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11 Unexpected Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Who says sheet pans and cleaning sponges have to be basic?

May 25, 2021
Photo by Ty Mecham

Kitchen equipment tends to be pretty neutral. A red stand mixer or deep blue Dutch oven might be exceptions, but everyday essentials like pans, baking sheets, measuring cups, and cutting boards are usually the standard metal, wood, rubber, plastic, or glass.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there are often more colorful (read: fun!) versions of the same hard-working tools. It’s a low stakes way to start incorporating brighter, bolder hues into your daily routine. After all, committing to a neon drain tray is a lot easier than committing to a neon couch.

Here are some of our favorite kitchen gear in all their colorful glory.

1. Anthropologie Cookie Half Sheet Pan ($9.95)

You already know Anthropologie has the cutest cups and plates, but its more industrious cookware is fun, too. Of course, we stan a classic aluminum sheet pan, but once you have one or two of those, you’ll want to add these colorful versions to your collection. The half sheet size is perfect for baking a smaller batch of cookies or toasting nuts, and the splash of color (mustard or mint) makes it nice enough to use as a tray for drinks or crudite—and no one will know the difference.

Photo by Anthropologie

2. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Kitchen Shears ($30)

We love the navy, red, and green versions of these kitchen shears—and luckily they come as a set with all three. Keep them out in your kitchen crock or magnetic knife rack to show them off.

Photo by Food52

3. Material reBoard ($35)

Material’s goods are quickly becoming classics, and none more so than its reBoard cutting boards. Made from recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane, they have the benefit of a plastic board—easy to clean and maintain—while still being sustainable. We’d choose a set of three just to keep cross-contamination at bay, but really, it’s all about the colors.

Photo by Material

4. Bamboozle Nesting Mixing Bowl Set ($74)

Glass or stainless steel nesting bowls are usually relegated to utilitarian tasks like mixing batter or storing leftovers. But these, made from biodegradable and durable bamboo, might just take the cake. You can use them as mixing bowls, of course, but they’re so attractive that they double as serving bowls, too. Try the biggest one for salad and the smallest for olives.

Photo by Food52

5. True & Tidy Roll-Up Stainless Steel Drain Tray ($19.99)

Speaking of dishes, this neon drain tray will add a burst of color to your counter, all while doing the job as well as any plain black or white model. We’re partial to the lime green but it comes in red, too, if that matches your kitchen aesthetic.

Photo by Wayfair

6. Sponge.NYC Kitchen Sponge ($10)

Is it slightly excessive to buy adorable sponges? Yes. Do we care? No. These sparkly powerhouses last a bit longer than your average sponge, make doing the dishes a lot more fun, and let’s be honest, won’t look bad sitting on your counter. In fact, just the opposite. We also think they’d make a cute gift for anyone you know who is always on dish duty.

Photo by Coming Soon

7. Nordic Ware Mint 3-Tiered Bundt Pan Set ($38)

Nordic Ware has a ton of pans in amazing shapes—just look at how many there are! These mint green bundt pans are so pretty that you might want to let guests see your cake inside the pan before putting it on a platter. Long overdue reunions call for dessert and a show, no?

Photo by Food52

8. Flour Shop Rainbow Measuring Cups ($14.95)

These are especially great if you’re baking with kids, but we wouldn’t begrudge any adult buying for themselves either. They’re made by Flour Shop’s Amirah Kassem, who could probably teach us a thing or two about embracing color.

Photo by Williams Sonoma

9. Golden Rabbit Enamel Colander ($32-$64)

You can use this colander to drain pasta, sure, but it’s so striking that it would also look nice sitting on your counter full of berries, fruit, or really, anything you put in there.

Photo by Food52

10. BergHOFF Leo Nylon Grill Tongs ($22.99)

Grilling is here and there’s no better way to do it in style than with these cool mint green tongs. It’s also smart to have a separate set of tools for all your outdoor needs since cooking with fire tends to rough them up. This practical and pretty set of four is on sale and will certainly last you the whole season.

Photo by Verishop

11. Bodum Caffettiera French Press ($22.50-$25)

This absolutely adorable French press is bursting with primary colors and will give your coffee station such a fun upgrade.

Photo by MoMA

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Emma Wartzman

Written by: Emma Wartzman