The Food52 Cookbook is Here!

October 27, 2011

Food52 Cookbook

The Food52 Cookbook is out today -- yay for us all!

2 1/2 years ago, Amanda & Merrill got the big idea to make the first ever crowd-sourced cookbook (and along the way ended up with a buzzing community on their hands). Today, a year's worth of your delicious recipes officially hits the shelves!

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Thank you all for helping build this amazing book -- by entering your recipes, voting, and commenting during those first 52 weeks -- you'll see your contributions scattered through the pages.  140 recipes from 100+ cooks, loaded with tips and insights from the community -- it all makes for a pretty fabulous cookbook, if we do say so ourselves.

Order the book! (for you, your friends, family, neighbors, babysitters, professors, piano teachers...) Get an exclusive signed copy in our Shop!

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    remmy vee
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  • Oui, Chef
    Oui, Chef
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Food52 (we cook 52 weeks a year, get it?) is a food and home brand, here to help you eat thoughtfully and live joyfully.


remmy V. January 19, 2013
i so much love all the food 52 and all the fruits book, they are so nice. can you please help me with where i can also get the names of all the type of fruits you have in your country. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
remmy V. January 19, 2013
hello, my name is vicky, i want you to please send me the names of the fruits in this book. how can i get all the fruits book and the name. Thanks
Lizthechef November 1, 2011
Our mail arrived 4 hours late this afternoon - but there it was! I hadn't expected to be so incredibly proud and excited!! I love everything about it, including being the 52nd recipe ;)
TheWimpyVegetarian November 1, 2011
Mine just showed up today in the mail!!! So stoked!! My husband was so cute - he couldn't wait to open up the package!
Oui, C. October 31, 2011
Got mine over the weekend, just in time for our Boston book launch party, and a lovely lass she is. I'm so proud to be a part of such a terrific project, kudos to all who had a hand in design, layout, photography, etc., but especially to A&M. Very nicely done, ladies.
DianeKirkland October 30, 2011
I love my book -- beautiful job everyone! My favorite part is seeing so many of the recipes I want to try safely stored between covers and not online where I could forget them or lose them.
susan G. October 29, 2011
It's hard to add praise to all that has been said, except to say, it's all true! My copy was sitting on top of my mailbox (today the box was delivered in a plastic supermarket bag; how appropriate!) under inches of wet snow. Of course it was perfect, beautiful -- as expected; but what I did not expect was that it is heavy, hefty, yet perfectly balanced for practical use in the kitchen. Sure beats hauling the PC around... A party attendee got her copy 2 days ago and loves it -- she's new for FOOD52 -- good work!
drbabs October 28, 2011
Hi everyone. I received books yesterday, and I don't know why, but I get choked up every time I look through that book. It is so beautiful and such a huge accomplishment! A tangible record of the work we all do and our wonderful community. Congratulations!
Summer O. October 27, 2011
The books showed up today, just lovely. Congratulations to everyone! Excited for the party on Sunday!
Jennifer A. October 27, 2011
The book is lovely! It is not nice to have these recipes so close at hand.
Jennifer A. October 27, 2011
Yikes! Typing error! It is SO nice to have the recipes at hand.
Jennifer A. October 27, 2011
Yikes! Typing error! It is SO nice to have the recipes at hand.
Panfusine October 27, 2011
House all cleaned up, Just got my shipment of books.. Getting ready to start my share of the cooking (Cream cheese cookies & ancho chile flavored chocolate bark with Pistachio for my goody bag) Cant Wait for Saturday!
Rhonda35 October 27, 2011
Box of swag and books just arrived and the book is FANTASTIC!! Great job, Amanda and Merrill - delicious recipes, gorgeous photos and nice layout. Congrats! I opened the box about 10 minutes ago and am already starting to make the Tuscan Chicken Liver Pate for a party tomorrow. Mmmm!
ChefJune October 27, 2011
Well, I procrastinated and just now ordered mine. should be here when I get home after my weekend in Boston. Figured I ought to have one on display at my party on November 6th.
fiveandspice October 27, 2011
ChefJune! When are you in Boston? If you are here on the 30th, you should come to our party! Then you'd get to have two parties in a row! :)
Meatballs&Milkshakes October 26, 2011
When does book 2 come out?!
MrsWheelbarrow October 26, 2011
I've read it through. Front to back. It's so beautiful! Congratulations to all of us!
BlueKaleRoad October 26, 2011
Congratulations to the Food52 community!
1172 C. October 26, 2011
Just received my book! I'll be reading it in bed tonight!
Congratulations to Amanda and Merrill and to the Cooks!
pierino October 26, 2011
And this arrived in my e-mail box today.!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=1405909299!fid=1&fav=1&n=1269278105&mid=69ce7ef7-ffc9-11e0-80fc-00237de4a768&fv=1
Scroll down to Book Brahmins for the Q&A with Amanda and Merrill.
francesk October 26, 2011
My copy is in the mail and hopefully winging its way to me right now and I can't wait. Thank you all for the inspiration and for teaching me how to cook and bake.
Cara E. October 26, 2011
Congrats! TO all of us!