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Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in April

From silky rice noodles and a 5-minute pickle sandwich to an iconic cardamom cake.

April 30, 2021

April showers bring great dinners? Indeed. Though the top two recipes are sweet treats (you’ll see), this month was full of savory knockouts, like slurpable noodles, a speedy-as-heck sandwich, and extra-lemony rice that goes with anything. Take a stroll through our most popular new recipes below, then let us know what you’re cooking up these days.

10. Moqueca-Inspired Egg Stew

A cozy vegetarian stew “perfect for nights when you want something warming and comforting yet still light and bright in flavor,” writes EmilyC.

9. Rad Na With Tofu

Thai rad na is often made with meat, like pork, chicken, or seafood. But this recipe swaps in squidgy, chewy tofu with a quick marinade you’ll turn to again and again.

8. “Instant” Dan Dan Noodle Mix

Flavor-packed, slurpable noodles that are ready whenever you are. Keep on call in the fridge for up to 1 week, or divide into 1/2-cup portions and freeze for 4 to 6 months.

7. Meyer Lemon Rice With Candied Garlic From Michael W. Twitty

“This is a good lemony rice that pairs well with chicken, fish, or chickpeas,” culinary historian Michael W. Twitty says of his Genius lemony rice. What would you serve with it?

6. Sourdough Hot Cross Buns With Chocolate Chips

Yes, Easter has already passed. So what? These chocolate-studded buns, with citrus zest and warming spices, are a delight all year.

5. 3-Ingredient Brownies

All you need: chocolate-hazelnut spread like Nutella, eggs, and flour—but not all-purpose. Instead, buckwheat adds a malty-nutty flavor to balance all the sweetness.

4. Bless This Pickle Sandwich

A lunch for when you don’t have time to make lunch. Or, let’s be real, a dinner for when you don’t have time to make dinner either. Cheesy and mustardy, it’s a win anytime of day.

3. Zucchini Lasagna

A noodle-less lasagna that’s just as saucy and gooey and good, thanks to thinly sliced sheets of zucchini and a magical seasoning mix.

2. Meltaway Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t expect a crispy-chewy texture from these new-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to custard powder and confectioners’ sugar, they melt in your mouth.

1. Cardamom Cake From Niloufer Ichaporia King

This Genius cake showed up at “a Berkeley garden in the early summer of 1987 at a potluck wedding celebration.” And 34 years later, behold, it’s our most popular recipe of the month.

Which recipe will you make first? Let us know in the comments.

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AntoniaJames April 30, 2021
The Rad Na with Tofu looks great. I'll be making that in May. ;o)
AntoniaJames April 30, 2021
New-to-me recipes from Food52 in April:

Cold vegetable and noodle salad with ponzu dressing (now in my "Keeper" collection)
See my notes in the recipe’s comments.

*Maple syrup and Dijon vinaigrette - another Keeper
Excellent; will definitely make again

Warm Chicken Salad - also a Keeper
I’ve riffed on this many times, but had never made it closely following the brief - until this week, when I use its method precisely. I used the maple syrup and Dijon Vinaigrette, adding a touch of extra vinegar. See more notes in the recipe’s comments. Excellent!

Cider Sage Gravy - My dearl friend Mr. T summed it up well: “It’s a little weird” (I probably won't make it again.)

And this roasted carrot recipe, which I first tried last fall, and have made many times since (it’s one of my top ten recipes from any source, easily, last year):
I always make double the sauce, and use it on other vegetables and even, on occasion, leftover fish.

(I tried ten new recipes from other sites, as well.)

pamelalee April 30, 2021
So glad to see you’re still part of the food52 community! I always appreciate your detailed feedback on the recipes you try. Would it be ok to ask what a couple of your other favorite food sites are?
minipanda May 1, 2021
Thank you!
AntoniaJames May 3, 2021
pamalee, thank you. I regularly look at Cook's Illustrated online, but only find 5 or 6 recipes a year that I like enough to make again. I subscribe primarily for access to the excellent library of well-tested recipes, but especially for the equipment and ingredient reviews.

I get newsletters, etc., from and occasionally search the New York Times cooking service. I've subscribed to the newspaper (home delivery) since I was in law school a very long time ago. I'd pay for that subscription even if I did not get the paper, however, as there are some excellent contributors there. J. Kenji López-Alt and Ali Slagle come to mind.

I subscribe to Food & Wine magazine but will probably not renew, as the content generally holds little interest. I get daily emails from them, which have linked to quite a few keepers over the past few years.

I look at Serious Eats every day. Of the keepers in my personal files, many come from Serious Eats - more, probably, than from any other site.

I go to The Guardian's site for recipes by Ottolenghi.

Finally, I occasionally stumble on a blog that I go back to again and again. This is one of my favorites: . I found it searching for a recipe for ground beef biryani, cooked in an electric pressure cooker. Ashley's recipe is fantastic. She has numerous other recipes that have earned keeper status. I've also picked up a few helpful tricks from her that have changed my cooking for the better (making onion masala, mincing garlic and ginger in the food processor and freezing in tiny cubes in a covered silicone tray, which I bought via. a link on that site, etc.).

I hope this helps. ;o)
pamelalee May 3, 2021
Thanks so much!