Amanda & Merrill

This Holiday's Best Dish

December 22, 2009

Tell us about one memorable dish you've had this holiday. And if you come up with a recipe for it, we'd love to see it in the recipe section! We'll keep this conversation going through New Year's -- looking forward to what everyone says.

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    Amanda Hesser
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testkitchenette December 27, 2009
My favorites were my grandmother's recipe for whitefish salad that my parents make every year (from whole whitefish ordered from Barney Greengrass in NYC) and a grilled beef tenderloin served simply with horseradish sour cream and some fabulous champagne and wine choices by my sister.
Amanda H. December 30, 2009
Isn't Barney Greengrass such a gem?
Rhonda35 December 26, 2009
I've had a couple of memorable dishes during this holiday season: 1. "Chesapeake Sweets" oysters grown by my neighbor, Luke Breza. 2. Mom's unbelievable fruitcake - everyone says they hate fruitcake, but they haven't had Mom's - it's all nuts, candied/dried fruits and booze - only the tiniest bit of cake binds all the goodies together. 3. my very own herb-wrapped pork loin roasted in the oven and finished on a wood-fired grill - unbelievably delicious, if I do say so myself!
Amanda H. December 30, 2009
The oysters, btw, were at Rhonda35's (above) house! And indeed, the herb-wrapped pork loin was dandy.
Amanda H. December 24, 2009
My holiday began last night with grilled oysters and raw oysters (with a choice of horseradish sauce, mignonette or Sriracha), served with Cava. That's definitely been the highlight. The Fritos I bought at the rest-stop today did not compare.