Citrusy Chicken Breasts & Crispy Potatoes Worth Firing Up the Grill For

Meet your new summer dinner go-to.

August 17, 2021

We’ve partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—a portfolio of unique, artistically inspired wines—to share a summer-ready grilled chicken recipe from Adrianna Guevara Adarme (aka A Cozy Kitchen) that doubles as a delicious next-day chicken salad tartine.

If you ask me, there’s no better way to revel in the warm weather than by firing up the grill. One of my favorite grilled recipes to make during the summer months: juicy, citrusy grilled chicken breasts served with a side of golden-crisp grilled potatoes, plus a glass of wine (my go-to is Imagery Wine Collection).

Inspired by mojo, a Cuban marinade and sauce, this chicken gets its brightness and zing from orange and lime (the juices and zests), dried oregano, and ample garlic—we’re talking 10 cloves.

By tossing the chicken breasts in this mix for an overnight marinade, you’re giving them time to soak up all those punchy flavors, as well as letting the meat tenderize. This way, you can have the best of both worlds: cooking the chicken breasts at high heat for a smoky char and beautiful grill marks, while keeping them from getting dry or tough.

Once the grilled chicken breasts are cooked through, I like to let them rest for a few minutes before carefully slicing them on the cutting board; then, I’ll arrange the slices on a plate or pretty platter, leaving plenty of room for the potatoes and creating a bit of visual contrast. Though maybe not the most obvious pairing, I usually opt to serve this with a smooth red. Imagery Wine Collection's Pinot Noir brings layered notes of jammy summer fruit, while the Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit bolder, with rich aromas of dark fruit, clove, and pepper—both are great options, depending on what you’re feeling.

Chicken loves potatoes, and my simply grilled version makes an excellent sidekick to this dish. Wedges or slices are the ideal shape for grilling because they allow for crispy edges on the outside with fluffy potato on the inside. Right before they meet the heat, toss these potatoes in a smidge of avocado oil with a pinch of salt. This fat helps lock in the moisture of the potato as it cooks and prevents it from sticking to the grill. After a few minutes over medium heat, sprinkle ’em with a mixture of garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika—this trio makes a great spice blend that brings a pop of flavor and color to the plate.

Contrary to popular belief, leftovers can be really fun and don’t require a ton of effort to feel like a fresh, new meal. My favorite way to repurpose any leftover grilled chicken? Make a beautiful chicken salad tartine, aka an open-faced sandwich. All you have to do is slice or shred the leftover chicken (it makes a fantastic foundation), toss it with lime juice, Dijon, and mayo, and layer on the fixings. Ready in 15 minutes flat, you can whip up this dish in between meetings during the weekday or enjoy it as a laid-back weekend meal with a light, crisp white wine—Imagery Wine Collection’s Chardonnay is what I usually pour, since it’s bright apple and citrus notes complement the tangy, creamy dressing.


Any bread you have at home will do, but I personally prefer a thick slice of sourdough that’s lightly toasted. It’s the perfect balance between a soft pillowy texture and sturdy foundation, so you’re not losing parts of your tartine every time you take a big bite. It also gives you free rein to add on plenty of textural toppings and garnishes to really make the dish shine: celery leaves and apples for tart, earthy crunch; pea sprouts, microgreens, and thinly sliced radishes for vibrancy and color.

What’s your favorite way to repurpose leftover chicken breasts? Share your most delicious ideas in the comments!

We've partnered with Imagery Wine Collection—makers of creative, flavorful wines perfect for pairing—to share delicious wine and food combos ready for the season. From this summer-ready grilled chicken dish (that makes for top-notch leftovers) to a lemony one-pan salmon, dishes taste even better with Imagery Wine Collection wines. Order their jammy Pinot Noir, smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, crisp Chardonnay, and citrus-forward Sauvignon Blanc for all your wine and food pairings this season. Delivery’s a cinch—just pick out your favorite Imagery Wine Collection wines here and have ’em sent straight to your door.

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