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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

March  7, 2012

You've seen the hashtag #amandaskidslunch on Twitter, and now we're adding visuals. We'll be peeking into Addie's and Walker's lunchboxes on the regular here at Feed52 -- as much to inspire our own lunches as anything!

Today's menu is sandwiches of German ham, farmers' cheese, and dinosaur kale. (Kale in a sandwich instead of lettuce: no more wilty greens by lunchtime!) North Fork potato chips make for a crunchy side, and dessert is coconut shavings and dried Turkish apricots.

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We'd love to hear what you're having for lunch today. A simple sandwich? Leftovers from dinner last night? Noodles from the place around the corner? Tell us in the comments!

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    Devangi Raval
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aquarius March 13, 2012
A BocaBurger topped with an over easy egg (grilled in the same small pan), grated cheese & salsa from our favorite Mexican restaurant.
mosteff March 12, 2012
mixd greens with gorgonzola, dried apricot and walnut - olive oil and salt. Whole grain rye bread - that was my lunch. I sent my 3 yrs old with carrot sticks, brown rice with olive oil, yogurt with granny smith apple chunks with maple syrup and a bunch of cashews.
cookingProf March 7, 2012
Home made stuffed grape leaves dipped in garlic-yogurt sauce.
mosteff March 12, 2012
I'd love to see your recipe for the homemade grape leaves!
Devangi R. March 7, 2012
Mung bean sprouts sauteed with onion and tomatoes alongwith Fenugreek Khakhra. Khakhras are crispy roti something similar to papadum. And, an almond cookie.
linzarella March 7, 2012
Fried polenta triangles with roasted turnips, sautéed turnip greens, bacon, and a poached egg.
Nozlee S. March 7, 2012
Lucky, you must work at home! Scrambled eggs in my lunchbox wouldn't taste like much by the time it got to noon...
Cristina S. March 7, 2012
It's true, I am at home working on a grad school thesis. (And by that I mean, I am definitely working diligently, and not planning dinner instead. I wouldn't dream of doing that.... :)
Cristina S. March 7, 2012
Wheat toast with a swipe of leftover chive/roasted garlic/Cognac butter, topped with scrambled egg whites and wilted baby tomatoes.