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For Dinner Tonight, Make Like The River Cafe

September 25, 2012


If you’re looking to add something new to your weeknight dinner rotation, we have two words for you. Calves' liver. Hear us out: it may sound a little decadent for a regular Tuesday, but it’s just as easy -- if not easier -- as your one-pot specialty. Famed London restaurant The River Cafe has launched a new video series, and first, they’re running us through (watch, it literally takes two minutes) calves liver with fresh cannellini beans. Set the table, but be quick -- you’ll barely have time to open up a bottle of red. 

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Calves Liver with Prosciutto & Sage from The Urban Grocer via The River Cafe 



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Eva V. December 5, 2016
Unless tou can read Japanese the links in this article aren't of any use. :o(
Eva V. December 5, 2016
Here's the link to the River Cafe channel on YouTube with the full video, which includes a wine suggestion. <br />https://youtu.be/IXZnIDTHgdI