Our Garlickiest Garlic Recipes

Try saying that five times fast.

April 21, 2022
Photo by Ty Mecham

We’re doing what garlic enthusiasts do best: sharing our favorite garlic recipes to make today and every day. There are versatile recipes like garlic confit and garlic stock that you can apply in so many ways, plus one-off recipes to complete your garlic celebration (looking at you, pull-apart garlic knots).

Our Go-To Garlic Recipes

1. Garlic Confit

Slow-roasted garlic is like candy—candy that you’ll want to serve on a charcuterie board with cheese, jam, crostini, and so much salami.

2. Garlic Stock

Forget about the bones from your butcher, the celery and carrots, the bay leaves and peppercorns. All you need is garlic and salt to make this ridiculously simple, totally vegan stock.

3. Garlickiest Garlic Bread

Our favorite way to show our love for garlic is by cooking the largest loaf of ciabatta bread that we possibly can and then spreading it with the garlickiest garlic butter.

4. Pull-Apart Garlic Knots in a Multi-Cooker

There is no such thing as too much garlic bread, do you hear me? This time, it’s in the form of knots made in a multi-cooker. So much fun to pull apart.

5. Broccolini With Very Delicious Garlic Sauce

We love the sweetness of broccolini (aka baby broccoli) and we love how it only gets better with, what else, but garlic.

6. Crispy Garlic Dip

Emma Laperruque was inspired to make an easier version of onion dip with the same savory qualities that dare you to double dip. Enter: garlic.

7. Pot Roast With 40 Cloves of Garlic

Chicken meets its match with this beefy twist on the classic garlic-forward recipe.

8. Honeyed Garlic Sauce

This sauce is so much more than just honey and garlic: There’s lemon juice, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, and vanilla extract. And yes, a lot of garlic (four heads, to be exact).

9. Tomato Soup With a Whole Head of Garlic

Amp up this classic comfort food with an entire head of roasted garlic. “It adds such a nice touch, sweet and creamy, not overpowering, just right,” writes recipe developer Carolina Gelen.

10. Pasta With Garlic Butter Sauce

If you’ve spent all day wondering what to have for dinner, this is it: a three-ingredient, 10-minute pasta recipe that you can dress up any which way.

Calling all garlic girls: which recipe will you make to celebrate National Garlic Day? Let us know in the comments below!
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LadyR May 8, 2022

"Sterilized Garlic Purée Storage"

Prepare oven-roasted whole heads of garlic your favourite way.

Using a very sharp serrated blade knife I saw off the top quarter of each head, sprinkle a little LiteHouse brand fresh freeze-dried thyme on the open surface and drizzle with just a bit of Mazola Corn Oil and wrap a group package of 3-5 heads in tinfoil, always shiny side in. I roast on middle oven rack in pre-heated oven at 400 F for about forty minutes or until cloves are fork-mashable purée texture.

Push the puréed roasted cloves out of their skins into a sterilized small glass jar. (Glass only) Sterilize the lids also. Use sterilized tongs to handle. This is so important. Spores can truly kill, or make you very sick.

Careful when removing from oven. Hot steam will escape from the tinfoil package. At this point you could choose to drizzle a teaspoon of Asbach Uralt brandy over the roasted cloves collection.

Let cool briefly and refrigerate until ready to add to a recipe. Keeps for months so make plenty.

Add to any recipe a half-teaspoon of golden mashed oven-roasted garlic clove purée that you have stored in the fridge in an airtight glass jar; my golden oven-roasted garlic really does keep for months (not stored in oil). I store my garlic purée jars alongside stored glass jars of bacon fat, always available, it solidifies white.You can use separately or together in many dishes.

Storing oven-roasted garlic in oil can allow poisonous spores to grow. If you see spores, even a speck, absolutely do not eat, under any circumstances. The spores can be deadly. Absolutely true.

Having this ready to use golden oven-roasted garlic purée is the ultimate joy in the kitchen. Just stir into any recipe: entrees, sauces, salads or even just add to noisette to make French Toast. Or spread the purée alone on a grilled baguette slice or black olive bread slice cut on the diagonal and maybe top with your fresh sweet box-grated garden tomato pulp flesh purée.

For an unusual use of the golden oven-roasted garlic purée, when preparing the oven package also add a small drizzle of your favourite liquid honey (or maybe my Medjool marinated Date Syrup), and a tiny spritz of fresh squeezed citrus juice, orange, lime, lemon or even grapefruit, or minced candied citrus rinds or whizzed in your mini-beaucoup, from your pantry sugar jar.

Mash the oven-roasted purée garlic cloves and store in sterilized glass jars. This spreadable honey or date syrup citrus garlic purée is a tasty addition to seafood of various choices. Maybe add as an amuse bouche tipped on the end of my plantain cracker or on a raw white Belgian endive leaf. Wonderful on a seafood loaded amuse bouche.

Or add a dab of the honey (date syrup) citrus garlic purée to an unsalted stick of butter and make compound butter coins for your frozen log reserve.

This is definitely a keeper for your file. Feel free to connect at my email:
Carolyne at Carolyne dot com.

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