Behind the Scenes of Food52's Recipe Contests

November 18, 2011

Watch as our team takes you on a virtual tour of the recipe contest process here at Food52. See everything that goes into crowd-sourcing the amazing recipes that fill the not only the pages of Food52, but projects like our new cookbook and Holiday iPad app too -- from submissions (soup) to photo shoots (nuts).

This week's video was once again shot and edited by our videographer Elena Parker (who now produces our bi-weekly Dinner & a Movie column).

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DIDEMHOSGEL June 28, 2012
Thank you very much for posting the process:)
LloJo December 6, 2011
Yay! Another really interesting video. And I found it by checking the new tab under 'Articles' - thanks for adding that.

I loved seeing the little MacBook family on the dining table too ;)

Love, love the videos. Thanks!
ATG117 November 25, 2011
I really enjoyed this. Why do these "articles" not appear on the home page? Is the idea now that one should check the articles page to see all the new posts? It used to be that the blog page reflected what had been on the home page. I did not realize how much new content I was missing by trying to sift through the home page alone.
boulangere November 21, 2011
This is lovely! I envy every single one of you your jobs. I don't doubt that you all work very hard, but it is so clear that there is much pleasure in it for you. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Kitchen B. November 21, 2011
So that was before I saw all of the video. Officially, please hear it from me, from this side of the equator, from the warmth of Africa - you ROCK. You ALL rock. This isn't some whimsy,r cobbled together thing - you guys do a LOT of work. Thank you giving me/us a peek into the awesomeness (repeat) that Food52 is. I should be sleeping....
Kitchen B. November 21, 2011
Great to see 'YOU' Merrill - glad you're looking well :-) and many congratulations. I no longer have to do double/triple/quad takes when I see you.....seeking certain confirmations.

If I ever needed consolation and comfort and permission to love food, I've found it in the wonderful treasure trove that Food52 is. If you ever need an intern (I would be willing to take work for y'all....for free...for 2 weeks next year, once the stress of moving back home to Nigeria is over with....say YES), I'm raising my hands!
aargersi November 21, 2011
Cool! Love seeing the process. You guys have great jobs.