Amanda & Merrill

Cool Trick for Cleaning Your Grill

July 28, 2009

Grill Cleaning Trick

- Amanda

Yes, you're supposed to clean your grill as soon as you're done using it. But since that never happens in my house, I needed a way to scrape it down right before firing it up again. Merrill taught me a quick and effective trick for doing this: you crumple a piece of aluminum foil, then using tongs to grasp it, you use the foil to "scrub" the surface of the grill rack. It's amazing how well it works -- scraping up even the stickiest bits in just a few seconds.

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    Serge - House Cleaning South Florida
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Serge -. December 1, 2012
Good post thanks for sharing the cool trick.
kfles July 4, 2012
At our house, while the grill is heating up, we cut an onion in half, stick one of the halves onto a long grill fork tool, and clean away. Result: a clean grill and mouthwatering aromas while you clean!
Helen July 28, 2009
Until I saw this, I thought the only way to effectively clean a grill involved getting burned, and suffering through it. I've been proven totally and completely wrong. This method is brilliant!