Test Kitchen Top 3: We Did It!

June 13, 2012

Things were a little touch and go yesterday in the test kitchen -- our beloved test kitchen manager Jennifer was out for the week and we missed her badly! Without her prowess at planning and cooking, we all jumped in to lend a hand with the recipes on deck. Here were our top three moments of the day -- and as always, follow us on Instagram @food52 for more.

1. We all stopped our work for a moment to gaze at the pretty, frilly insides of this Napa cabbage. (Once we were done looking, Brette chopped it into tiny bits.)

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2. There are no rain delays at FOOD52! Our fantastic photographer James Ransom needed to photograph the grill on Amanda's deck, weather or no weather, so Merrill helped out with an umbrella.

3. We did it! There's nothing like a completed to-do list, is there?

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jvcooks June 13, 2012
Looks like you managed beautifully with out me -- and I miss you all too!