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Test Kitchen Top 3: Oh, Benton's Ham

August 22, 2012

We were actually in the test kitchen for two days this week -- we'll be missing next week's photoshoot, so we had to make up time! It was a busy, food-filled two days, and here are some of our favorite moments from the whirlwind.

Our editorial assistant Brette was in Tenneesee last week, where she picked up some country ham from Benton's. We took deep breaths of its smoky aroma, nibbled on it plain....and then made tea sandwiches cut diagonally into fourths with good white bread and a slick of butter.

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Speaking of bread, Amanda found this moldy little friend in the back of a pantry! You have to admit that mold is kind of grossly beautiful.

And here we have Brette and Kristy whipping away at respective bowls of egg whites and whipped cream -- they'll be combining forces on a post for Ice Cream Week on Thursday!

We'll be back with more snapshots from the test kitchen in the first week of September. Til then, follow us on Instagram at @food52 for more updates!

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