How to Carve a Pumpkin

October 22, 2012

Inspired by conversations on the FOOD52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun. Today, some special guests teach us how to carve pumpkins like pros.  


Everyone loves a good jack-o-lantern, but not everyone feels confident carving pumpkins. We get it -- sharp objects, tough gourds, the whole thing is a little risky.

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We asked our friends Marc and Chris, also known as the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, to show us how it's done. They shared tips for carving and making your jack-o-lanterns last longer. They're also full of facts about October's favorite squash. 

Take a look, then get carving with confidence. And check out our roundup of their favorite tools

Want to see more Halloween magic? Watch Marc on Halloween Wars on the food network! 

This video was shot and edited by Kyle Orosz

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