Top 3 Moments In the Test Kitchen

July 18, 2012

It's been a couple of weeks since we've taken a peek into our day in the test kitchen! Yesterday we cooked up all things mint for our current contest -- you'll see plenty of photos from the shoot in the coming days, but meanwhile here's a meta-look into how photographing all those recipes went. It was a busy day!

1. After scores of photoshoots. A&M are pros. Here, they hit the kitchen to prepare our finalsits for Your Best Recipe with Mint -- with plenty of giggles to spare.

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2. This is why it's important to use kitchen confidence -- these are both lemons! So what meaning does "the juice of half a lemon" hold in a recipe, we ask?

3. We can't tell you what A&M are styling up here, but rest assured that you'll find out in the coming weeks...

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