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Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in June

From pad see ew to burrata panzanella.

July  1, 2021
Photo by James Ransom. Prop Stylist: Andrea Foti. Food Stylist: Anna Billingskog.

In the past month, spring turned into summer, and it reached 115°F in Portland, Oregon. But how? And why? We also launched Drinks52! Which means you can pour a refreshing Tepache or Salty Dog to accompany any of June’s most popular new recipes. Stay cool.

10. Turmeric Fish Balls With Peanut Sauce & So Many Herbs

The secret to these fish balls from Sohla El-Waylly? A panade, “aka a mixture of starch and liquid that gets kneaded into minced meat.” Read all about it here.

9. Extra-Cheesy Breakfast Tacos

Come for the gooey, crispy, cheesy tortilla. Stay for the coriander-chive dressing, which would love to live in your back pocket, to be whipped out for any sandwich or salad down the road.

8. Gochujang-Glazed Tofu

Inspired by Korean fried chicken, this air-fried tofu is lacquered in a kicky gochujang glaze, then served with crunchy pickles. (Just in case: There’s a non–air fryer method shared, too.)

7. Cacio e Pepe Panzanella With Corn & Burrata

This bread salad is full of everything I love about summer: tomatoes, corn, basil, and positive vibes. Plus, an enormous orb of burrata for good measure.

6. Magical Whole-Grain Pancakes From Josey Baker

Whole-grain pancakes that are not gritty or stodgy or disappointing, thanks to a Genius workaround: mixing flour with milk, then sticking it in the fridge right before you pop to bed.

5. Tacu Tacu (Afro-Peruvian Fried Rice & Lentil Cake)

“In Peru, Afro-descended women fried leftover rice and canary beans with lard to make tacu tacu, a dish whose name comes from the Quechua word taku, which means ‘mixed,’” writes recipe developer Nico Vera.

4. Shiitake Salmon With Crispy Skin From Marc Matsumoto

Yes, this shiitake trick is downright dreamy with salmon. But it’s just as useful for other fish (like cod), or meat (like chicken), or vegetables (like zucchini).

3. Lemoniest Lemon Scones

Chuck a lemon in a blender and you’re well on your way to the lemoniest scones in all the land. That means lots of bracing sourness, perfect to go with a honey-smooched cup of tea.

2. Pad See Ew With Tofu

Chewy rice noodles, plush tofu, and a savory-sweet sauce—be still, my beating heart! Serve with pickled chiles for spooning on top if you know what’s good for you.

1. Speedy Shrimp With Horseradish Butter

Speedy as in—the whole thing comes together in less than 15 minutes. Team up with a warm baguette, some boiled potatoes, a mountain of couscous, what have you.

Which would you cook first? And what have you loved lately that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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judy July 26, 2021
Well, I went right for th Lemon scones. I love any dessert that is lemon-based, so had to give those a try. I think the next will be the shrimp. And the breakfast tacos.....
Girlfromipanema July 12, 2021
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