Did you read Lukas Volger's beautiful post last week, all about his memories of cooking with his mother?

It was the first in our new series of essays on food, and we want to hear from you! We're seeking short essays of 500-1000 words that tell your food stories, food memories, and food knowledge. Whether it's a short paper on the origin of the modern New York bagel, a personal essay about your grandmother's zeppole, or a piece about the first time you cooked for yourself as an adult, we want to hear your stories. No restaurant stories or news, please -- we want to hear about home cooking. And if you have a recipe to include, that's all the better!

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Here are all the details:

Pasted into the email -- no attachments! -- send your 500-1000 word piece and optional recipe to [email protected].
• If your essay is accepted, you'll be ask to create a FOOD52 account (if you haven't already) and to upload your recipe.
• Accepted essays will be published in Feed52 twice a week.

We look forward to reading your work! And watch out for an essay by our very own Brette Warshaw tomorrow on Feed52.

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    Ashish Negi
I'm Nozlee Samadzadeh, a writer, editor, farmer, developer, and passionate home cook. Growing up Iranian in Oklahoma, working on a small-scale organic farm, and cooking on a budget all influence the way I cook -- herbed rice dishes, chicken fried steak, heirloom tomato salad, and simple poached eggs all make appearances on my bright blue kitchen table. I love to eat kimchi (homemade!) straight from the jar and I eat cake for breakfast.


Margaret J. February 26, 2014
I just read about making oatmeal overnight in the fridge and wondered why 'overnight'? I've always made oatmeal in the morning. No problem. Just use the quick cooking variety, add cold milk, nuts and dried fruit and you're ready to go. I do like to take an apple, cut it in 1/8 inch slices to the vore without removing from the core, turn it sideways and repeat, then start breaking them off into the oatmeal. Makes me hungry just to think of it. This oatmeal made cping with my kids sooo much easier. I had a VW van and built a box that was fitted to the front of the van. Drop the lid that was stopped by a chain and I had a Coleman stove and pleat of space for pots and pans and any food that did not require a cooler. Updated but very ery reminiscent of the cook box on a horse drawn wagon used for cattle drives in the last century. And as a single parent it was a way to show my kids a goodly part of the states surrounding Colorado. Great fun at the time (kids are pushing into their mid thirties now). I'd do it again if I were a bit more able.
tniles December 1, 2012
can't wait to share my story!
walkie74 November 23, 2012
Hi! I'm also wondering if these have to be originals.
pieceocake September 4, 2012
Do these have to be originals, or is it okay if they've appeared on my own blog?
pieceocake September 4, 2012
Can these be something that has already appeared on our own blog, or do they have to be first runs?
Ashish N. May 18, 2012
Will definitely write about some of my own memories :)
mrslarkin May 15, 2012
Great idea! Looking forward to reading the essays.