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68 Recipes From Black Creators to Celebrate Juneteenth

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This Juneteenth probably won’t look the same as it has in the past. Expect to see fewer cookouts, outdoor music concerts, parades, and festivals. This year we have to improvise and find ways to honor our innate spirit of perseverance and celebrate the resilience our ancestors demonstrated in their plight to freedom.

And for that reason, almost 70 Black food creatives have to come together to share recipes in a digital cookout, inspired by this holiday and the African diaspora, all to continue our legacy of communion, albeit virtually, and share our history with the world.

Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated within the Black community to commemorate the end of enslavement of many of our ancestors. June 19, 1865 marks the release of the last 250,000+ slaves suppressed to remain in slavery almost two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863.

The traditions of this day of Independence are rooted in outdoor activities and gatherings centered around food, music, and communion. However, in the face of surfacing news of injustice and violence against Black people and the COVID-19 crisis, it’s no wonder that many find it challenging to muster the energy to celebrate anything these days.

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“I have always been reading your recipes since day one that you appeared, and I have always followed and made lots of your recipes, but, I love the chance that I will now have to get to read, know and explore these wonderful recipes that are being seen for the first time!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Continue to be the best that you can be, as always!!! BLESSINGS!!!”

Personally, I found that one of the only things that has given me solace is cooking foods I grew up eating. It gives me comfort. And many of the other participants in this virtual cookout share the same story, tying our identity, Blackness, and peace to our foodways.

This Juneteenth may not be like the past, but we still have reason to celebrate the diversity, complexity, and ingenuity of diasporic comfort foods, many of which are abundantly represented in this amazing list of recipes. We hope that those who read this are given a reason to smile and are inspired to “virtually” celebrate Juneteenth with us.

In honor of Juneteenth, here are the 68 Black bloggers and recipes to fall in love with from this year’s virtual cookout.

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1. Blackened Catfish

“A keto-friendly take on a beloved comfort favorite: catfish. The breading is replaced with a delicious blackened seasoning that’s so good, you won’t even care that it’s low-carb! This tender, flaky, spicy, and delicious blackened catfish will soon be one of your favorites!” —A Girl Called Adri

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2. Spiced Grilled Peaches

“These Spiced Grilled Peaches are the perfect summertime treat! Serve them with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a serving of Greek yogurt!” —Beautiful Eats & Things

Photo by Beautiful Eats & Things

3. Brown Butter Sweet Potato Cake

“Sweet Potatoes or yams are a favorite holiday staple for African Americans. This recipe takes a typical spice cake up a notch by adding sweet potatoes and creating a delicious moist cake that is great year round.” —Black Girls Who Brunch

Photo by Black Girls Who Brunch

4. Brazilian Collard Greens with Bacon

“Collard greens is a classic dish loved by the African diaspora all over the world. This Brazilian version is a crisp, garlicky side dish full of bacon bits. It's an easy collard greens recipe, perfect as a mid-week side dish or that celebratory cookout your familia will love all year round!” —Brazilian Kitchen Abroad

Photo by Brazillian Kitchen Abroad

5. Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sour Cream and Honey Sauce

“This buttermilk fried chicken recipe is as nostalgic as much as it is crispy and delicious! With the sour cream and honey sauce, it takes me right back to summer days hanging with family and breaking bread at cookouts.” —Britney Breaks Bread

Photo by Britney Breaks Bread

6. Watermelon Hibiscus Whiskey Smash

"This is a great party punch you can make in bulk. I would blend the watermelon and herbs into juice, blend some lemons, and strain the juice. Taste as you go." —Brownbelle

Photo by Brownbelle

7. Chicken and Waffles

“Listen, this homemade chicken and waffles recipe has never looked better; super crispy and perfectly flavored buttermilk fried chicken paired with fluffy and tender golden waffles! The most perfect pairing!” —Butter Be Ready

Photo by Butter Be Ready

8. Watermelon and Feta Salad

“Watermelon is a seasonal favourite and it is married with other great ingredients to add another great dish for the celebration of Juneteenth. Watermelon is a traditional staple at the Juneteenth table.” —Chef and Steward

Photo by Chef and Steward

9. Honey and Butter Cornbread

“Cornbread is a staple and huge part of what adds soul to Soul Food. This homemade cornbread is full of the stuff good dreams are made of (honey and buttermilk, to be specific).” —Chef Curl Ardee

Photo by Chef Curl Ardee

10. Lemon Icebox Pie

“This classic Southern icebox pie recipe, having traveled with my grandmother up north to Ohio during the Great Migration, then to my father, and then passing down to me, is a perfect representation of the spirit of Juneteenth -- celebrating our joys in the face of struggle, remembering where we came from, and sharing love, food, and good times across the generations.” —Chenée Today

Photo by Chenée Today

11. Crawfish Etoufee

“Crawfish Etoufee is a Cajun/Creole roux based recipe that masterfully blends spices and crawfish into a creamy sauce. Typically served over rice, this is another soulful dish to add to your recipe box.” —Christy Irene

Photo by Christy Irene

12. Guaymas Shrimp

“Fried fish is a summertime treat of the African Heritage Diet. I combined two joyful childhood memories to create the easily achieved Guaymas Shrimp. Happy Juneteenth to all us descendants of Black Texans!” —Collards Are The Old Kale

Photo by Collards Are The Old Kale

13. Mint Peach Spritzer

“A fun take on my Aunty's sweet iced tea without the tea. This Mint Peach Spritzer can be served as virgin cocktails or you can spice things up a bit with champagne, Prosecco or vodka.” —Confessions of a clean foodie

Photo by Confessions of a clean foodie

14. Jamaican Beef Patties

“A Jamaican beef patty recipe that made my Jamaican father proud. This Jamaican beef patty recipe will give you the flavor and flaky crust that makes this dish such a staple in Jamaican culture. For Juneteenth, I'm acknowledging the roots of my culture that make me who I am today. For me, one of the best ways to express my love for my culture is with food. Grab a bottle of Ting or Red Stripe and some cocoa bread to eat with these delicious beef patties!” —Cooking to a T

Photo by Cooking to a T

15. BBQ in a Jar

“Smoked pulled pork, baked beans, potatoes, coleslaw, pickles, and BBQ sauce layered in an old-fashioned mason jar makes the perfect dish for your next cookout!” —Cooks with Soul

Photo by Cooks with Soul

16. Golden Pineapple Pound Cake

“This tropical take on my Grandmother's classic pound cake recipe will be a welcome addition to your Juneteenth celebration table. In Texas, we tend to celebrate Juneteenth with cookouts and block parties so I recommend pairing this with a scoop of ice cream to help cool you off!” —Dash of Jazz

Photo by Dash of Jazz

17. Honey Jerk Shrimp

“Spice up your Juneteenth celebration with some Honey Jerk Shrimp! The sweet and spicy combo will definitely be a hit!” —Dish It With Tisha

Photo by Dish It With Tisha

18. Blackberry Ginger Soda

“An ode to the Juneteenth celebration staple, Red Soda Water, this Blackberry Ginger Soda is a refreshing blend of crisp ginger ale, blackberry syrup, club soda, and festive blackberry ice cubes. Add this to your Juneteenth soiree and toast with this!” —DMR Fine Foods

Photo by DMR Fine Foods

19. Pound Cake

“Pound cake is a staple dessert in most in which the recipe in most families has been passed down generation to generation. The use of cream cheese in place of milk is what makes this favorite family cake so moist.” —Dom N' The City

Photo by Dom N' The City

20. Easy Berry Fruit Salad

"This berry fruit salad is an easy 6 ingredient recipe! All your favorite fresh berries, a honey orange juice dressing, and fresh mint. The orange juice dressing makes this berry fruit salad so refreshingly delicious!" —Domestic Dee

Photo by Domestic Dee

21. Cajun White Beans

“A staple in every Cajun and Creole household, the tradition of beans and rice is handed down from the African influence in Southern Louisiana. These Cajun White Beans combine beef sausage, coconut milk and Cajun seasonings resulting in the perfect pot of flavorful and tender beans.” —Dude That Cookz

Photo by Dude That Cookz

22. Three Green Summer Salad

“Greens are always apart if any Juneteenth menu but this three green salad is a new way to enjoy your favorite leafy greens.” —Erique Berry Co | Eating with Erique

Photo by Erique Berry Co | Eating with Erique

23. Vegan Jackfruit Jamaican Patties

“These vegan jamaican patties have a beautifully flaky crust and a spicy and tasty jackfruit filling. Easy and quick to make they are the perfect spicy treat.” —Ethically Living

Photo by Ethically Living

24. Nigerian Beef Suya Skewers

“Easy to make Nigerian street food featuring grilled beef skewers seasoned with a peanut based spice mix for a show-off worthy party appetizer or insatiable main dish.” —Food Fidelity

Photo by Food Fidelity

25. Smothered Okra with Chicken & Sausage

“Have you ever eaten a meal that brought tears to your eyes? Only one meal does that for me; smothered okra. There is no meal that makes me think of both of my grandmothers more than smothered okra.” —Food Is Love Made Edible

Photo by Food is Love Made Edible

26. Braised Cabbage & Johnny cakes

“Comfort food at it's finest. A Vegan friendly update to the Southern Classic: Braised, Cabbage and Johnny Cakes. You won't even realize you're missing the bacon. The peppers and liquid smoke are stealthy flavor boosters!” —FoodLoveTog

Photo by FoodLoveTog

27. Cassava Corn Waffles with Shrimp Creole

“Savory Cassava Corn Waffles topped with Spicy Shrimp Creole. Drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top for a sweet, savory and spicy dish.” —ForksandStraws

Photo by ForksandStraws

28. Curried Potato Salad

“Potato Salad with a little Caribbean flare. Curry powder, ground ginger, allspice and Olive Oil Miracle Whip make for a sweet and savory flavor profile that elevates this classic dish to new heights.” —Geo's Table

Photo by Geo's Table

29. Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread Cake

“This sweet potato honey cornbread cake recipe produces a soft, slightly sweet, and moist cake. Making it the perfect side dish for your Juneteenth celebrations.” —Gristle & Gossip

Photo by Gristle & Gossip

30. Trinidadian Callaloo

“Originating in West Africa, callaloo is a nutrient-dense dish that is common across the African diaspora. In Trinidad, callaloo is a quintessential part of Sunday lunches. In this recipe, carrots and butternut squash braise alongside dasheen leaves, okra, green onions, garlic, onion, cilantro and thyme in coconut milk.” —Heal Me Delicious

Photo by Heal Me Delicious

31. Chin-Chin

"Chin-chin is the Nigerian fried cookies, favourite sweet snack to many Nigerians that the world needs to know of. Perfectly crunchy, buttery and flaky." —Immaculate Ruému

Photo by Immaculate Ruému

32. Crockpot Smoked Red Beans

“These Crockpot Smoked Red Beans are the perfect savory side dish for your Juneteenth celebration bbq. One of it’s origin stories comes from the enslaved people on Louisiana’s sugar plantations 300 years ago. On Juneteenth, we eat it to celebrate their ingenuity and lives.” —Jamieson Diaries

Photo by Jamieson Diaries

33. Red Velvet Biscuit with BBQ Brisket

“Red food dominates the dinner menu during the Juneteenth, whether it’s barbecue, red velvet cake, red soda, hibiscus tea, watermelon or strawberries.” —Kenneth Temple

Photo by Kenneth Temple

34. Pork free baked beans

“A slightly sweet, tasty pork free baked beans recipe that is still full of delicious BBQ appropriate flavor and perfect for the dish to take to your next potluck BBQ.” —Kenya Rae

Photo by Kenya Rae

35. Sweet Potato Cheesecake

“Juneteenth is this week and I have the perfect dessert for your cookout. SWEET POTATO CHEESECAKE. So decadent, silky smooth and the best combination on two classics.” —Lenox Bakery

Photo by Lenox Bakery

36. Peas & Rice – Guyanese Style

“Peas & Rice Guyanese Style is a must for holidays or any day of the week. Cooked low and slow, Rice & Peas is the perfect side or main dish.” —Maple Points

Photo by Maple Points

37. Fresh Peach Iced Tea (honey sweetened)

“Whether you're sitting and sipping on the porch with family or cooling off at the cookout, this refreshing Peach Iced Tea is a refreshing drink for Juneteenth!” —Marisa Moore Nutrition

Photo by Marisa Moore Nutrition

38. Strawberry Cornbread Skillet Cobbler

“Juneteenth is normally celebrated with a menu of red foods to represent the perseverance of the enslaved. This Juneteeth I honor that tradition with my Strawberry Cornbread Skillet Cobbler, a bright blend of juicy summer strawberries, mint, and citrus nestled under a bed of pillowing golden cornbread. This pie is ridiculously easy to make and perfect for all summer gatherings” —Meiko And the Dish

Photo by Meiko And the Dish

39. Vegan Saka Saka (Congolese Cassava Leaf & Spinach Stew)

“Rich, comforting, healthy and satisfying, this vegan twist on a traditional Congolese dish is made with lots of greens, red onions, peanut butter and habanero for a touch of heat. Serve it alongside golden plantains and rice.” —Murielle Banackissa

Photo by Murielle Banackissa

40. Black eye peas with smoked turkey

“Black-eyed peas with smoked turkey are the perfect soul food side dish to help celebrate Juneteenth. This flavorful dish pairs well with white rice and cornbread.” —My Fabulous Food

Photo by My Fabulous Food

41. Easy BBQ Pork Ribs

“Black American culinary tradition is rooted in barbecue. Modern times call for modern measures: When you don’t have time to set up the smoker or fire up the grill, these Easy BBQ pork ribs come to the rescue.” —Nik Snacks

Photo by Nik Snacks

42. Watermelon Limeade

“Watermelon Limeade is the perfect drink for Juneteenth celebrations. Made with fresh watermelon and lime for a refreshingly cold beverage.” —On Ty’s Plate

Photo by On Ty's Plate

43. Coconut Collard Greens

“Fresh greens steamed in coconut water and finished with bright lemon zest, these Coconut Collard Greens are a light and refreshing revamp of a soul food staple. ” —Open Invitation Entertainment

Photo by Open Invitation Entertainment


“When it comes to this Ultimate Vegan Mac + Cheese recipe, it is by far more than a fork full of goodness! Super creamy, 'cheesy', and loaded with flavor, this 'Mac + Cheese" is made from gluten-free macaroni, savory seasonings, nutritional yeast, and cashews soaked overnight (which makes the cream cheese base). A beautiful twist on a classic dish that it sure to be a staple in your household. Completely vegan and gluten-free.” —ORCHIDS + SWEET TEA


45. Jollof Rice

“A traditional staple in most West African Homes. Jollof rice is a delicious one-pot meal cooked in a flavorful stew with tomatoes, peppers, onion, spices, and chicken stock.” —Our Perfect Palette

Photo by Our Perfect Palette

46. Vanilla Cake With Caramel Poached Pears

“Moist Vanilla Cake with Pears poached in a delicious caramel sauce. Perfect for any celebration!” —Peaches 2 Peaches

Photo by Peaches 2 Peaches

47. Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuits

“This Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuit recipe takes a southern staple and gives it a sweet twist. Fresh strawberries are baked right into these fluffy buttermilk biscuits for a delightful spin on a classic southern recipe.” —Pink Owl Kitchen

Photo by Pink Owl Kitchen

48. Southern Peach Cobbler

“Southern Peach cobbler is a traditional dessert in the south and all over the world. Warm, sweet peaches with a decadent cobbler style crust is the perfect treat for any occasion.” —Razzle Dazzle Life

Photo by Razzle Dazzle Life

49. Southern Tomato Pie

“If you’re looking for a light tomato pie for your gathering, then you’re in the wrong place. But if you want a guilty pleasure fulfilled in one bite of a pie that just so happens to contain hearty sliced tomatoes. Then you are exactly where you need to be.” —Rosalynn Daniels

Photo by Rosalynn Daniels

50. Black-Eyed Pea Salad

“Dressed in a tahini vinaigrette, crisp cucumbers, the nuttiness of fonio, and filled with vibrant colorful vegetables, this black-eyed pea salad is a feast for your eyes and edible celebration of summertime joy.” —Savor and Sage

Photo by Savor and Sage

51. Jus Citron (Haitian Lemonade)

“This delightful, signature, Caribbean Jus De Citron is of the island of Haiti. This Lemonade is exactly what you need to put you in the Caribbean mood year around.” —Savory Thoughts

Photo by Savory Thoughts

52. Cajun Shrimp Deviled Eggs

“Paying homage to my southern roots by sharing a staple known to have a designated place at every family "cookout". Let's add a twist to traditional deviled eggs with fresh herbs, lemon and hot sauce topped with buttered cajun shrimp!” —Seasoned To Taste

Photo by Seasoned To Taste

53. Blackberry Cobbler

“Blackberry season is in full swing and this batter topped cobbler is an ideal way to bring more joy to your summertime festivites! Just don't forget the vanilla ice cream!” —Sense & Edibility

Photo by Sense & Edibility

54. Candied Yams

“Easy Candied Yams is a delicious side dish that combines sweet yams, with butter, sugar, and spices. Rich, tender, and full of flavor. Sure to be popular with everyone at the table.” —Simply LaKita

Photo by Simply LaKita

55. Fried Softshell Crab

“To us, softshell crab is the one and only taste of summer. They are blue crabs that are in the midst of shedding their shells, rendering the entire crab, claws and all, edible. This dish’s double-dredge is the best way to amplify the subtle crab flavor and maximize crunchiness. And the fried garlic sauce just takes everything over the top.” —Slice & Torte

Photo by Slice & Torte

56. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

“Roasted sweet potato salad is a delightful twist on traditional potato salad! Consider switching it up and adding this side to your Juneteenth or any summer cookout menu. This dish can also be turned into a sandwich or finger food option. Simply add the potato salad mixture onto wraps, add in 4 toothpicks to hold in place and slice into quarters in between. (Note: Omit the bacon to make this dish vegetarian friendly)” —Slight Kitchen Werk

Photo by Slight Kitchen Werk

57. Baked Jerk Chicken

“Jerk chicken is almost as old as Jamaica itself and is believed to have been developed by enslaved Africans who escaped to Jamaica and combined their cooking techniques with the seasonings and spices of Jamaica’s native Arawak people. Jerk chicken is at its core a dish that symbolizes rebellion against oppression and the uniting of different cultures through food, a perfect compliment to the Junneteenth celebration!” —Sweet & Sorrel

Photo by Sweet & Sorrel

58. Black Eyed Peas and Sweet Potato Salad

“You need this black eyed peas and sweet potato salad in your life! Mildly sweet and loaded with fiber this dish is perfect for your Juneteenth celebration.” —Sweet Savant

Photo by Sweet Savant

59. Vegan Red Red Stew (Spicy Ghanaian Black-Eyed Peas) and Plantain

“The classic color, red, is seen everywhere during the Juneteeth celebration. That’s what makes this entree so special. Served alongside coconut rice and sweet plantains, Red Red Stew is the perfect entree to celebrate the historic holiday. Here is my vegan take on the popular West African black-eyed pea dish!” —That Green Lyfe

Photo by That Green Lyfe

60. Jamaican Jerk Wings

“Jamaican Jerk Chicken is a staple recipe in Caribbean culture. It's one of the classics that the world is familiar with. This recipe shows you how to create the best, authentic jerk chicken marinade, and make a delicious Jamaican jerk chicken wing appetizer.” —The Hangry Woman

Photo by The Hangry Woman

61. Southern-Style Sweet Tea

“Sweet tea is a summer (and sometimes year round) staple for my drinking pleasure. Here’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy it.” —The Hungry Hutch

Photo by The Hungry Hutch

62. Grilled Lemon Pepper Wings

“These buttermilk marinated chicken wings are seasoned with a homemade lemon pepper rub, grilled to perfection and basted with a buttery lemon glaze.” —The Kitchenista Diaries

Photo by The Kitchenista Diaries

63. Juneteenth Hibiscus Strawberry Vegan Ice Cream

“The Juneteenth holiday consists of red foods & drinks as part of the celebration of freedom. Red as a symbol of perseverance. Foods like strawberry soda, kola nut tea, hibiscus tea, watermelon and strawberry pie are all customary items included in the festivities. We thought a vegan hibiscus strawberry ice cream was the perfect way to honor this tradition. ” —THE VGN WAY

Photo by THE VGN WAY

64. Sweet Potato Cornbread

“The earthiness of the sweet potato meets the warmth and comfort of traditional buttermilk cornbread and, right in the center of the Jubilee table, the richness of our African-American heritage takes the form of Sweet Potato Cornbread.” —Thedanareneeway

Photo by Thedanareneeway

65. Strawberry Soda

“We're getting ready to celebrate Juneteenth, and no self-respecting Juneteenth party can go down without a traditional strawberry soda drink made with homemade strawberry syrup.” —This Worthey Life

Photo by This Worthey Life

66. Ghanaian kebabs Whole30 style

“This appetizer can be found in restaurants and parties across Ghana. Usually the kebabs are covered in a peanut seasoning, but this version here is made Whole30 by omitting the peanuts and using roasted cashews. All ingredients compliant with Whole30 and Paleo.” —Thisafricancooks

Photo by Thisafricancooks

67. Slow Cooker Black Eyed Pea Sweet Potato Soup

“This black-eyed pea soup is a vegan version of a southern tradition. With added sweet potatoes, kale, and the use of a slow cooker, it makes for a comforting and filling soup.” —Vegan With Curves

Photo by Vegan With Curves

68. Southern sweet potato pie

“This pie is rich in flavor and spiced just right. There’s nothing low-fat about this pie y’all. I tell ya right now though, you may just eat the whole thing to yourself. It’s that good!” —Whisk it Real Gud

Photo by Whisk it Real Gud

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whiteteashots May 8, 2023
Give it a flower energy. If you truly have any desire to go above and beyond, consider simplifying a Lavender Syrup to improve your shots with! The normally flower kind of lavender joined with the pleasantness of the sugar and the tart lemon juice is a brilliant mix.
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Sankofa1981$ April 4, 2021
This is cool, but no. Traditional Black American food should be cooked on Juneteenth. The holiday should be about celebrating our emancipation, but also preserving the traditions and foods of our specific ethnicity.
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This is such a great list, Thank you Food52!
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Such a great round up of recipes! There is something here for everyone, can't wait to make some more dishes.
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I'm so impressed by the diversity of recipes in this roundup!
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What an amazing collection of recipes!
Lemon pepper wings, sweet tea, black eyed peas?? My kind of dining!
Thanks for sharing!
JEAN G. June 20, 2020
What a joy to see such beautiful recipes from beautiful BLACK PEOPLE popping up!!! Thank you, Food52 for being the first one in following up and doing the right thing by posting these recipes!!! God gave all of us talent, one way or another, and we are supposed to shine by helping each other to make the world know it!!! It is not to be a one group or colour thing!!! We are all God's children and deserve to be known to the world at large as such!!! You made tears come to my eyes and my heart is so full!!! I just hope and pray that everything that you are doing is being done with transparency and love, not because you feel you have to!!! I have always been reading your recipes since day one that you appeared, and I have always followed and made lots of your recipes, but, I love the chance that I will now have to get to read, know and explore these wonderful recipes that are being seen for the first time!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Continue to be the best that you can be, as always!!! BLESSINGS!!!
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These all look delicious. I think This African Cooks is now my favorite cooking blog. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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link for Watermelon Hibiscus Whiskey Smash
Bridget B. June 20, 2020
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Thank you for letting us know!
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Hi! We've also updated this in the article. Thank you for flagging, Bridget, and for adding the link here, Meiko!
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This collaboration is dope. It’s great to see so much representation in food across the diaspora! Great job Food 52 !
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So many recipe options to choose from, truly something for everyone! Thanks for sharing.
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This makes me so happy to see, so many talented Black Food Creatives, together. Happy Juneteenth and let's get cooking!
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This is fantastic! So excited to see so many black voices in food blogging. Thank you for continuing to support the culture!
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What a great list of recipes!! I will definitely be trying one or two recipes this weekend. Happy Juneteenth!!
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What a great compilation. It's interesting to see the diversity and commonality. Thank you. A couple recipes will be on the table tonight, and more after my next grocery run. I enjoy 'what can I make with what I have' most of the time, but when I find so many recipes I want to make I miss my on a whim store trips.
Shanna J. June 19, 2020
All of these recipes look amazing! Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to cook first!
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What a wonderful round up! So many delicious looking recipes on here! I am excited to try some out :)
Adelaise F. June 19, 2020
A brilliant line up of some truly talented black food bloggers.
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This is a great line-up! Every meal type is covered. You can create a few different Juneteenth menu options with these. Well done!