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The Genius Granola With a Cult Following

This recipe will change your life—just ask its many, many fans.

December  4, 2019

Every week in Genius Recipes—often with your help!—Food52 Creative Director and lifelong Genius-hunter Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that will change the way you cook.

At least once a year, whenever I’m fumbling around for a jolt of happiness and inspiration, I like to go spy on the comment thread for Nekisia Davis’s Olive Oil and Maple Granola.

Photo by James Ransom
Just wanted to express undying appreciation for this recipe. It has been a complete & total staple in our home for years now.
I too have registered on this site purely to comment on this recipe. OMG I love it.
I will never buy granola again.
Beverly J.

Unlike darker crannies of the internet, Food52 has always been an unusually welcoming space to ask questions, to share cooking triumphs (and flat-out fails), to experience the kind of supporting community so many of us crave in a haze of angry tweets and lonely scrolls through Instagram.

But this recipe is my favorite little nook. Everyone loves this granola—undying appreciation kind of love. People make it weekly. They have it every morning for breakfast. They wrap it up to give during the holidays, in mason jars and cellophane bags and Christmas-y tins. Their families and coworkers clamor for it.

And—maybe most notably—they make it their own. Every ingredient has been swapped or doubled or abandoned, depending on whim and what’s in the pantry. The technique, which is essentially just stirring, has spun off to work in a slow cooker; to become crispy granola bars; to get ditched in a cold oven for hours and picked back up. This recipe is unbreakable.

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Top Comment:
“My husband can’t eat any other granola now. My sister has to have this in her yogurt and I just munch on it when i feel the need for something sweetish. It makes a large batch, too and is perfect for gift giving. I have added raisins, craisins, chia seeds, etc etc...its always delicious. Brilliant as well as genius!”
— Jen V.

In honor of Food52’s 10th anniversary (and this recipe’s almost-8th), I’m rounding up the 50-ish ways community members have customized this recipe to date below to inspire you to do the same, for yourself or for your loved ones. Either way, you’re making a granola that will very likely change lives and become a staple for years to come.

But go read the comments first.

All the Genius Granolas

  • Make the granola in a slow cooker rather than the oven, like Rlsalvati does. "One thing I'm really good at is burning granola in my oven."
  • Or turn the oven off and give it a mid-bake rest to get crispy and errand-friendly like Sara G does.
  • Clumpy granola lovers: Stir less often like Sara G, press down and let the granola cool undisturbed like M, or mix in some egg whites before baking like Windischgirl.
  • "Dissolve the maple syrup & sugar in the olive oil." Jen V swears it coats the ingredients better.
  • Convert the ingredient measurements to weights so you can make your favorite version faster, and all in one bowl.
  • Put your 9-year-old to work, like daisybrain: "He was very happy measuring and then digging his hands in to stir it up perfectly."
  • Swap out the maple syrup for agave nectar: “Hands down, best granola I’ve had in my life! Lots of power for surfing, too!" says Maja.
  • Or swap the brown sugar for coconut sugar.
  • Or some of the maple syrup for honey.
  • Or skip the sugar and add a well-mashed, overripe banana or a bit of applesauce. (Sara G picked up this tip from Nigella Lawson.)
  • Many reviewers like to reduce the sweeteners (but many also don't). Rlsalvati wisely suggests: "I do cut down the sugar and maple syrup for our in-house consumption, but stick with the full recipe for gifts." (And she eats it every day in the warmer months.)
  • Swap in coconut oil.
  • Or hazelnut oil.
  • Or blood orange olive oil. "Simply AMAZING!" says Mary Margaret.
  • Or leave it out (!), like Scribbles does.
  • Switch in shredded coconut (sweetened or unsweetened)—handy, since the bigger flakes aren't always easy to find.
  • Clean out your pantry and add it to the granola, like Windischgirl does, with a mix of Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, and almonds.
  • Or streamline and lean on salted pistachios. "Can it keep getting better?" (Yes, Beautiful, Memorable Food. It can.)
  • Pull in warming spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves) for “a great fall flavor,” Linda S recommends.
  • Or use five-spice powder!
  • Or vanilla!
  • Or fancy up the salts with Himalayan pink salt (like suzgab) or Maldon smoked grey salt (like Krystal).

Seeds and grains aplenty:

  • Add in oat bran...
  • Or chia seeds or flax seeds “for that extra load of health” as VC does.
  • Or some toasted wheat germ...
  • Quinoa can go in, too!
  • Same for activated buckwheat!

Just about any dried fruits you could imagine:

  • Add in cranberries and raisins once the granola has cooled like Kerry G does.
  • Or banana chips...
  • Or dried dates, apricots, and mulberries...
  • Or dried pineapple...
  • Or diced candied ginger...
  • Or follow VC’s lead: “Add some orange zest. Bam!”

Then there are the wildcard additions:

  • Almond butter.
  • Or chocolate chips (or bittersweet chocolate or crushed mint chocolate pretzels) once the granola has cooled.
  • Or “cacao nibs if you're feeling fancy!” from Jen V.
  • Top ice cream and frozen yogurt and Greek yogurt, of course.
  • Turn it into granola bars! Anna H substitutes the whole batch of granola for the oats and seeds in Merrill's granola bar recipe.
  • Try Sue B’s dessert-turned-breakfast: warmed-up leftover apple galette, tart yogurt, and granola.
  • Snack snack snack snack snack.

Got a genius recipe to share—from a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Perhaps something perfect for beginners? Please send it my way (and tell me what's so smart about it) at [email protected].

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    Bridgette O'Malley
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Janice December 8, 2019
What could I use instead of the coconut chips?
HalfPint December 10, 2019
Anything you want. I recommend apple chips. If you do substitute dried fruit, them them in the last 15-20 minutes of baking or they become hard as rocks, or worse, burn.
HalfPint December 10, 2019
sorry that should be "add them", not "them them" :)
Leora December 7, 2019
thank you for the recipe. Made it my own with nuts, seeds and small dried fruit. First time I made it I burnt the whole lot but persevered and now the whole family gets gifts of granola and then the recipe to make it how they like it.
BeaBrown December 6, 2019
I have been making David Lebovitz's Granola recipe for awhile now. I am eager to try this one. I'm gonna do it and report back! Thanks for sharing.
Bridgette O. December 6, 2019
How long do you cook the granola in the slow cooker and should it be on low or high
Punkylee December 6, 2019
I love the idea of baking it in a slower cooker. How long and low or high temp ?
Kkg December 6, 2019
I found several granola recipes on the web,, and they say bake in crockpot on high for 2-21/2 hours stirring every 20min or so..
Keep lid askew to let off moisture..
My pot seems to run warm so I’ll try low first...
Frances S. December 6, 2019
This is awesome! Wondering how I can find Nekisia Davis "Choc-a-doodle" version? Searched online and came up empty. Thanks!
Julie O. December 6, 2019
Other than way more sugar than needed, this looks great.
Kkg December 6, 2019
Is there a nutritional breakdown for this recipe?
I may have missed it....
marykate58 December 6, 2019
Slow cooker version, please !! I am also good at burning granola in the oven.....
Sara B. December 6, 2019
I’ve been making my variation of this granola for years, always to rave reviews. My favorite unexpected use: tossing a handful into a salad in lieu of candied nuts. SO GOOD.
Dee D. December 5, 2019
I made this for the first time earlier this year. I’ve made so many different granolas over the years, but this is a game changer...SERIOUSLY. It really stands out that much. Make it!
Connie December 5, 2019
Can't wait to try this. How long does it keep for?
Marie-Josée B. December 5, 2019
Up to one month it seems
Dale M. December 5, 2019
Keep ours in an airtight container - usually all eaten within 2-weeks :-)
jean December 5, 2019
Great Recipe
Pam H. December 5, 2019
Wow, these are great tips to change up this wonderful recipe! I know what I’m doing this weekend!
Dale M. December 5, 2019
I've been making this for years and there is always a batch in the pantry. If not, my family gives me the stink eye! :-) We all love it and have shared the recipe with many others.
sboulton December 5, 2019
I give this granola as gifts every year now, and people have already started asking me if I'm going to give it again this year. They want to make sure. It's fabulous!
Kathy L. December 5, 2019
Egg white is my magic ingredient. It makes the granola extra crispy.
Brooke December 5, 2019
How do you do the slow cooker version? Or how about instant pot? :-)
Maxine P. December 5, 2019
I’m also interested in instructions for the crockpot or Instapot
jamcook December 5, 2019
Like Matzoh Brei with leavened bread!
jamcook December 5, 2019
Sorry was replying to another video.
Jen V. December 5, 2019
My husband can’t eat any other granola now. My sister has to have this in her yogurt and I just munch on it when i feel the need for something sweetish. It makes a large batch, too and is perfect for gift giving. I have added raisins, craisins, chia seeds, etc etc...its always delicious. Brilliant as well as genius!