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Spotlight on Serious Eats' Alaina Browne

May  3, 2012

We love the profiles of food world leaders and their real-life kitchens in Pantry Confidential, and this time they've picked Alaina Browne, General Manager over with our friends at Serious Eats. Her short interview is inspiring: she talks about her favorite ingredients (she always adds more ginger than is called for), her culinary inspirations (her Chinese mother and Indian mother-in-law), and the best places to shop for spices in NYC (Kalustyan's and Dual Speciality).

We especially appreciated this gem about the greenmarket: "But let's be honest. The greenmarket doesn't really hit its stride until August, which is still a long way off." She's right -- you can get psyched about ramps as much as you like, but you can't beat late summer's bounty.

And to top it all off, she shares her recipe for super-fresh Saag Paneer! Don't miss her interview -- not to mention the beautiful photos of Alaina in her kitchen with her adorable son.

Alaina Browne, General Manager of Serious Eats from Pantry Confidential

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Nozlee S. May 3, 2012
Seriously though, I have a pound of spinach from market in my fridge and I'm making that saag paneer for dinner tonight!