you. It’s always awesome to receive something that does not come from either of those 2 stores. I get it tho. Sell to the masses and eat with the kings. As far as recipes -some are a little too time consuming but the internet is flooded with recipes that are quick. I can eat those anywhere anytime.
Silvia S. October 13, 2019
Don't worry those VC's will tell you what you have to provide in no time flat. Hopefully you can continue to provide excellent content, don't bloat your team, pay ALL your employees, contractors, writers, designers, photographers etc. an equitable salary and remain socially aware and conscious. Apps are a dime a dozen, you've got the funds - go and innovate.
Silvia S. October 13, 2019
Don't worry those VC's will tell you what you have to provide in no time flat. Hopefully you can continue to provide excellent content, don't bloat your team, pay ALL your employees, contractors, writers, designers, photographers etc. an equitable salary and remain socially aware and conscious. Apps are a dime a dozen, you've got the funds - go and innovate.
bunten October 11, 2019
I'm instantly less interested. Your $83-million investor will be looking for return on investment above all else, and it's now your obligation to provide it. Good luck with that!
Jane E. October 11, 2019
It could be interesting to have information available about cooking schools around the world. Best to you and thanks for the quality you bring to our world! XO, JE
Ivy D. October 11, 2019
I have used this site for the last nine years and really do like it.
Other than the fact that the search engine is not great
But I am a bit dismayed that the drift is to selling things.
Why is bigger better? Well the obvious answer is money.
Oh well-that is the way the world works.
Genevieve October 11, 2019
Love reading Food 52, but what I desperately want is that you ship to Canada.
adavis October 11, 2019
Wonderful! I’m a real Food52 fan. The only thing I ask for is to make it easier to access saved recipes on my iPhone. Somehow my phone is not letting me scroll to the top long enough to tap the icon in the upper right corner.
anne R. October 11, 2019
I read this last week and thought it was great - Congrats Ladies!
Rose D. October 11, 2019
A Food52 app! Pleeeeaaase!
Chris October 11, 2019
Love your site, recipes, and products
Adel W. October 11, 2019
I would love it if you were able to ship internationally... I live in Singapore but I wish I could gain access to the Five Two store!
Sandy B. October 11, 2019
I am delighted. You are the best recipe source on the internet and when I’m stuck, I write to you. Always helpful and creative. I love your Shop and fear I’ve missed your autumn sale. Somehow I was dropped from your mailing list. Put me back!
Gail D. October 11, 2019
Will you be able to ship to Canada now?
Marion A. October 10, 2019
Please ship to Canada...
Amber October 10, 2019
I have been a fan of Amanda’s for years, and have rooted for the site since it was announced. I am so pleased that the project has been successful.

Since you asked, I have always thought the site’s strengths were its community (of which I’ve largely been a lurker) and its forward looking POV. The recipes and food discussion always have seemed more progressive than the other big sites — more inclusive of cultures, more willing to engage in food politics. I love the NYT site, but I think they have to inch forward more carefully to avoid alienating their readership. I came to Food52 because I got tired of reading about weeknight chicken recipes elsewhere (unless you’re introducing me to a new technique, in which case I’ll eat my words).

When the store launched, I also loved it. It was a well-curated (sorry for that horrible word) selection of unique, useful and beautiful things. The return policy made me hesitate to buy on occasion, but I’ve tried to support the store whenever I can.

Lately I’ve felt like the site has lost a little focus. Some articles feel like filler, and I seriously doubt Amanda and Merrill would use some of the gimmicky tools from the store in their own kitchens.

You asked what more we want, and honestly, I’m indifferent to what tools you offer (an app, a store, etc. would all be great) as long as it reflects your original editorial voice. I recognize your desire for growth, but if you dilute your brand, then you lose your competitive advantage.

In my day job advising companies and organizations about what their stakeholders want, I often feel like I’m stating the obvious — you have to get the basics right. If the chicken sandwich you are famous for isn’t good, your community outreach program doesn’t matter. I’d like to see you do more, maybe in different ways, of what you already do well and also use these new resources to do the research and soul searching to edit out what isn’t serving the Food52 community. Spend on subtraction just as much as addition.
aa1893 October 11, 2019
I wholeheartedly agree with Amber. I feel like Food52 has become heavily weighted towards selling things. I love home design and I've purchased from the store occasionally, but the sales marketing has become so strong that I find myself resenting Food52 emails and the home page. I would like a refocus on cooking and community.
MichiElise October 14, 2019
Yes to this. Subtract, curate and cultivate the unique and connected voice you’ve had. Really though, I just don’t want to see another click bait headline. Being genuinely about good food was part of what hooked me on F52, no teasers needed.
Butterfingers October 10, 2019
I read the news, which began like so in the WSJ: "Food52, a digital bazaar that sells upscale home goods, said it sold a majority stake to venture firm TCG for $83 million, a deal that gives TCG an entree into the world of fine dining and home accessories." Funny, I thought; I consider Food 52 to be a community recipe website that also sells things which, while gorgeous, cannot be good for a sustainable Earth. If you're going to continue, I suggest wares that get serious sustainability points, and pave the way toward new attitudes about packaging and manufacturing practices.