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UPDATE: Celebrate Yourselves!

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The Food52 Cookbook


We are thrilled and impressed by the wide array of plans and ideas you have for parties! One thing we'd like to keep in mind is that we want to celebrate all the hard work that everyone has done on this book -- we see these parties as our chance to use grassroots party planning to send off the book in the best possible way, so that it will sell lots of copies and bring all of your amazing recipes into the kitchens of people who haven't yet learned about Food52. We also appreciate those who have spread the love on their own blogs and websites.

A couple of notes:

The books we're providing are a thank you gift from us to the host. For the rest of your guests, please ask them to remember to register your pre-sales on the Harper Collins website. This puts you in the running for snazzy Food52 totes! And we'll send signed book plates for all pre-sold books!

And please understand that we can't provide wine, books, and OXO tools to very small parties, or to parties that don't specifically have a Food52 Cookbook theme. Hope you'll understand -- we don't want to overstep our bounds with any of our generous sponsors.

We hope you have a fun time and we are looking forward to posting the photos you send us -- hint, hint!

Our hope is that The Food52 Cookbook will be wildly successful and fly off the shelves, so we can continue to do cool projects like this at Food52!

-- A&M


UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Click here to see and join the Food52 Book Parties in the works (more added)!

As you've spent a year (no, two!) cooking up a storm and telling us about it, the promised cookbook's been under way. At last, we are thrilled to announce its release. On October 25th, the beauty (above -- featuring these delicious Zucchini Pancakes) hits stores -- a fun and food-filled 52 weeks of recipes created by you; curated, tested, and published by you and us, and now put in print by A&M and the Food52 community.

And now, we have one final request: stop, drop and throw a party! We're celebrating the launch and you should too. It's simple! Here is a roadmap that will get you on your way to hosting your very own Food52 Cookbook Potluck Party:

1. Brainstorm a list of your favorite food enthusiasts to help you relish in the spirit of Food52. 

2. Have 'em over, ON OR AFTER OCTOBER 25, 2011! Invite your friends using one of our three readymade e-cards (below!) -- now, that's an invite worth RSVP-ing to!

If you want to open up your guest list to other Food52 members on the site, leave a comment below. Let people know where you are, and give your party a name -- like "Julie's Omaha Party" -- so people can register the correct party name for their pre-order (more on this later), and then ask people who want to come to message you through the site.

E-Card for Voters


E-Card for Contest Winners

Ad #3

Quick but crucial note: If you're a Mac user, drag the image to your desktop; if you use a PC, right click it to save the image to your desktop.

Or, click here to download a book tile ad to post on your website or blog!

3. And -- in true Food52 fashion -- there's a prize!

Win a handsome, sturdy Food52 tote (sporting our new logo!) for you and each of your guests, when everyone registers their pre-orders of the cookbook. Totes go to the party with the highest average number of pre-ordered books per attendee. We'll announce the winners on November 20, 2011 and the bags'll ship out soon thereafter! Holiday gift, anyone?

And so: Pre-order the book on Amazon by October 25th!

Don't forget: Register your pre-orders here.

4. But of course -- there's swag! If you host an official Food52 Cookbook Potluck Party between October 25th and December 31, 2011, you'll get:

    • •  5 copies of The Food52 Cookbook
    • •  Signed bookplates for all pre-orders (but just because we're not there doesn't mean you can't sign each other's copies!)
    • • 4 bottles of wine and a boozy surprise for your guests from Lot18, online wine mecca for the first 30 host registrants (however, wine delivery is not possible in the following states: AR, DE, KY, ME, MO, MS, OK, PA, SD and UT. Apologies!) 
    • •  OXO’s niftiest new gadget for you and your guests


  • 5. Send us a postcard!
  • No really, we wish we were there. Please email us at [email protected] an album of festive party photos to be featured on Food52. And of course, there's a prize for the “Most Impressive Potluck Array". Go to town!



Phew, that was a lot to handle. Got questions? Send us a note at [email protected]

    • So, hats off and glasses raised to all of us: together we created a new breed of community cookbook. Time to celebrate!


    • Food52 Cookbook Tile Ads: If you're a Mac user, drag the image to your desktop; if you use a PC, right click it to save the image to your desktop.


  • Horizontal Tile Ad for WinnersHorizontal Tile Ad for Voters
  • Cookbook tile ad 3
  • Vertical Tile Ad for Winners                 Vertical Tile Ad for Voters               Cookbook Ad


***** UPDATE! *****

Food52 Book Party locations and hosts -- join up!



  • Austin, TX
  • Nannydeb's CenTex Food52 Party -- Contact nannydeb for more info.


  • Billings, MT
  • Billings Food52 Book Party -- Contact CaroLocal for more info.


      • Brooklyn, NY
      • Slow Food USA's Real Food 5 Challenge & Food52 Book Party -- Contact CaroLocal for more info. Please register here so we can holler with any last updates.
      • Boston, MA
      • Boston Food52 Book Party -- Contact fiveandspice for more info.
      • Central Coast, CA
        Central Coast California Food52 Book Party -- Contact pierino for more info.
      • Chapel Hill, NC
      • Chapel Hill Loves Food52! Party -- Contact Hotplate Gourmet for more info.


      • Chicago, IL
      • Chicago Food52 Book Party -- Contact MaSaBeMama for more info.
      • Colorado Springs/Denver, CO
      • Colorado Springs/Denver Food52 Book Party -- Contact Niknud for more info.
      • Eastern Shore, MD
      • Eastern Shore Food52 Book Party -- Contact Rhonda35 for more info.
      • Evansville, IN
      • Evansville Food52 Book Party -- Contact LLStone for more info.
      • Fairfield County, CT
      • "lechef's Loft Party" -- Contact lechef for more info.
      • Jersey City, NJ
      • "Other Side of the Hudson Book Party" -- Contact ChefJune for more info.
      • New Orleans, LA
      • New Orleans Food52 Book Party -- Contact bethannem for more info.
      • New York City, NY
      • Suzanne's Metro Party -- Contact sdebrango for more info. 
      • Newbury, NH
      • Newbury Food52 Book Party -- Contact mdm for more info.
      • Nigeria, Africa
      • Food52 Cooks with Naija Party -- Contact Kitchen Butterfly for more info.
      • Portland, OR
      • Portland Food52 Book Party -- Contact hardlikearmour for more info.
      • San Francisco, CA
      • San Francisco Food52 Book Party -- Contact bvrlybest for more info.
      • Seattle, WA
      • Seattle Food52 Book Party -- Contact EvaR for more info.
      • Southern New Jersey, NJ
      • Southern New Jersey Food52 Book Party -- Contact Panfusine for more info.
      • Southwest New Hampshire, NH (Western Mass, VT, NH, Upstate NY)
      • SW New Hampshire Food52 Book Party -- Contact susan g for more info
      • Tuscon, AZ
      • Tuscon Food52 Book Party -- Contact enbe for more info.






















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