31 Best Holiday Candles for a Holly, Jolly Home

It's time for mistletoe and holly.

November 10, 2021
Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! One of the best things about the holidays is the arrival of new décor, seasonal beverages, and yes, candles. And admittedly, holiday-scented candles are the cheeriest, best-smelling offerings of the whole year. Infuse your home with the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree with balsam and pine-scented candles. Or make every room smell like candy canes with peppermint-scented candles in festive red and white glass jars to boot.

From minimalist packaging to all-out holiday cheer from brands like Bath & Body Works and Nest, these holiday candles are ready to be burned on a cold December night—or earlier (you do you). Homesick, which is known for their city- and state-inspired candle collection, also has a myriad of holiday-themed candles including one celebrating the Festival of Lights that will remind you of your favorite Hanukkah treats like savory latkes, applesauce, and sweet jelly doughnuts.

In the spirit of giving, we’re sharing 31 of the best holiday candles you can buy right now for your loved ones. On second thought, you might want to add a few extra to your shopping cart too because once you smell them, you won’t want to wrap them up.

Best Holiday Candles 2021

Photo by Courtesy of Hotel Lobby

1. Hotel Lobby Holiday Candle, $59

After a year (and many, many months) of not traveling or staying in fancy hotels, editor-turned-influencer Lindsay Silberman is bringing the luxury resort experience home with her collection of cozy candles. The signature holiday scent has notes of evergreen, fresh pine, balsam fir, and blue spruce.

Photo by Courtesy of Nest

2. Nest Birchwood Pine Candle, $44

At first, I looked past this particular scent from Nest, as I always opt for its signature holiday version instead. But dare I say, it’s even better than the citrus and spiced candle I love! If you dream of your home smelling like a mystical winter forest, then this one will have you dancing merrily in the new old-fashioned way.

Photo by Courtesy of Thymes

3. Thymes Frasier Fir Candle, $30

From the minute you hold the box in your hands, you’ll be overwhelmed (in a good way) by how much this top-rated candle smells like a frasier fir tree. It’s just perfect.

Photo by Courtesy of Homesick

4. Homesick Holiday Stroll, $34

Window shopping, drinking hot cocoa, and running into neighbors and classmates are all hallmarks of a small town holiday stroll. Even if you’ve moved away from your hometown, this warm and cozy candle will bring you right downtown with notes of red currants, ivy, and winter rose.

Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

5. Voluspa Crushed Candy Candle, $36

This candle is pure fun—I mean, just look at it! The packaging makes it look like a giant candy cane, and it really does smell like one, too.

Photo by Courtesy of Diptyque

6. Diptyque Biscuit Scented Candle, $42

If you want your home to smell like freshly baked cookies (and who doesn’t), burn this limited edition candle from Diptyque that has notes of biscuit, cinnamon, and patchouli. It’s made in France, so you know it’s going to be fancy with a capital F.

Photo by Courtesy of Otherland

7. Otherland Silk Pajamas, $36

The two things I want under the Christmas tree this year are silk pajamas and a candle that smells like ginger, bergamot zest, and spiced yuzu (clearly, I’m very low maintenance). Fortunately, this candle from Otherland offers both gifts in one glitzy glass jar.

Photo by Courtesy of Nest

8. Nest Holiday Candle, $44

The quintessential holiday candle is like Grandma’s freshly baked cookies—even if you have it year after year, it’s dependable, immediately gets you in the holiday spirit, and is always, always special.

Photo by Courtesy of Thymes

9. Thymes Gingerbread Medium Candle, $32

Growing up, my mom, sister, and I would make jumbo-sized gingerbread cookies (they were easily 16 inches by 12 inches and brimming with Christmas cheer). This sugar-coated candle has hints of cinnamon and clove, and immediately brings me back to that baking marathon.

Photo by Courtesy of Dehv

10. Dehv Soirée Candle, $39

The holiday season isn’t just about presents, string lights, and listening to Mariah Carey on repeat. It’s also about festive gatherings overflowing with sparkling cocktails, blinis with caviar, and a black floor-length gown. While I dream about that totally unrealistic fantasy, I’ll also be burning this party-ready candle that smells like fig, champagne, and blackberry. Bonus: it’s eco-friendly! The candle is made with non-GMO soy wax and the packaging is biodegradable.

11. Bath & Body Works Sugared Snickerdoodle, $25.50

It’s hard to find a holiday candle inspired by Grandma’s cookies that aren’t just cloyingly sweet vanilla. But leave it to the leader of home fragrances, to create one that balances vanilla sugar and warm spices.

Photo by Courtesy of Homesick

12. Homesick The Nutcracker, $34

Homesick understood the assignment with this candle that takes a page out of the iconic holiday ballet. The smell of spicy cloves, sandalwood, and vanilla will elicit visions of dancing sugar plums.

Photo by Courtesy of Diptyque

13. Diptyque Sapin Candle, $42

From the forest green and gold glass vessel to the scent of mountain pines and smoky fires, everything about this paraffin wax candle says “Christmastime is here.”

14. Bath & Body Works Tree Farm, $25.50

When you burn this candle, you’re required to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm.” Sorry, I don’t make the rules...okay, maybe I made this one rule, but it’s for your own good.

Photo by Courtesy of Homesick

15. Homesick Latkes and Lights Candle, $34

Lighting a candle every night of Hanukkah is an important tradition, so why aren’t there more scented candles inspired by the Jewish holiday? While I ask these rhetorical (but very real) questions, I’ll burn this clever candle that has notes of baked apple, potatoes, and pound cake.

Photo by Courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio

16. Brooklyn Candle Studio Christmas Tree Minimalist Candle, $28

If you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to holiday décor, then this understated evergreen candle will seamlessly match your home aesthetic. As it burns, you’ll pick up on notes of fir needle, cedarwood, and balsam.

Photo by Courtesy of Harlem Candle Co.

17. Harlem Candle Company Holiday Luxury Candle, $45

Inspired by Billie Holiday, this dreamy candle will instantly transport you to a 1930s jazz club in the middle of winter. It sets the mood for an enchanting holiday season with notes of green pine, eucalyptus, and fir balsam.

Photo by Courtesy of Illume

18. Illume Winter White Scented Mercury Glass Candle, $32

Ignite the spirit of the season with this magical candle that has hints of evergreen, cypress, white peppercorn, cardamom, citrus, and amber.

Photo by Courtesy of Homesick

19. Homesick Winter Mantle, $34

Whether you’re feeling homesick this holiday season, or you know someone who will be away from their loved ones, this wintery candle will instantly bring comfort and great joy.

20. Bath & Body Works Winter, $25.50

If you’re looking for a candle that feels less specific to Christmas, this aptly named candle from Bath and Body Works offers a beautiful burn all winter long. (And let’s not ignore the adorable packaging complete with printed snowmen and figure skaters, either).

Photo by Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

21. Crate & Barrel Mandarin, Frankincense, and Clove Scented Candle, $19.95

A little sweet, a little fruity, a little spicy, and all-around delicious, this soy candle from Crate & Barrel will perfume any room with the best scents of the season.

Photo by Courtesy of The White Company

22. The White Company Pomegranate Botanical Medium Candle, $34

Pomegranates are at their peak during the holiday season, so embrace their bounty in the form of this romantic candle that arrives complete with a red ribbon.

Photo by Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

23. Williams-Sonoma Spiced Chestnut Candle, $19.95

Even if you don’t have chestnuts roasting by an open fire, this holiday candle from Williams-Sonoma is pretty close to the real deal.

Photo by Courtesy of Antique Candle Co

24. Antique Candle Co Good Tidings, $28

Don’t underestimate this understated candle. The glass candle jar is minimal, but the fragrance is a potent combo of everything you could want in a holiday candle—evergreen, citrus, cinnamon, and clove.

Photo by Courtesy of The White Company

25. The White Company Cassis Botanical Medium Candle, $34

One of the merriest cocktails of the holiday season is a Kir Royale, a sophisticated combination of Champagne and crème de cassis. This woodsy candle has hints of dark, ripe berries that smell just like the drink.

Photo by Courtesy of Baisun Candle Co.

26. Baisun Candle Co. Candied Plum Scented Candle, $18

Candied plums are a delicious holiday treat both in Western and Eastern cultures. Here, Baisun Candle Co. reimagines li hing mui (sweet and salty dried plum candy) in the form of a scented candle.

Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

27. Susannah Garrod Merry Moments Boxed Candle, $28

Anthropolgie collaborated with U.K. based-illustrator Susannah Garrod to create an exclusive collection of the cutest holiday-themed candles ever. Choose from three different scents including Frosted Mistletoe & Holly, Peppermint Stick, and Fresh Balsam & Cedarwood.

Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

28. Capri Blue Tinsel & Spice Glitz Jar Candle, $34

Celebrate the holidays with this glam candle from Anthropologie that features a sparkly red jar. Inside is the most festive combination of spicy cinnamon, fir needles, pomegranate, and vanilla.

Photo by Courtesy of Voluspa

29. Voluspa White Cypress Large Jar Candle, $32

From the mint green glass jar to the aroma of juniper berry, mint leaves, and evergreen, this coconut wax candle, which is hand-poured in the U.S., will make you feel like you’re living in a snowglobe.

Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

30. Townhouse Four-Wick Ceramic Candle, $54

The beauty of this candle is that it doubles as winter décor, so once it’s burned away completely, you can continue to use it as part of a holiday mantle display year after year.

Photo by Courtesy of Yankee Candle

31. Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie, $31

For a hint of sugar, spice, and everything nice, cozy up next to this sweet cookie candle from Yankee Candle, which features more than 100 hours of burn time.

What is your favorite type of holiday candle? Share your go-to scents in the comments below!
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