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Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in May

June  1, 2021

What recipes are you looking forward to right now? For me, it’s these Curry Potato Buns (I mean, just look at them) from WoonHeng Chia and this Toast Frittata (toast! frittata!) from Rebecca Firkser. But maybe you’re looking forward to takeout more than anything else. I get it. Cooking fatigue is a thing, and honestly, I’ve never felt it more than I have these past few months. Luckily though? We have an armload of new recipes that are just about impossible not to crave. Here are our most popular ones from the past month.

10. Mom’s Portuguese Rice

This highly craveable recipe from Dan Pelosi is “a perfect one-pot situation,” he writes, “and very much a ‘mom’ recipe, which is probably why we ate it so often.”

9. Currants & Cream

While this minimalist recipe from Thalia Ho’s new book, Wild Sweetness, was developed with black currants in mind, blackberries or raspberries can happily step in.

8. Fried Feta With Pistachios & Hot Honey

Salty, briny feta gets crusted with ground pistachios, oregano, thyme, and garlic powder. Serve with toast, crackers, whatever you want.

7. Mushroom Tamale Pie With Lime Cornbread Crust

“This mushroom tamale pie is in our regular rotation,” writes recipe developer Jarrett Melendez. “It’s rich and flavorful without being terribly heavy, sure to please meat eaters and vegetarians alike.”

6. Baked Feta With Honeyed Strawberries

Baked feta—but without the tomatoes and pasta. Instead, ripe strawberries slouch into gooey jam in the oven. Pair with a crusty baguette and call it dinner.

5. Asparagus Latkes

No potatoes in sight. Juicy asparagus adopts the role traditionally played by starchy russets. With onion, egg, and rye flour, the result is equal parts festive and springy.

4. My Big Fat Halloumi Salad

Sohla El-Waylly is over small salads. And so this one isn’t small, or even medium. It’s big—like, capital-B Big. With absolutely everything I want in a warm-weather dinner.

3. Key Lime Meringue Pie From Petra Paredez

The thing most key lime pies are missing or, at the very least, slacking on? Salt. More than you’d think, in a foolproof meringue that will make you feel like you’re near an ocean.

2. No-Churn Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Butter pecan ice cream, without the ice cream machine. The trick is to use butter two ways and pecans two ways for—you guessed it—double the buttery, pecany goodness.

1. Green Pasta Primavera

A modern take on the retro favorite from Carolina Gelen. We’re talking broccoli, leek, scallion, green beans, green garlic, and a whole bunch of parsley. Oh, and some pasta, too.

Honorable Mention

The Absolute Best Way to Cook a Hot Dog

In our most-read piece of the month, columnist Ella Quittner dives headfirst into the world of hot dogs. BYO yellow mustard.

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