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15 Modern Decor Ideas to Welcome Fall Into Your Home

Cozy colors, clean lines, and all the harvest vibes.

September  1, 2021
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Even if you’re not ready to let go of summer, fall is right around the corner. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to decorate for the season while sipping on a good, old-fashioned pumpkin spice latte and busting out my favorite cozy sweaters.

However, if you’ve been on the hunt for sophisticated autumnal decor but are coming up short, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite modern fall home decor setups that are super simple to replicate in your own space. Best of all: there are absolutely no cursive “gather” signs or plastic pumpkins here—we promise.

1. Posh Pumpkins

Not feeling this fall decor staple in its traditional orange form? Opt for neutral options that still convey the festivity of the season. As a bonus, such pieces will complement any tablescape or decor scheme on a whim due to their subdued hue, no major restyling required.

2. Miniature Magic

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to making a seasonal statement. Mini finds like sweet gourds or cinnamon broom clippings (thanks, Trader Joe's!) make for charming centerpieces and would also look darling displayed on a coffee table. Small gourds will easily last all season long without rotting, too.

3. Leaves on the Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for winter, trust us! Pick one that features a leafy design and hang it in your window—it will go a long way in making your space feel more festive and can easily be secured directly to the window handle or with a chic ribbon. Plus, when you hang a wreath indoors, you (not your across the hall neighbors!) get to admire its gorgeousness every day. Then, top off your setup with dried flowers in a corresponding hue.

4. Mantel Makeover

No need to go overboard—a garland of leaves or a few white gourds will make your fireplace look perfectly autumnal. Adding cozy throw pillows and knit blankets to the surrounding space will also make your living room feel cozy and cabin-like. Bring on the scary movie nights!

5. Feeling Fierce

Jazz up those jack-o’-lanterns with a pop of paint. Outfitting pumpkins with your favorite patterns will take everyday decor to the next level. Plus, when you don’t carve your pumpkins, they last much longer, so you’ll be able to enjoy your creations for weeks on end.

6. Cozy Corner

Candles and dried flowers on the nightstand are an autumn dream come true. Set yourself up for chilly evenings tucked beneath the covers with a spooky page turner by making your bedroom setup as cozy as possible.

7. All Natural

We certainly love fresh flowers, but come fall, it’s fine to switch things up. Go outside and find a few leafy branches that speak to you, then place them in a vase for a simple, soothing setup. There’s no need to spend a cent when you can browse your own backyard.

8. Here for the “Boos”

Give your bar cart some autumnal love by adding some cute touches—again, there’s no need to dip into the orange and yellow color scheme if that doesn’t speak to you. Seasonal candles and some tasteful pumpkins will work their magic without being too in your face. Cheers to that!

9. Just A Bit Batty

File this setup away for early October! Paper bats don’t cost much but will make your space look nice and spooky without evoking cheesy haunted house vibes. Stick ‘em to your walls, windows, mirrors...even just displaying a handful of these little guys will instantly get you in the Halloween spirit.

10. Outside the Box

If you’re living in an apartment unit with no formal front stoop but do have a balcony, take your pumpkins and gourds outside and create a seasonal display there. If you can work in some throw pillows in fall hues, even better.

11. Leaf Art Entryway

As the leaves start to fall, you can start a collection to press and frame. If you've got a gallery wall already, this is the perfect opportunity to swap out existing art with something a touch more autumnal.

12. Make a Statement

Use the change of seasons to add some pizzazz to more neutral everyday decor in the form of dried flowers or branches. Not one for a major revamp? There’s no need to change any of your other regular accent pieces; the plants you pick will do the talking!

13. Hang Your Hat

Pop a witch’s hat on one of the hooks in your entryway or hang a few from the porch for some good, old-fashioned fall fun that will amuse kids and adults alike. Adding a few other Halloween-themed touches doesn’t hurt—orange twinkly lights, anyone?

14. It’s... Lit

Candles and fall go hand in hand, of course, but take your display to the next level by skipping cheesy plastic tins and hunting for vintage brass candlesticks instead. Group your finds on a console table, mantel top, or dresser, and you’ve got the ingredients for a perfect crisp night in.

15. Back to the Basics

Can’t make it to the pumpkin patch? Funky gourds from the regular grocery store can double as seasonal decor. Scatter them throughout your home and then head outside and collect some colorful leaves that you can place atop a tray or turn into a centerpiece.

Which of these ideas would you try in your home this fall? Tell us below!

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