10 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for a Most-Inviting Porch

Corn stalks, pumpkins, and mums galore.

September 24, 2021
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Now that we’ve said our farewells to summer, the best season (this is not open for debate) is finally here, and we’re officially looking forward to Thanksgiving. The food- and family-centric holiday might be just under two months away but, trust us, it will sneak up on you if you let it.

While our dinner menus are coming together slowly in the back of our minds—turkey (of course), all the vegetables, apple pie—we’re focused right now on what the outside of our homes will look like. We’re seeing Thanksgiving porch decorations full of bright orange and pristinely white pumpkins, leafy wreaths, and warmly lit, vintage lanterns put out to make friends and family feel welcome before they even walk through the door.

We could wax poetic about the beautiful neutrals, yellows, reds and oranges that are synonymous with this crisp and cozy time of year for quite a long time, if you let us (can’t you tell?). But instead, let these gorgeous images, of the best 10 Thanksgiving porch decorations that we could find across the internet, be your inspiration.

1. A Metal Cornucopia

If you’ve left your decor for the last moment and are pressed for time, fear not. A quick and easy way to add a lovely touch of fall to your porch is to grab a large metal bucket or trough and fill it with some inexpensive hay that can be found at any gardening center. Then line it with colorful gourds, pumpkins and dried heirloom corn, if you can find it.

2. A Corny Entryway

Fall is all about the harvest of the season, so why not make that the focal point of your entryway? We love the recycled use of corn stalks that have already been reaped. A bit of twine is all it takes to keep these bundles together and the effect is dramatic, in a natural way.

3. Make It Moody

Pulling design ideas from how the outside of your home is already styled is a quick way to draw inspiration. In this case, the black front door and wall sconces are mimicked by a black patterned doormat, lanterns and rocking chairs that are offset by pure white pumpkins for a moody and sophisticated look.

4. Add Lighting

Ok, we’ll admit, there’s one drawback to this particular time of year—the fact that it gets so dark so early. Don’t let all your hard work go unseen in the early evening darkness. Instead, drape fairy or string lights around your leaf garlands and pumpkins to put a warm spotlight on all of your decorations.

5. Go All Out

Nothing says “I love fall” like—tastefully—going all out on your porch decor. Here, there are pops of purple and yellow mums on the porch and hanging from above, bundles of dried multi-colored corn frames the front windows, orange pumpkins of all shapes and sizes spill out everywhere and cozy throw blankets thrown over rockers beg you to take a swing.

6. Natural In Neutrals

A more toned-down love of fall is showcased here in greenery, white and neutral colors. It’s cool without being cold, and definitely not lacking in fullness while resisting the urge to be too over-the-top or in-your-face. The perfect mirror image of the design on either side of the steps also makes it feel expensive but these materials (mini pumpkins, potted mums, corn stalks and hay bales) are anything but.

7. Play With Pastels

Whoever said pumpkins can only be orange was wrong and these pastel-hued are all the proof we need. Adding even just a few of them in varying tones and sizes brings a ton of interest in an unexpected way to an otherwise bare stoop or porch.

8. Mum’s Enough

Sometimes decorating for a holiday really is as simple as bringing in the season’s most iconic flower. For fall, that’s a mum. Lucky for us in our mission to jazz up our porches for Thanksgiving, mum’s come in several different colors and sizes and are affordable to boot. Pick up several to bundle together or to have spill out all over your porch like we see here to bring warmth and freshness to your space.

9. Add a Wreath

For just a pop of festive cheer, adding a wreath with seasonal colors, flowers or produce is quick and easy. This one is adorned with pumpkins and pinecones for contrasting textures and a velvet ribbon for warmth. Pops of green break up the heavily fall features, too.

10. Leaves Galore

Since Thanksgiving is the highlight of fall and the season is synonymous with the turning of the leaves, especially if you’re in the northern half of the country, it makes sense to lean in on this theme. Here, a garland of red, orange and yellow leaves highlights the frame of the front door while pumpkins, hay and loosely scattered leaves are bundled around it on the porch for a laid back autumnal vibe that can’t be beat.

Which of these porch decor ideas would you try on your own front door? Tell us in the comments below!

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