How to Store Pumpkin Seeds, Raw or Roasted

They're the ultimate fall snack!

October 22, 2021
Photo by Phyllis Grant

This weekend is prime for pumpkin picking and carving. With Halloween just days away, it’s time to grab a knife and carve a jack-o-lantern. But what are you supposed to do with all the leftover seeds from inside the pumpkin? The easy option would be to discard or compost them, but don’t! They make a delicious snack raw or roasted that you can enjoy for weeks to come.

How to Store Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

Once you’ve completely gutted the pumpkin prior to carving it, (“awww, you didn’t tell me you were gonna kill it!”), place the seeds and pulp in a large bowl and fill it completely with water. Using your hands or a fork, stir the pumpkin inners around, allowing the seeds to float to the top of the water. Once most of the seeds have separated from the pulp and floated to the top, use a slotted spoon or spider to remove the seeds from the water and place them in a separate colander. Rinse any remaining pulp from the seeds in the colander with running water. From here, it’s time to dry them! Spread the seeds in a single layer out on a dish towel or a few sheets of paper towel and pat them dry to get rid of any excess moisture.

Storing Pumpkin Seeds

To store raw, pumpkin seeds, you first need to dry them in the oven or a dehydrator. To do so, transfer the cleaned seeds to a sheet tray and bake them in a 250℉ for one hour until they’re crispy. Let them cool completely. Then, transfer the dry pumpkin seeds to an airtight container or storage bag. For an airtight, eco-friendly alternative to plastic Ziploc bags, use Stasher bags, which are made from reusable silicone. For a stackable storage solution, our team loves the Mepal Airtight Storage Containers from the Food52 shop, which are not only practical but also look incredibly chic in your pantry. And then there is the always-fan-favorite, the OXO Pop Containers; the 1.1 quart is the perfect size for holding a couple of cups of dry seeds.

How to Store Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasting pumpkin seeds is a little different than drying pumpkin seeds in the oven. Roasting pumpkin seeds requires a higher temperature in order to not just dry them out, but to get them super crispy and crunchy too. Roasted pumpkin seeds may be seasoned simply with salt, or with tons of flavor from a combination of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract, paprika, garlic powder, maple syrup, or black pepper (though certainly not all of them together. That might be a bit much). Once they’re roasted and seasoned, store them in one of the aforementioned airtight storage containers or bags.

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