Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in November

From cozy mushroom pie to foolproof chocolate chip cookies.

November 30, 2021
Photo by MJ Kroeger

Our editors started talking about Thanksgiving this year as soon as Thanksgiving last year was over. We started publishing holiday recipes long before November kicked off. All of which means—no, there is not a single roast turkey on this list. You’re welcome! Instead, we’ve got a savory pie that just happens to be vegan, a feel-good farro bowl with broccoli and olives, and a few-ingredient apple dessert that couldn’t be prettier if it tried.


10. Vegan Mushroom Pie With Melted Leeks & Herbs

Don’t take my word for it—according to one reviewer, this savory pie is: “Truly one of the best and most beautiful things I've ever made.”

9. Sourdough Grissini

Is it easier to buy grissini? Sure. Is it more fun to make them? Definitely. “I find they’re even better the day after baking,” Food52 Resident Maurizio Leo writes.

8. Soup Lady’s “Redo” Chickpea Stew

If you have a can of pumpkin puree—you do, don’t you?—you could make all sorts of sweets like Pumpkin Bread. Or you could make this soup instead.

7. Burnt Broccoli Farro With Smashed Olives

The trick to this hearty, nourishing salad? Toss chewy farro with a lemon-tahini dressing while it’s still hot, so it soaks up even more flavor.

6. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fresh from Dorie Greenspan’s newest book. Bake up a batch, pour a glass of milk, then devour along with The Definitive History of Dorie Greenspan’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.

5. Habichuelas Guisadas al Estilo de la Costa (Colombian-Style Green Beans Cooked in Milk) From Maricel Presilla

Have one skillet and 15 minutes? You can make these delightful green beans from Maricel Presilla’s opus Gran Cocina Latina.

4. Honeyed Garlic Sauce

What would this savory-sweet sauce be good on? Better yet—what wouldn’t it be good on? Put it toward crispy potatoes, avocado sandwiches, chicory salads...

3. Garlic Broth

A one-ingredient stock that you can use anywhere a recipe calls for vegetable stock—or even chicken stock.

2. Flourless Walnut Brownies

Supremely fudgy, thanks to the absence of all-purpose flour. Instead: a DIY walnut flour (just whoosh in a food processor) that's gluten-free and extra-flavorful.

1. Apple Rose Tarte Tatin

Just look at them! Carolina Gelen’s mashup of an apple rose tart and tarte tatin handily comes together in a muffin pan.

Which of these would you cook first? And what have you loved lately that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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