Community Picks -- Pancakes, Sweet or Savory

April 26, 2012

Once again, we want to give a big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read each tester's comments by clicking through to the Community Picks recipes — the comments are at the top. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as a CP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

Crepes with Lemon Curd & Blueberry Compote

Crepes with Lemon Curd and Blueberry Compote

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Olive Oil Pancakes with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

Olive Oil Pancakes with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

Sweet Pea and Leek Pancakes

Sweet Pea and Leek Pancakes

Orange Pecan Pancakes with Depression Syrup

Orange Pecan Pancakes with Depression Syrup

Community-Tested Pick Candidates (Tested by you!)

Patishapta- Indian crepe with cardamom coconut filling, drizzled with date syrup
Harry's Favorite Better than IHOP Multigrain Pancakes
Besan Puda-Savory Chickpea Flour Crepes
Lentils Pancake
Pioneer Pancakes, 21st Century Edition
Almond Meal Pancakes with Blueberries

Brown Butter Griddle Cakes with Wild Blueberries
Turkish pancakes
Buckwheat Ricotta Blintzes with Figgy Relish
Lavender-Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with Crème Frâiche
Gravity-defying Basic Buttermilk Pancakes
Ethiopian-ish Griddle Cakes

Photos by James Ransom

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susan G. April 30, 2012
While I'm thrilled to be on this list (and thanks, Kate for the comments), the entries to this contest were so amazing that it will take me a year to work through a representative sample -- in addition to several I've made already. How well food52 cooks can skirt the line between tradition and flights of fancy!
Kukla April 27, 2012
Congratulations to all CP's! So many great and beautiful looking pancakes!
arielleclementine April 26, 2012
congratulations to all and thank you so much for liking my pancakes! (and thanks Abbie!)
Sagegreen April 26, 2012
Yum! What a great round up! All so interesting, too.
Devangi R. April 26, 2012
Congratulations to CP's. Why are some of them missing? aargersi - both are on my list, alongwith Saffranspannkaka, those lavender pancakes, so many others on list..
aargersi April 26, 2012
Congratulations to all CPs - and I highly recommend the Patishaptas!!!! And the chocolate salt and olive oil pancakes!!!