Best Couscous Video

January 15, 2010

This week, Amanda and Merrill prepare roasted fennel couscous and fregola with butternut squash and charmoula. Amanda loses control of her fregola and cleverly manages to pass off some of her work on Merrill.

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  • Lizthechef
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  • Merrill Stubbs
    Merrill Stubbs
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Lizthechef January 15, 2010
Guys, your video keeps stopping and starting in a jerking manner - something is off. I hung in there and loved the video, as always - just wanted to let you know. Perhaps it is just my computer...
Merrill S. January 15, 2010
It could be Vimeo. Next time, you may want to let the entire video load before playing it -- just press the pause button until the entire line on the bottom is gray. Let us know if this works!
Lizthechef January 18, 2010
That did the trick - thank you!
lastnightsdinner January 15, 2010
It's like Sophie's Choice, but with couscous. Seriously, I could happily eat either of these, regularly. Two great dishes.