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The 52 Best Coffee Shops in NYC, According to Our Staff, Contributors & Community

Whether you’re looking for coffee, pastries, or all-around good vibes.

April 24, 2023
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I’ll be the first to admit that trying to decide anything—where to eat, where to shop, where to drink—in New York City is a difficult task because, well, there are just so many options. Choosing the best coffee shop, needless to say, is another one of those near-impossible endeavors, especially since there’s at least one (sometimes three) on any given block. Where’s the best brew, and where are the best pastries? Which places are great for a quick pit-stop, and which have the best seating for an afternoon of computer work?

While we recognize that this list represents just a small sample of the beloved coffee shops across all five boroughs, these 52 options—hand-picked by our staff, contributors, and community—provide a great starting point.

Note: Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

1. Odd Fox Coffee (Manhattan Ave. Location)

The coffee is aromatic and flavorful without being too astringent or bitter. They also have a carrot muffin that I grab sometimes. It’s so chock-full of freshly grated carrot, parsnip, and nuts that it always has a super tender and moist crumb. —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

2. Land to Sea

I absolutely adore this Asian American- and woman-owned coffee shop in East Williamsburg. Initially, I started to go for their delightful Portuguese egg tarts as a mid-afternoon snack, or a roast pork bun for a morning snack on the run, but I fell in love with their extremely thoughtful and inspiring Asian-inflected coffee menu! They also do amazing collabs with different female AAPI artists throughout the year, displaying their art on their walls, or hosting popups with local food vendors. —Irene Yoo (@yooeating), Contributor

3. East One Coffee Roasters (23rd St. Location)

The coffee is good and the tables are nice. —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Intern

4. Hutch and Waldo Upper East (81st St. Location)

Hutch is my favorite place to grab a good cappuccino and breakfast burrito (it's the best one I've found in my neighborhood) on the weekend, or as a Friday morning treat. Bonus: They've always got great music playing, sunny outdoor tables, and all-around good vibes. —Erin Alexander, Managing Editor

5. Daily Provisions (Multiple Locations)

Amazing coffee. Cute cups. Delicious crullers and everything croissant. —@melissa_e_park, Community Member

6. Dawn’s ‘Til Dusk

Open, beautiful space with delicious coffee and treats. Staff is amazing!! —@cristigonzo, Community Member

7. MUD aka Mudspot

The vibes are IMMACULATE. When I was their neighbor, my favorite time to go was in between breakfast and lunch on a weekday when it was settled down a bit and you could get a table in their enclosed garden area out back and stay for a while. —Lindsey Green, Brand Strategy Manager

8. Poetica Coffee (Smith St.)

For whatever reason, the espresso tastes like..butter? It is so smooth and creamy, then add some milk and it is just heaven. They also sell great pistachio macarons if you want just a bite of something sweet to go with your coffee, and I always do. —Kiernan Black, Studio Manager

9. Qahwah House

Qahwah House specializes in Yemeni coffee along with pastries like sabaya and khaliat alnahl. I also love that it always feels busy and bustling inside—but I never have trouble finding a place to sit. —Anabelle Doliner, Editorial Assistant

10. Sawada Coffee

Let's start with the coffee which is top notch, but wait, there's more. It's on a mid-block cobblestone alley in Tribeca off a side street with no exterior signage, so it's a real “if you know you know” kind of place. —Liz Paley, Consultant

11. Paloma Coffee & Bakery

The coffee is great, it's near my apartment, and it's one of those places where you genuinely will become friends with at least one barista. It's an ideal neighborhood spot. —Julia Kramer, Commerce Editor

12. La Cabra

Ok, I'm going to fess up and admit that I've only been here once, and the only reason I went was because my coffee-est friend invited me. There was a line snaking outside. Each coffee was carefully pulled, poured, or brewed. The neat, buttery Nordic pastries were impossible to choose among. The experience was intense and style-y yet convivial—not easy traits to braid together! —Amanda Hesser, Co-founder

When anyone comes to visit me, the first place I take them for a coffee and pastries is La Cabra. The space is small, but I’m convinced that’s how they keep all of the flavors in. Walking in, you are hit with the wonderful smells of baked bread, pastries, and coffee. The coffee is smooth and doesn’t need a single drop of sugar (this is coming from a sugar-in-coffee-lover). Plus, each cup is perfectly decorated with Instagram-worthy latte art. The pastries are incredible, and you can tell they put so much care into them. —Dominique Evans, Social Content Creator

13. Kinship Coffee Roasters (Multiple Locations)

Great vibes, their own roasted beans, the fresh scent of coffee, and friendly faces. —@lilamander, Community Member

14. Variety (Graham Ave. Location)

I go to yoga every weekday morning in Greenpoint and have a 30 minute walk [back] to East Williamsburg. There are three seats by the window, and if one is open I will go in and have coffee before work. I like it because I can read, catch up on emails, or just relax and people-watch. —Anna Graney, Project Manager, Brand Partnerships

15. Butler (Water St. Location)

Good coffee...even better pastries. —Alex Bellos, CEO

I hold a very special place in my heart for Butler. It's a 30 minute walk from my apartment, but I usually take the scenic route down by Brooklyn Pier and it's always such a nice weekly treat for me! The iced matcha never misses—I've tried so many iced matchas around NYC and theirs is the best by far. You also can never go wrong with one of their homemade pastries. My personal favorite is the Petite French Toast. The atmosphere is always so welcoming—I love taking friends there for breakfast or going solo with a book. —Ryan Gross, Senior Program Activation Strategist

16. C&B

Best people, great coffee and pastries, just good vibes. —@caitlinhussey, Community Member

17. Felix Roasting Co. (Astor Pl. Location)

Gorgeous pink aesthetic, the perfect place to catch up with friends, and the chai is delicious. —Joy Peabody, Chief Growth Officer

18. Corto

The coffee itself is wonderful, and I could spend all day in the back patio. The food is great, and you can get anything from focaccia to an aperitivo. It's the perfect neighborhood spot! —Lucy Flanagan, Head of Strategy

19. Baba cool (Lafayette Ave. Location)

Very chill, independent vibe, great food options. Truly a neighborhood gem. —Caroline Schiff (@pastryschiff), Pastry Chef & Contributor

20. Velvette black

Great coffee (duh) but I'm also a BIG pastry person and [they] have a really high quality and unique selection of coffee snacks. —Isabel Montes, Video Editor

21. Upstate Stock

Vibes and vegan pastries. —@kacie.k, Community Member

22. Ralph’s Coffee (Madison Ave. Location)

Unsurprisingly, since it's within the Ralph Lauren store, the design is really well-executed. I just really like being there, it feels very New York. Plus you can take your drink to-go and wander around Central Park with it. —Linni Kral (@linnikral), Contributor

23. Think Coffee (Devoe St. Location)

Lots of good outdoor seating, which is rare for NYC coffee shops, and all their pastries and treats are made on-site. —Anabelle Doliner, Editorial Assistant

24. Birch Coffee

Best beans. —@margaux_harari, Community Member

25. Mika Bushwick

In truth, it's half coffee shop, half bar. But that's the best part! Does it open early? Nope. It opens at noon, but if you're an afternoon coffee drinker, it's perfect. It's HUGE, with massive garage doors that open up in the front. Then you can grab a cocktail when it hits happy hour! —Julia Nelson, Social Media Manager

26. Eagle Trading Co.

Aside from serving damn-good coffee, the location offers a robust menu full of energy-boosting goodies like wraps, salads, and an impressive breakfast line-up. It's a one-stop shop for practically everything you may be craving, making it ideal for a work meeting, long study session, or quick respite from the chaos of everyday life. —Joey Skladany (@joeyskladany), Contributor

27. Joe Coffee (Multiple Locations)

The iced coffee is perfect, and they usually have some delicious treats. —@oliviagerratoburlage, Community Member

28. Abraço

It is truly just some top notch stuff, ever since the day it opened in a tiny closet-sized shop on 7th Street in the East Village. Their gorgeous coffee is house-roasted, they don't offer oat or almond milk—only organic half-and-half and milk. Even as an oat milk drinker, I give this the seal of approval—they have their rules, and if you want to enjoy their wares you’ll follow them. —Anna Billingskog, Senior Food Stylist

It’s just GOOD. Great coffee and small bites. —@hustinny, Community Member

29. Devoción (Grand St. Location)

Not only Colombian coffee, but a cool industrial location close to the funnest kid park in Williamsburg! —Sebastian Sardo, Brand Manager

30. Irving Farm New York (Irving Pl. Location)

I don't get to visit as often as I used to, but I have such a soft spot for Irving Farm. It reminds me of the coffee shops I grew up going to, which were always primarily a place to hang out and attracted a bit of a creative, counter-cultural crowd. I love all the tables and chairs crammed in there, and how, at least the last time I went, there were more people reading, writing, having conversations, or just sitting and thinking than there were staring intensely at their laptops. The coffee is also great and they've been ahead of the curve with their high standards and their own freshly roasted beans. —Lukas Volger (@lukasvolger), Contributor

Fantastic coffee, mega cozy, and kinda feels like stepping into the set of Friends. —Sebastian Sardo, Brand Manager

31. Variety Coffee (Driggs Ave. Location)

Good vibes, great coffee, lots of really fun merch. —Jason LaFerrera, Senior Director, Engineering

32. Blue Bottle Coffee (7th Ave. Location)

The staff are the best and the coffee can’t be beat! —@ktyrrell1, Community Member

33. The Grey Dog (Multiple Locations)

I am admittedly biased: I worked at the original Grey Dog back when I was in college, and it was the greatest job. I love Grey Dog because it's the kind of neighborhood spot that is fast disappearing from New York City in favor of sterile corporate chains. Sure, I love me a cup of Blue Bottle, but nothing beats the friendly, cozy vibe of a neighborhood institution. —Laura Fenton (@laura.alice.fenton), Contributor

34. REMI Flower & Coffee

So adorable and unique. Yummy coffee and pastries. —@jessica_h0pe, Community Member

35. Coffee Project New York (Rockwell Pl. Location)

The coffee is obviously top-notch, with beautiful and often whimsical latte art, and the music selection is eclectic, ranging from low-key ‘80s and ‘90s (usually earlier in the morning) to Latin and Caribbean, to rap. It makes getting out the door for the kid's 9 am dance class something to look forward to. —Allison Buford, Test Kitchen Director

36. La Colombe Coffee Roasters (Multiple Locations)

Taste it and you’ll know why! —@frankandolino, Community Member

37. Little Flower Cafe

Sustainably sourced ingredients and a really impressive food menu for an all-day hang. —Matt Greenberg, SVP of Partnerships

38. Lively Brooklyn

Lively was one of the first cafes I started regularly going to in my neighborhood. It's very bright and airy, never chaotic, and when I stop there on a sunny day I can't help but feel a pep in my step afterwards. Not only is the coffee itself good (they carry Partners coffee) but they also make a wonderful selection of cold pressed juices, creative salads, and other grab go snacks that are nourishing sweet treats. My favorite go-to order is a cold brew with oat milk and their za'atar avocado toast that they make with tahini, micro-greens, and jalapeño. And when it's summer—a fresh watermelon juice! —Ariel Pietrobono, Creative Strategy Director

39. Grace Street Coffee & Desserts

Any time I'm in need of a caffeinated beverage in midtown, I have to stop at Grace Street. This Korean "dessert cafe" is large and lively, and you can't go wrong with any of their milk teas and whimsical desserts, like shaved snow and matcha beignets. —Becky Horvath, Executive Director, Video

40. Odd Fox Coffee (Throop Ave. Location)

This coffee shop is a perfect 10-minute walk from my house. The team working there is friendly—the spot itself is quite small, so you're grabbing and going, but they always make it a lovely moment. —Mollie Doherty, Senior Producer

41. Upright Coffee

The shop is tiny. Their proprietary roasted beans are perfection, and you get a free cappuccino when you buy a pound of them. Also, it is next door to a laundromat with pinball machines, so you can get a lot of important things done in one stroll to the corner. —Molly FitzSimons, Art Director

42. Guevara’s (Multiple Locations)

This is not only a great coffee shop but also a plant shop, grocery store, and karaoke bar by night. It has ample outdoor seating and lots of tasty pastries! —Rachel Applegate, Director of Accounting

43. Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Pacific St. Location)

Forever will feel chic while sipping a coffee at this location. —Sebastian Sardo, Brand Manager

44. Forest Cafe

Small, cozy, friendly, delicious, great natural light, and it’s in Queens. —@alisonichiban, Community Member

45. Culture Espresso (38th St. Location)

As a creative, I'm a sucker for branding and I love the look and feel of their coffee cups. I don't know if they still have them (I've since moved to the West Coast), but their old punch cards had a boxer guy on them and I loved it. Their cookies are the best in the city (sorry Levain!)—warm and gooey out of the oven and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up treat. —Clarisse Mooney (@whosyourbidaddy), Design Contributor

Forget every other chocolate-chip cookie you've ever had—Culture makes the best. I'll never forget discovering it: I was interning at a book publisher, having a tough day and in search of a chocolate-chip pick-me-up when I stumbled upon a sidewalk sign “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in NYC.” I had my doubts but gave it a shot and have never looked back. (They stay gooey for literal...days? It's magic, there's no other explanation.) —Celeste Scollan, Senior Copywriter

46. Golda

Fantastic coffee paired with Middle Eastern sweets. Basically heaven! —Sebastian Sardo, Brand Manager

47. Book Club

Love this coffee shop! There are a variety of options for coffee, tea, wine, beer, and snacks. The atmosphere is awesome as well. A very vintage, old-school-looking library with old wooden seating and maximalist carpets—and something really cool about it is that their bathrooms have pages of Harry Potter books as wallpaper! Lots of cool events such as book readings, speaking events, and book signings (to name a few) take place there as well. —Roman Arispe, Studio Coordinator

48. Maman (Multiple Locations)

Avocado toast and bakery treats. —@shud64, Community Member

49. East One Coffee Roasters (Court St. Location)

East One is so fantastic because, first, the coffee and chai tea lattes are delicious! They have these rosemary french fries that are incredible—even my young daughter will scarf down the fried rosemary that garnishes them. They also have awesome fresh salads, a wonderful brunch, and great indoor and outdoor seating that is both kid friendly but also fun for an adult meetup. It's a wonderful neighborhood spot! —Jessica Meter (@shultzandficher), Contributor

50. Patent Coffee

Great atmosphere and good coffee. —@bleuscotters, Community Member

51. Matchaful (Multiple Locations)

My “coffee” is matcha, and this is the best selection and quality in the city. It has ruined me for matcha from anywhere else. —Linni Kral (@linnikral), Contributor

52. Cafe Lyria

There are so many reasons why I love it. It has such fun, unique drinks inspired by the owners' Greek heritage (hi Theo!), such friendly staff, and a beautiful environment with fresh flowers and Greek statues/artistry. It's a sunny, bright spot and really cheers up my day. —Nikhita Mahtani (@nikhitamahtani), Contributor

What’s your favorite coffee shop in NYC? Tell us in the comments!

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