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Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in September

From an out-of-this-world cake to the dreamiest vegetable dumplings.

October  1, 2021
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September has come and gone, which means it’s fall now, but how? I’m not sure. I’m into it though. And I suspect you feel the same way, because our 10 most popular new recipes from September were heeeavy on cozy—from chewy dumplings to matzo ball soup to your new favorite cookies to drink with an oversize cup of tea. Shall we?

10. Jian Dui

“Just yummy!” writes Food52 community member Nerdy. “Brought them to a neighborhood goodbye party and got many compliments.” Who doesn’t like compliments?

9. Perfect Vegetable Dumplings

Yet another winner recipe from WoonHeng Chia. These plump dumplings are filled with all the good stuff, like tofu, edamame, and cabbage.

8. Space Cake

From edibles expert Vanessa Lavorato, this graham cracker cake starts with a cannabis-infused oil, then gets treated to marshmallow frosting and chocolate ganache.

7. Brown Butter Apple Pie Cookies

What it would feel like holding an apple pie if you were a giant. I mean, could these get any cuter if they tried? No. The answer is no.

6. Caramelized Banana Pudding Pie From Millie Peartree

Serve this creamy, custardy, slouchy banana pie from Millie Peartree to anyone you want to love you forever and ever and ever.

5. 3-Ingredient Veggie Burgers

These minimalist veggie burgers, inspired by falafel, started with overnight-soaked chickpeas. Then just add two other pantry staples.

4. Matzo Ball Ramen

Taking a cue from Shalom Japan in Brooklyn, this recipe is peak (peak!) comfort food.

3. Mike’s Famous Fried Eggs

Lifelong Genius recipe hunter Kristen Miglore didn’t have to go far to find these Genius eggs. They were hiding in plain sight in her own home, courtesy of her husband.

2. Mom-Mom’s Potato Chip Cookies

Don’t miss the story behind these salty-sweet cookies. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and read our latest My Family Recipe column.

1. Mozzarella Schnitzel

Crunchy and gooey, like a mozzarella stick if someone sat on it by accident. Serve with a bright, lemony salad.

Which would you cook first? And what have you loved lately that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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