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Test Kitchen Top 3: Baby's Day Out

October 10, 2012

The Food52 Test Kitchen welcomed a very exciting recipe tester this week: Baby Clara! Armed with multiple wardrobe options and a healthy appetite, she came to play, eat some food, and melt hearts with her cuteness.

While shellfish simmered on the stove for our latest contest, Clara stole the show in the bedroom, posing for the camera and providing keen insights on mom's newest recipes. She had to rush to her next engagement (naptime) after a few short hours, but her presence was a sweet treat for everyone involved. Here's a snapshot of our morning with Clara -- follow us on Instagram @food52 for more.

1. Upon arrival, Clara was delighted to play with friends and practice her new favorite activity: standing!

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2. Later on, she did some exploring. The Food52 family is an adventurous one, and we often travel far and wide for our next culinary discovery.

baby hold
3. With a mother like Merrill, however, Clara doesn't have to travel far for a good meal.  While Kristy served as Chief Baby Holder, Merrill awaited the final verdict.  What did Clara think?  You'll have to wait for this week's column to find out.

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



jvcooks October 11, 2012
Too cute -- sorry I was not with you all!
Kristy M. October 11, 2012
We missed you, Ninja! Clara was asking for you. : )
lastnightsdinner October 10, 2012
What a doll - she's gotten so big, so fast!